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Biographical information

Fire Nation


16-17 (Chapter 6)


September 13th

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Bending style(s)

Fire, Air




Boret, Torhec, Kiara, Seizel


Shadow Society, Talus

Chronological and political information

Student at The Fire Nation Academy




Mr. Deilong, Seizel

Kyzu is a 16 year old firebender. Over the previous summer, Kyzu mastered his firebending and learned new techniques and skills. Kyzu was unaware that he is the Avatar until he accidentally triggered the Avatar State.

Kyzu is brought under Mr. Deilong's wing when he begins teaching him the way of the Avatar, but after Kyzu decides not to accept his fate he runs away with his new friend who later turns out to be an airbender. Kyzu's friends, Seizel begins teaching him airbending, but Kyzu has trouble adapting to the way of the Air Nomads, and so he retaliates and runs away again. When he runs away, he is caught in a storm and it whisks him away to a cave in the Western Air Temple where, Kyzu meditates and meets his past life through meditation.

Afterwards, Kyzu uncovers a secret organization of shadowdenders who are planning an invasion of the Fire Nation. Kyzu attempts to stop them, but is overpowered and calls Deilong for help. Deilong, along with Boret, Torhec, Kiara, and Seizel arrive at the Western Air Temple and they are reunited with Kyzu. Seizel and Kyzu explore the temple and learn more about airbending. While exploring, Seizel and Kyzu come across a Sky Bison and they adopt her.

Team Avatar returns to the Fire Nation in the middle of the Shadow Society's invasion. Kyzu separates himself from the group in order to stop Talus. During his fight against Talus, Kyzu goes into the Avatar State and he overpowers Talus by so mich that he is forced to reveal he is actually an airbender which shocks Kyzu out of the Avatar State. Talus escapes and Kyzu helps Torhec and vows to defeat the Shadow Society.

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