By Skybender101 Part of the Legend of Mei Lien continuity.
Song's mother
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Sticks, Logs, Whatever weapon-looking things are nearest


Mei Lien, Gao



Chronological and political information
First appearance

Beginning of a Journey

Lanying is the mother of Mei Lien in the fanon Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101.


Lanying is the mother of Mei Lien. When she was 26, she married a man named Gao. Lanying then gave birth to Mei Lien when she was 27. During the years when Mei Lien was growing up, Lanying realized that her daughter was very talented in her ability to Earthbend.

Appearance and Traits

Lanying has short dark brown hair with brown eyes. Her teeth are perfectly straight, but her clothes are ripped, ragged, and filthy.

Lanying cares for her daughter deeply and worries about her safety. She is loving and intelligent. Lanying is very bright and seems to know everything (according to Mei Lien). The 42-year-old is also concerned for her and her daughter's survival out in the wilderness.


Lanying is excellent when it comes to cooking, cleaning, hunting, collecting, and sewing. She taught her daughter how to hunt and cook.

She continues to discover new talents as they travel through the wilderness.

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