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Northern Water Tribe


September 14

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Light Blue

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Sai Daggers

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Scroll Shop Assistant


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Fanon:Chronicles of Ian


Kyrie appears in the fan-fiction series Chronicles of Ian. She is Ian's best friend. Kyrie works in a scroll shop as a counter girl. In Book 1 of the series Chronicles of Ian, Kyrie discovers a Bloodbending scroll, that she gives to Ian. She also gets Ian in trouble with his mother by getting him to start smoking weed.

Appearances by Episode

Chronicles of Ian
Chronicles of Ian
  • Episode 1, The Water Tribe Boy
    In this episode, Ian comes to visit Kyrie at work. Earlier that day, Kyrie discovered a Bloodbending scroll in her shops recent restock shipment that she gives to her friend, Ian.

Affiliation with Team Avatar

  • In Book 1 of The Chronicles of Ian, Kyrie joins her friend Ian and Team Avatar to defeat the Fire Nation. Her mother has left her with sai daggers, and Sokka teaches her how to fight with a weapon.
  • Later in the series of The Chronicles of Ian, Kyrie returns to the Northern Water Tribe in a dedicated episode, to question and possibly kill a man that supposedly had something to do with the murder of her parents.
  • To make it simple, Kyrie is Sokka's female replica when it comes to her involvement with fighting.


Kyrie is 17 and lives with her Uncle, Akoda. When Kyrie was seven, her parents were both murdered by a psychopath. The man was put to death by hanging for his actions. She has lived with her uncle/godfather since.

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