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This timeline is designed to assist readers in understanding the chronological events of Legendary Spy:The Tales of Malu. Every timing aspect of the story will be covered here for posterity and easier access by the time of the fanon's completion.

Note: While detailed, this timeline (at the time of initial publication) represents the bare bones of the story. More will be added as the fanon progresses; I will use the {{Spoilers}} template before the first additions up here to give readers a heads-up.

The years covered by the timeline run between 25,300-24,932 (at present) BG, with the story's starting point pegged at 25,000 BG.

Avatar World map

The Earth was in serious trouble 25,000 years before the series proper. Read about the trying history of its people below.

  • 25,300-25,295 BG: The Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation started a series of invasions against territories belonging to the Air Nomads, after tensions mounted between the three nations for the past several years. Each invasion was met with a counterattack by the Air Nomads and a subsequent diplomatic repairing of relations followed.
  • 25,295-25,290 BG: After the last set of seemingly routine invasions, the Air Nomads had enough and declared war on both nations. The sheer speed and tactical ability of the nomads overwhelmed the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom forces and ultimately allowed the airbenders to capture over 200 km of the latter's territory extending southwards from the Northern Air Temple. In addition, the nomads occupied a few small archipelagos in the eastern Fire Nation. A diplomatic row ensued and the two attacked nations suspended relations with the Air Nomads, and they imposed embargoes barring everything except essential and emergency supplies to the nomadic regions.
  • 25,288 BG: The Air Nomads strengthen ties to the Water Tribe, but continue to lose trust in the other nations, and become ever more suspicious of outsiders. Their level of hospitality is still relatively unchanged.
  • 25,285 BG: The first session of the International Diplomatic Council (IDC) went underway, replacing the series of formal albeit unregulated diplomatic gatherings of centuries past. Under the guidance of the Supreme Diplomat, the Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, and the Nomads ironed out a preliminary negotiating schedule to try and resolve the diplomatic issues surrounding the three nations.
  • 25,285-25,265 BG: After twenty tough years of negotiations, the three nations managed to agree to a complete status quo antebellum. Later that year, the Air Nomads made peace with the Earth Kingdom; the two nations formally reactivated relations and eventually erected consular bureaus in each other's territories, with ambassadors being planted immediately after. However the Fire Nation hasn't agreed to make peace and were still perpetually at war with the nomads, only stopped by the ceasefire of 25,290 BG.
  • 25,263 BG: The Air Nomad Intelligence Agency (ANIA) is officially founded in the autumn of that year. Initially housed at the Western Air Temple but quickly relocated to the safer confines of the Northern Air Temple. Intelligence operations began during the winter, mainly against Fire Nation targets, but soon expanding to observation missions in the other two nations.
  • 25,262 BG: ANIA's Counterintelligence division is officially created after months of recruiting operatives from the main division. The Foreign Relations branch follows during the winter of that year. The Fire Nation Secret Service (FNSS) was also created during the year, a few months earlier than ANIA's Foreign Relations branch.
  • 25,230 BG: Jointly with the Water Tribe Security Advisory (WTSA), ANIA uncovered and quashed a covert plot by the Fire Nation to recruit and install Deep Cover Operatives (DCOs) amongst the Air Nomad populace; in some cases within close proximity of ANIA's headquarters as well as the Council of Elders' meeting place nearby. After receiving condemnation and sanctions from the IDC, the Fire Nation backed off while still denying such a plot was in the works, despite much evidence to the contrary.
  • 25,225-25,175 BG: Diplomatic tensions remain between the Fire Nation and the Air Nomads, but no real conflicts outside of minor skirmishes thanks to the respective governments honouring the ceasefire agreement as well as the clandestine work of both ANIA and the FNSS.
  • 25,175-25,100 BG: After foiling an ANIA attempt to acquire heavy weapons from a rogue agent, the FNSS enacted a need-to-know basis policy while they hired contractors to update their defenses. The two agencies then enacted a lengthy "spy war" against each other, with no clear victor. In 25,105 BG, close to the conclusion of the intelligence conflict, ANIA founded its Counterterrorism division. In 25,100 BG, ANIA's Foreign Relations branch was moved westward, setting up a bureau at the Western Air Temple, only 250 km from Fire Nation territory.
  • 25,055 BG: Birth of Monk Qindaq.
  • 25,040 BG: Death of the previous (Water Tribe) Avatar and the birth of Avatar Ekasu.
  • 25,037 BG: Birth of Monk Taisoh.
  • 25,035 BG: Birth of Akoze.
  • 25,030 BG: Birth of Keruda.
  • 25,024 BG: Ekasu is made aware of his Avatar status. Already an earthbending master, he then left the Earth Kingdom to study the remaining three bending arts.
  • 25,020 BG: Birth of Brother Tarris. Ekasu completes his training, becoming a fully-realized Avatar.
  • 25,017 BG: Birth of Karth, followed by Malu seven months later.
  • 25,000 BG: Start of Malu's first timeline (25,000-24,997 BG). Malu's served as an ANIA operative for a year at this point and is currently a Field Operative, along with Karth.
  • 24,987 BG: Start of Malu's second timeline (24,987-24,977 BG). At the outset, Malu's recently been promoted to Special Agent after serving most of the interregnum as a DCO.
  • 24,942 BG: Malu's retirement from ANIA at 75-years old, the mandatory cutoff age. Still works for the agency in an advisory capacity.
  • 24,932 BG: Start of Malu's third timeline (24,932-? BG). Still living on her ANIA pension, but had recently ceased all advisory work for the agency.

More will be added as the story progresses, as previously stated above.

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