By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Kyoushiro GDA
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Fire Nation

Birth place

Kurohabaki Island

Physical description


Hair color


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Deceased parents


Kurohabaki clan, Toph

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Kurohabaki Clan


Marsamune, Usanda

First appearance

Book 3: Fire ~ Metallic kite -

Kyoushiro is a white dog and member of the Kurohabaki clan.

Book 3: Fire

Kyoushiro first appears in front of Kite and rams Toph off the cliff to save her.

He appears later while Toph was resting in the spring to check up on her. The two talked for a while, Kyoushiro explaining Abit more about Kite's reputation as "The Skinner". He tells Toph about not having anything on when she tries to come out when his friends, Hiro and Teru, came over. He introduces Toph to them both, saying there special nicknames along with it. He helps Toph up and brings her back to the Tree Of Life and takes her to Marsamune.

He also toke the part in helping rescue Usanda from the prison.

Kyoushiro appears with Hiro and Tyson to check up on Toph. He took off the bandages and pads for her and helped her out to her feet. When he found out she can see again, he raced Off to tell Usanda and Marsamune the good news.

Book 4: Air

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