By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Biographical information

The Watcher

Birth place

Hidden Lands

Physical description



16 feet


10 tons

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information


Chronological and political information

spy (temporary)



First appearance

Ch.36: Giant Oxen (brief)

Last appearance

Ch.57: Lacerta

Lacerta is a large lizard colossi, about the same size as Kuromori. She is a much more secretive colossi then all the others because of two reasons: she never stays in one place, and she refuses to show herself in front of many people to avoid fighting. She kept doing this until Marage confronts her and gives her the job of keeping watch over many of the other humans and report back once they defeat a colossi (or get their chakra orb at least).

Colossi Arc

Throughout most of the colossi arc, Lacerta wasn't truly introduced, being called "The Watcher" for each fight she seen she ether remains quiet and leaves or says something to herself, which is often debating on the success of the group. The only time she was caught by anyone during all this was after Terra's fight with Pelegia. She was going to go when Hyata catches her, and oddly tells her where to go.

After they all come together, Lacerta was again watching them and again was caught by Hyata. This time though she falls from her post and everyone found her. At first she was freaked out over what there going to do to her, but then remembers her reason and enhances the team with Marage's luck upon his request. Only now she was relived of duty and she went on her way.

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