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Jet's village burns
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Northeastern Earth Kingdom, east of Gaipan


Earth Kingdom Homestead for Wealthy

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Eyes of Katara

Laiyuan used to be a thriving town for the wealthy. It would occasionally find itself hosting grand parties for the upper class of the Earth Kingdom or serving as an exotic getaway.

Political Influence

It was mostly ran and owned by a single powerful clan, which had branched far throughout the city's tiered populace. The town existed in primarily two tiers. The very top of the village held the most influential nobles of the clan, while the lower homesteads held the more distant branches of the family.

There was great commerce and exchanging of monies in this town. Small festivals would be held semi-regularly. A grand ball is held twice a year which many of the wealthy of the Earth Kingdom would journey out for. There would even be reenactments and plays put on in the upper tier.

The upper tier was not roped off to those without influence or power. Star establishments kept their doors open year-round; be it inns, restaurants, theaters or other entertainment venues.


In 92 AG the town was assaulted by the Rough Rhinos in the dead of night. Despite the fact the town housed renowned Earthbenders among its' ranks, the surprise attack and sudden fire trapped many in their homes where they perished.

As survivors spread into the streets to offer resistance, they met sudden assault by Colonel Mongke and his weapons expert comrades. Though a small number escaped the fires they were unable to regroup to offer an effective defense. Mongke took no prisoners that fateful night, slaying everyone he ran across. After the main assaults' success, the Rough Rhinos stormed the woodlands in pursuit of fleeing survivors, leaving none to escape his massacre.

Jet had lived among the lower tier but had escaped at the behest of his family. He managed to reach the woods thanks to his family buying time as a distraction, who perished, sparing Jet the time he needed. Jet was among those Mongke hunted, yet he successfully escaped upon reaching the river to the west, fleeing for Gaipan. [1]



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