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Kyoushiro is a white teenage dog whom was rescued by Team Avatar when he and his friends gotten lost in a winter storm.

Unlike much of his friends, his past was a lot more brutal than it should be, he getting beaten up by his father every time he messes up at something. This behavior made him more prone to fight than the others. But however this also made him a lot stronger and a powerful fighter.

Lost Arc

He began the story as a side character but started showing his time when they were transported to Altonia. He woke up far away from his friends, seemingly all alone. But after looking around he starts hearing someone talking and soon finds Raven meditating. He accidentally starts talking and ends up having a brief conversation with her, getting the idea she's not from the world either.

He was about to start going but in the end he ends up with her as a companion, and they both start off.

He and Raven decided to rest later on in the night by a shallow river. As they were, Kyoushiro brought up the subject of friends and was told of Raven's "crazy" friends. He really didn't picture them as crazy, able to explain Terra as an earth-bender. But as the conversation turned from friends to family, they actually had a small argument over who's father was more cruel. They both realized it didn't matter and were about to go when they both heard their nicknames being called by someone they didn't know. He shrugged it off though and continued on his way.

They kept walking until they came across a strange village called Elthen and the white dog decided to try to get some attention. He kept trying but no one seemed to answer him. He thought of leaving and was about to go but he stopped when he turned to see Raven with a little girl. He tried to get her to come but he was just left there when Raven walked away with the depressed girl.

Kyoushiro waited for a few extra days for Raven's sake, getting more and more impatient as time went by. But as he was waiting he was met up by the masked spirit, Henki, with her close friend Althea. He spoke to the spirit for a while and during the discussion he found out where he was, what made the world he is at, and a bit on what Henki is. But he also got the warning upon the sources of humans called Diclonius, and the risk of Raven's death for being with one! Panicked, he quickly got out and started racing down to get her, running into Mel along the way.

When he finally gets there, he and Mel decide to look around for a while more to try to find Raven but during this he and Mel get in a main room and ended up falling asleep from a spell cast on them of dream time magic.

When he woke back up still inside the building, he and Mel tried to find Raven, but for the most part kept getting all sorts of deadly and scary surprises from Lucy. At one point he got extremely mad when he ends up back where he started and was about to leave when Althea appears and begs him to stay put. He does for a while but leaves anyway and runs into Lucy again, getting sent back by Henki.

Kyoushiro kept trying to go out again and find raven but he finally was snapped out of his search when he was told of her whereabouts. But oddly he was seemingly woken up at her location (the dicloniuses house). During their brief stay, he had found out about the starlight fighting championship and agreed to go.

The white Kishu arrives in with his friends and finally finds Weed. During their reunion, he offers Weed the chance to join him in a tag-team in the championship. Weed agrees and they both go to volunteer.

S.F.C Arc

Kyoushiro was then helping Weed through a bit of mentoring when he meets Toube. Unlike the others he was very uneasy, kept thinking he might had heard of him already. His answer was clear when he finds Toph again, remembering that Toph told him about Toube during her childhood, and warmed up to the Tosa.

It was their turn to fight. He and Weed were doing well. Their fighting got the tag team to the semi-finals with the doberman brothers Lector and Thunder, which they won by default since they fought until time ran out.

Kyoushiro tried helping Weed calm down the fallowing night when Thunder and Lector came in. When he was asked what their technique was called, he called it the "Blade Shooter", since he didn't had one at first.

The final fight came and he and Weed had to fight Hougen and Genba. As the fight went on he finally snaps, and knocks them both off, and blabbering an indexation how they too are the "aliens" Krokopathra was worried about. He remained immobile until Weed made him regain his senses.

The fallowing morning, now their fighting Toph, it didn't really matter who wins, they get their friends back ether way. But during their fight, Raviente appears and nearly kills them. He quickly got them out but before he can go through to safety, he sees the small pup Teru, and nearly gets himself killed trying to save him. As he was suddenly falling, he loses Teru and ends up blacking out from the fall.

Colossi Arc

Kyoushiro woke up a day later and finds Teru waiting for him. He got completely freaked when finding out Teru was the same pup he rescued, but he went with him after Teru was done explaining himself. He remained quiet throughout the meeting with Terrakion, Cobalion, Virizion and Xerneas.

After being told where to go, he went off on his way and eventually finds the area where his colossi, Cenobia is supposed to be. Before he can fight however, he quickly finds out Teru joined him and tells him to stay behind while he deals with the colossi. In the end though thanks to some help from his friends, he managed to get his ultimate form, which is a striped sabertooth with a mace for a tail.

Final Arc

On the night of the fight, Kyoushiro comes in and helps fight off the Sirens, seemingly not affected by their singing, Mainly because of his vanity.

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