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Lan Beifong
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Mirai Kimura, Chen Long, Wei Beifong, Ai Tian, Lin Beifong


Huai, Kureiji Hito, Keep the Nations Separate Movements

Lan Beifong (北方兰) is the Avatar immediately succeeding Avatar Korra. She is from the United Republic of Nations, but her paternal and maternal family traces back to the Earth Kingdom. She is the first Avatar born in the United Republic of Nations after it became the fifth Nation.

She is a gifted earthbender and metalbender, mastering these arts at the age of 5 and 8 respectively. Occasionally, she invents techniques for these bending arts and uses them, whether she is fighting in combat or trying to gain an advantage in Pro-bending matches. She found out she was the Avatar at the age of 15, during a Pro-bending match, where she accidentally bended fire in a fit of rage. Since then, she has been travelling the world trying to master the other three elements.


Lan was born to Wei Beifong and Ai Tian, two respected figures in the United Republic. Wei is the new Chief of the metalbending cops, having taken the position over from his mother, Lin Beifong, when she chose to retire a few years back. Ai Tian, meanwhile, helped reform the education sector in Republic City, having taken over the duties from her father, who died 7 years before the events of Rise of a New Era. Wei's family, the Beifongs, are famous for helping the Avatar ever since Toph Beifong, Lan's great-grandmother, became Avatar Aang's earthbending teacher in 100 AG.

Because she was from one of the most respected families in the community, a lot was expected of her in many areas. She started her earthbending training at the mere age of 2, under the tutelage of a very experienced master. She was able to master the art in a very short period of time, mastering the art three years later at the age of 5. Under the tutelage of her own father, she was able to master the art of metalbending very quickly, at the age of 8. She, like her great-grandmother, Toph, mastered the art to the level she could use it as systematically earth itself.

She was also expected to do well academically from an early age. She finds school work easy because she is usually forced to study these material beforehand by her mother, who helps her in case she has any trouble with her school work. As a result, she was praised by her teacher the first day she went to kindergarten, and is considered a "star pupil".

Because she was from one of the most respected families in Republic City, she needed to know basic manners in the event of a visitor to the Beifong household. Sometimes, at home, she didn't use manners, which annoyed her parents to bits.

When in pre-school, she became friends with Mirai Kimura and Chen Long. These friendships, over time, became very valuable. Throughout the course of their childhood and some of their teenage years, they have shared many cherished moments together. Lan has once stated that they are family to her.

Rise of a New Era

At the age of 15, she was a very promising student. She was the best performer in all subjects studied in her grade and also part of the Student Council and the pro-bending team in her school, United Girls Secondary School.

Her life took a turn during one of her pro-bending matches, when she bended fire instead of earth against one of her opponents in a fit of rage after she was sent back a zone. She was immediately given a yellow fan by the referee following the incident. Her team eventually won the match despite the yellow fan given to her.

After the match, she sought out help to figure out why she was able to firebend during that match. Her father, Wei, concluded that there was only one reason why she could firebend, and that was because she was the Avatar. Lan was left with one major and critical decision: If she going to start mastering the other elements now or was she going to wait until she graduated. For a few days, she didn't reach a conclusion, but in the end, she realised she had no other choice but do it now in case of a potential uprising. She set off for the Earth Kingdom a week later, with Mirai and Chen in tow.


Lan is a very determined girl. She strived her best to do great in everything she did, something she believed in since she started her Earthbending training. Her determined attitude is what helped her succeed in her journeys in life. She is also known to be accepting of change for the better, if it was deemed to be essential in the future. Whenever she sees you do something truly unforgivable, she will never in her life forgive you. She loves being around her family and close friends and will do whatever it takes to protect them. She is very intelligent, as shown by her grades in school and her good planning and timing skills. She loves animals, especially turtle ducks. She can be conflicted inside easily, as shown by her poor on-the-spot decision-making skills.


Earthbending and Metalbending

Lan started her Earthbending training at the age of 2. She, like her father and grandmother, was a natural at the art and found it easy. Her parents hired a very prestigious earthbending master who mastered the art fully in order for Lan to learn and improve under the tutelage of a master who knew what he was teaching. Her earthbending master acknowledged that she had the potential to do a lot more after mastering the element, which she did three years later at the age of 5. Afterwards, her father taught her the art of metalbending. He knew the art extremely well; after all he came from the family who invented metalbending and was the leader of the metalbending cops himself. Again, she found it easy, and again took 3 years to master it at the age of 8. Since then, she has invented many techniques that have proven very useful to her, whether she is in combat or just trying to get an advantage in pro-bending matches.

Her earthbending style is unlike the typical - she uses waterbending and firebending-like movements to manipulate and launch pieces of metal and earth. This attributes to her neutral-like personality.

Academic skills

Since she was young, her mother encouraged her to do well in her studies, telling her that being educated was the key to getting a reasonable job in the future. Because of this, she often motivated herself to do well at school, and as a result, got very good results. Her academic prowess was passed down from her maternal family, who supported the ideology that everyone should be educated. Some of her relatives were professors, thus showing the extent of her maternal family's prowess.




Her parents played a big role in her life. Her father was the one who taught her metalbending, her main weapon in combat. Her mother taught Lan many things before she entered pre-school and also taught her not to give up in times of trouble. They are considered Lan's main rolemodels, and looks up to them as superiority.

Lin Beifong

She is also close with her grandmother, Lin Beifong. She enjoys her stories about Avatars Aang and Korra, which Lan finds very intriguing and interesting. Lan also shares many traits with her, like her metalbending prowess and her ability to think fast. Lan also treats her as one of her biggest rolemodels in life.


Mirai Kimura

Mirai and Lan met in pre-school, along with Chen. Mirai and Lan are very close. They always ask for advice over girls stuff such as makeup and clothing. They are always there for each other when things get tough, such as when Lan needed to go around the world to master the other elements, Mirai volunteered herself to go with her.

Chen Long

Chen and Lan met in pre-school, along with Mirai. Like Mirai and Lan, Chen and Lan are very close. They are willing to voice their deepest secrets to one another, and always give each other a hand. They are there for each other when things get tough, as evidenced by Chen volunteering to go with Lan and Mirai around the world as Lan masters the other elements.


  • Wei Beifong (father)
  • Ai Tian (mother)
  • Lin Beifong (paternal grandmother)
  • Toph Beifong (paternal great-grandmother)


  • Lan's working name was Ai Beifong, but it got changed to Lan shortly before the author wrote the prologue.
  • Lan (兰, Lán) means Orchid in Chinese. Beifong (北方, Běifāng), Lan's last name, means northern in Chinese.
  • The author created Lan using the concept; when your family serves one, one day one of your family members will become one. This is obviously referenced in the two canon series'; Avatar:The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, where in A:TLA, Toph Beifong became Avatar Aang's earthbending teacher in 100 AG and in LOK, where Lin Beifong became a reluctant ally of Avatar Korra.

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