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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Kyra's Blood
The Element of Freedom
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The Element of Freedom (A Trilogy)

Chapter 1: Kyra's Blood

Written by: Indira Sharam Poama, aka ExplosionsHurtPeople


Part One

Kyra has learned all of life has a cycle.

We all have the desire to find out who we really are. How did Kyra do it? She found a whole entire world was hidden right under her nose. A world that she was a huge part of....

Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Death... Life....

Without them we would not be able to survive.

Kyra found out the hard way. How? She simply looked deep into herself and unlocked her inner-self. She sold a cup of her blood to Koh, the face stealer in order for him to make a deal with the spirits to enhance her with the ability to bend. This is where our story begins....

The Spirit World was a dark scary place. Everything contradicts out world. Nothing was the same. I meet with Koh, he steals the faces of those who show emotion. I have seen him in my dreams. He is going to choose my element. I have sold him my blood, my blood will allow Koh to come into the real world. He asks me.

"Kyra, what is your nationality?"

I answer. "Tibetan. I'm adopted." I don't lie because I don't want to be put into the wrong element.

"That is very strange, you know your world was once alot more spiritual than it is now. Tibet was once home to the manipulators of air."

"I've seen them in my dreams as well."

"Your dreams are what connects us, Kyra. You are free, you do not care what others say behind your back. You are as free as where you live now. The wind runs free across miles of grassland. Nothing can control the prarie's winds. You were born near fall, I can tell."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"You are the element of freedom."

I wake up, I feel cool like my fan is on... But I realize its my breathe. School sucks. I don't fit in and I have no friends. I sit by no one at lunch, the real world sucks. I search the internet for others like me. I search for legends about the air. Air contradicts Earth, the Earth is what I must take back.... I know I am not the only one who has contacted the spirits.

To be continued.


  • Kyra Sharam was adopted from Tibet when she was a little girl. Her adopted parents moved to what is now North Dakota. One day Kyra feels the power of her season, Fall, filling her veins. The winds that bend the trees on the prairie is harnessed by Kyra. She can control the element of freedom... AIR.
  • She lives in the present time. There-fore she searches the internet to find an explanation... and others like her.
  • She discovers dying legends about airbenders, and such. How when the last airbender died the cycle of life was broken and death was prominent. In order for the world to continue the humans would need to sacrifice their bending to the spirits. Spirituallity of Kyra was noticed by the spirits, they feel the world is in need of benders once again.

* The Fire Nation has evolved into The People's Republic of China.

* The Air Nomads have evolved into a region known as Tibet.

* The Earth Kingdom was once a whole different continent... India.

* Kyoshi Island has evolved into Sri Lanka.

* The Northern Water Tribe settled in what is now Japan because of Russian settlers disrupting their homeland.

* The Southern Water Tribe has been rumored to be in what is now Greenland. It is a mystory how they got there.

* Will Kyra have the guts to step out of her emo-state and use her bending to free the four nations? Spoiler Alert: She won't have to do it alone.

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