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I hope you enjoy and do not think it's short!

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A new character is introduced! The title explains who the new character is. A lot will be revealed. Plans are uprising in Ba Sing Se.

Last Chapter

Lanying was surprisingly attacked by a moose-lion, while looking for firewood with her basket of berries. Mei Lien tried to help save her mother because the girl thought the beast was going to attack. The Earthbender attacked the moose-lion and made him angrier. In furiosity, the moose-lion swung at Lanying, sending her fkying into a tree. Lanying severely twisted her leg. Mei Lien eventually defeated the animal with her Earthbending ability.

A day after the short battle, Mei Lien ventured into a deserted town and was startled by an unexpected visitor.

Meanwhile in Ba Sing Se, Ranu planned out his ideas and proposed it to his assistant, Mailo.

Lanji Tong

Mei Lien found herself face-to-face with a girl who looked her age. She had long black hair tied in a ponytail with dark colored eyes. Her clothes were as ragged and filthy as Mei Lien's. The expression on the unknown girl's face had no sign of friendliness or greeting. Her hands were up in a position that looked like she was looking for a fight.

"Well, who are you?" she asked impatiently and suspiciously.

A small breeze gave Mei Lien goose bumps, "I-I'm Mei Lien," she stuttered, shivering slightly.

"What are you doing here, Mei Lien?" she demanded.

"I was just exploring the abandoned town," Mei Lien stated firmly, her fears vanishing.

The mysterious girl's hands dropped to her side and her unfriendly face vanished turning into a small grin. "I'm sorry for acting so rude and disrespectful. My name is Lanji Tong. I'm fifteen years old, and heading to Ba Sing Se to find my real family."

"You are going to Ba Sing Se? What a coincidence! My mother and I are also heading to Ba Sing Se so we can make a new life," Mei Lien exclaimed, delighted to find that this girl was traveling where she and her mother were headed to.

"Really? That is quite a coincidence," Lanji smiled, "I am heading back to my settling area now. Would you like to come?"

"I'd love to, Lanji!"

Heading to Lanji's Camp-out

The girls walked side-by-side across a long grassy field. The slight breeze brushed the hair of the girls as they trudged along the prickly grass. Lanji lead the way to her camp-out.

"Well, you might ask why I, a fifteen-year-old, travel alone. I must tell you that I have no one to travel with. Growing up, I lived in an orphanage. I never knew who my family was. One day, I received a message from an unknown area. The donor of the letter claimed to be my father who was in Ba Sing Se. He said that he wanted me to come to Ba Sing Se to see him for the very first time. So now I'm heading to the largest city in the Earth Kingdom to see my father. A living member of my family who remembers me!" she explained, her eyes sparkling with hope.

"How do you know that it was actually your father?"Mei Lien questioned.

"The signature was Quan Tong! It has to be him. I know it is. I can picture him now writing the letter that he sent...."

Lanji abruptly stopped walking. Mei Lien looked about her surroundings and realized that they had made it to Lanji's camp site.

A circle of rocks outlined a pile of ashes from a campfire. A traveling backpack lay on top of a large rock next to the burned out campfire. A poorly looking tent stood in front of an oak tree.

"This is pretty much it. It's not much, really," Lanji admitted, shuffling around her settlement.

"More than what my mom and I have," Mei Lien mumbled under her breath.

Lanji relaxed herself on the ground around the pile of ash and beckoned Mei Lien to join her. Mei Lien reluctantly sat. "So Mei Lien, why are you and your mother are traveling to Ba Sing Se?" Lanji asked out of curiosity.

Mei Lien explained to Lanji why she and her mother, Lanying, were heading to Ba Sing Se.

"Wow. You have been journeying for eighty five days!" Lanji exclaimed in surprise.

Mei Lien nodded solemnly. "It has been a rough journey, but we have survived this far."

"I'm very sorry about your f-father."

"It is fine, Lanji. The best thing is that he is still in my heart," Mei Lien grinned weakly. A tear appearing in her eye.

Silence fell upon the two girls, until suddenly, Mei Lien had a brilliant idea. "Would you like to travel with my mom and me to Ba Sing Se? You will have more company."

Lanji beamed. "Why, thank you for the offer! I'd love to join you two on your journey! It is pretty scary being out in the wilderness on your own."

"I will take you back to our settlement," Mei Lien told Lanji.

"Great! Well, I better get all my stuff together." Lanji stomped on the ground, and the rock with her backpack shot upwards. Her backpack flew into her hand.

Mei Lien's jaw dropped. "You are an Earthbender!"


Lanying paced back and forth worrying about her daughter. "That girl should be back by now. I hope she is safe," she murmured aloud. "Ahh!" she winced in pain. Her leg injury throbbed in pain.

Her heart pounded with worry. The sun was setting over the horizon. It was getting late. "Mei Lien!"she called out. "Mei Lien!" There was no answer.

After thirty minutes of waiting, the mother set out with all of their belongings, to search for her daughter. She tried as much as she could to keep her leg safe and secure.

Earth King's Palace

Earth Kingdom Palace main hall

The Royal Palace

The Earth King pleasantly relaxed his throne with his servant serving him a bowl of purple grapes.

Wham! The grand doors of the palace swung open, revealing Ranu and his assistant Mailo. "Your Majesty! I have proposed a plan," Ranu called to the Earth King as he walked forward. Mailo scurried behind his master.

Mailo politely bowed to his king. "Your Majesty."

"What is this proposition, my trusty general?" The Earth King questioned, dismissing his servant.

"Since you are impatient for the Avatar's return, we could have thousands of soldiers scouting the Earth Kingdom in search of the Avatar. If they come across an almighty Earthbender who they believe is the Avatar, they can send them to you. Then, we can see if he is the Avatar," Ranu suggested.

"Brilliant!" The Earth King exclaimed. "I love this plan! Quickly, distribute all of your soldiers out into the Earth Kingdom. We will find this Avatar!"

"I will do your Majesty," Ranu grinned.

I will do.

Mei Lien's Thoughts

Dear Diary,

I met a girl named Lanji at a ghost town in the Earth Kingdom. She is very kind and polite and is also travelling to Ba Sing Se. She is traveling to find her father because she is an orphan. I offered her to come and journey with my mom and me. She agreed to come with us!

I just realized that she is an Earthbender!

Mei Lien

Author's Notes

Please do not tell me that this chapter is short. I am sorry! This is all I wanted to incorporate in the chapter!

Thanks for reading!I hoped everyone enjoyed it!

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