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"Lake of Secrets" is the ninth chapter in the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts.


After barely escaping from Mitsuki and her friends, Team Rebel arrives at a mysterious village who worship a lake, held by a huge dam, which said to have magical powers. While in the village, Chen and Kaila slightly begin to develop feelings for each other, while Mina takes care of a young, sick boy. Meanwhile, villagers are disappearing,, and when the boy Mina was helping disappears right in front of Mina, she decides to follow the kidnappers. She comes to a slave camp were the kidnapped villagers are forced to finish the dam holding the lake. Mina returns to Kaila and Chen, and together they free the slaves, blow up the dam and set the lake free.


Team Rebel is walking to the lake and the nearby village, when they suddenly encounter a young boy, lying on the road. The boy appears to be very sick, and Chen carries the boy to the nearby village. The boy moans an odd love song as Chen takes him, which somehow makes Kaila stare at Chen. At the village, a very happy mother runs to the trio, thanking them and inviting them to stay at her modest house. Mina gladly accepts and the team goes to the woman's house, where they encounter a happy father who gives them some money and food.

While Mina helps Puani, the mother of the boy, Chen and Kaila go to the market. Chen asks Kaila is she wants some mangoes, but Kaila shuts him down, and says she'll get it herself Chen is a bit shocked, but keeps quiet. When they leave the market with filled baskets, Chen, blushing, asks Kaila why she is so angry on him, to which Kaila says she's not. Kaila, stuttering and blushing, tries to explain, but leaves angry, throwing all the food she was carrying on the floor.

In the meantime, the boy is healing, and Puani finally has the time to tell Mina about the lake. She says the lake shows how people truly are, and it reveals emotions that the person never even thought they had, like love. Mina doesn't really understand, but before she could ask for some clarification, the boy awakens and asks Mina if she wants to play. While they're playing with a ball, Mina tries to convince the boy of telling her where he was taking, but the boy, frightened, says he doesn't want to.

A bit later, Kaila arrives and drags Mina away from the boy. Kaila asks what Mina is doing, to which she says she's just playing catch. Kaila says she cannot bond with the boy, as they have to leave quickly. Mina obliges, but realizes Kaila wants to leave for another reason. Kaila sighs and says hesitating that she doesn't know, that she just feels strange, like she never felt before. Mina laughs and says Kaila's in love, but Kaila chuckles and says: "Me? In love? You can't be serious.". Mina says Kaila should to be a bit more friendly to Chen, and goes away with an all knowing smile, leaving a confused Kaila behind to think.

That night, Mina awaken by the sound of breaking glass and goes downstairs, wherein she sees two men attempting to capture the boy. She grabs her bow and follows them to the lake, intent on killing them with her rage. There she sees that the boy, coughing and shivering, has to complete the dam, together with many other people. She leaves quietly and wakes up Kaila and Chen, informing them of the horrible picture she saw. Chen and Kaila agree with Mina's plan to free the slaves, and together, they head for the dam.

At the dam, they sneak by the guards and take out the slave-drivers. Kaila uses her blade to push ten men into the water, while Chen burns some men's feet with Firebending. Mina uses her bow to pin the guards holding the slaves shackles onto the floor. The children free the slaves and set up some barrels of blowing gel, which they stole from the village, and run away. When everony is evactuated, Mina shoots a fire arrow at the barrels, blowing up the dam and setting the lake free. Mina then happily returns the little boy to his parents, telling him they won't have to worry about losing him again.

Later, Team Rebel is camping. Mina is sleeping, but Kaila and Chen are still awake. They at first don't say anything to each other, but Kaila breaks the silence by thanking Chen. Chen asks why, but Kaila says "Just, thank you". Chen blushes, yet doesn't understand what the "Thank you" was for, but Mina, who heard everything, smiles. Meanwhile, past many mountains and rivers, a Fire Nation Royal Jet is shown flying through the air.

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