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Lai Hai
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This is AvatarRokusGhost's entry into the Character Creation Contest. He is a Firebender who exclusively uses Lightning.


Lai Hai was born in 61 AG in a small town in the Fire Nation. From an early age Lai Hai was a gifted Firebender and had mastered the art by the time he was twelve. But once he learned how to generate lightning, he never Firebended normally again because he found lightning "so much quicker." Although he was told by those around him that dealing in lightning was very dangerous and that and single wrong move could lead to his death, Lai Hai did not care. He sought only to destroy his opponents in the swiftest possible manner and for him, that meant lightning.

Less than a year before Iroh was assumed to kill the last of the dragons, Lai Hai became the second-to-last person to claim the coveted title. According to those present, as the dragon surrounded him with flaming breath, Lai Hai stood defiantly in front of his face. Then he said to the dragon "you call yourself a Firebender? Can you do this!" He then shot lightning straight into the dragon's heart, generating a tremendous amount at once - enough to kill a dragon. From then on, Lai Hai was known interchangeably as the "Dragon of the East" and "Lai Hai, the Lightningbender."

After this, Lai Hai began a lucrative career as a mercenary for the Fire Nation Army. He mastered lighting generation with such precision that he could fire a bolt through an enemies arteries and leave enough for it to flow out the person's backside and into whomever stood behind the unfortunate individual, killing multiple soldiers of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribe at once.


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