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Lao Beifong
Lao Bei Fong
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Earth Kingdom


Middle aged

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Poppy Bei Fong, Toph Bei Fong, Team Avatar, Gaoling, Earth Kingdom


Dai Li, Master Yu, Xin Fu, The Boulder

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Head of the Bei Fong Family


Bei Fong Family

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The Mansion

Lao Bei Fong is a minor character in Avatar: Guardian.


When his child was found to be blind, Lao wished to protect his daughter. Knowing that his heir was important to his family, Lao sent messengers to his remaining family informing them that their child died at birth. He then set up a special care system for his daughter, eventually employing Yu to train Toph in her Earthbending abilities.

Lao Bei Fong loved his daughter dearly but failed to recognize what was best for her and thought her blindness made her weak, helpless and frail. He was oblivious to Toph's earthbending skills until he witnessed her in combat. However, with the revelation of her earthbending prowess, his fear for her was increased rather than diminished, and he resolved to guard her even more closely. This drove the free-spirited young girl to run away from the confines of her home. When Toph departed to teach Avatar Aang, Lao assumed she had been kidnapped by him and commissioned Xin Fu, the promoter of the Earth Rumble VI tournament, and Master Yu, Toph's earthbending teacher, to do "whatever it [took]" to rescue her, with a chest of gold as reward.[1]

Some months later, Toph, with the help of Katara, sent a letter to her parents using Sokka's messenger hawk.[2]

Life since the end of the War

After the end of the war, Lao has sent orders along with bribes to the military officials of Gaoling, asking them to capture The Blind Bandit, under the ruse that she stole something valuable from his house. He also sent out orders that asked the soldiers to force the Avatar from the city.


One day, the gate to his home is knocked down by the Avatar himself, who wants to know why Lao wants him out of the town. Lao welcomes the Avatar and his friends into his home, as he knows that his daughter will follow. Once they are in his home, his daughter eventually warms up to him and he listens to the tales of her accomplishments over the past year she's been gone.


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