By Skybender101 Part of the Legend of Mei Lien continuity.
Kaya (village girl)
Lanji Tong
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


15 almost 16

Physical description


Hair color

Black (usually tied in a ponytail)

Eye color

Dark Brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice


Fighting style(s)



Quan Tong, Mei Lien, Lanying

Chronological and political information
First appearance

Lanji Tong

Lanji Tong is a character in the fanon Legend of Mei Lien written by Skybender101. Lanji is a fifteen-year-old Earthbender girl who was discovered by Mei Lien in the chapter Lanji Tong.


Little is known about Lanji's history except that she was an orphan who never knew her parents growing up. One day, a man who claimed to be her father, Quan, wrote a letter to Lanji explaining that he wanted to see her for the first time in years. The letter stated that he was living in Ba Sing Se, so Lanji snuck out of her orphanage in search of the only member of her family left.

Later during her journey, she met Mei Lien in an abandoned town. Mei Lien and her became friends, and they both discovered that they had similar traits. They were both fifteen, almost sixteen. The girls were also both talented Earthbenders.

Mei Lien offered Lanji as traveling companion with she and her mom to Ba Sing Se. Lanji reluctantly agreed and she now journeys with Mei Lien and Lanying.

Appearance Traits

Lanji appears as a tall strong girl with thick black hair and gleaming dark brown eyes. She wears a brown looking sash around her torn white blouse.

Lanji is a tough, bold, and confident. She is head strong like Mei Lien and will not turn down a fight if it's offered. Lanji is never scared to face tough challenges or long treacherous adventures. She also hopes greatly to see the face of her father in Ba Sing Se.


Lanji is a superb Earthbender. She practices on her own a lot as she travels, just like Mei Lien. Lanji is also a powerful and confident with her bending ability. She always felt special in the orphanage being one of the few Earthbenders.

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