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"Luck is as vague an idea, and as mythical as omnipotence, or infinite power."
— Suki, during Team Avatar's departure from Kyoshi Island.

The Kyoshi Warriors are a small, tight-knit legion of warriors devoted to the legacy of Kyoshi, an Avatar host who relinquished them from the tyrannical reign of Chin, a megalomaniacal warlord.


The present chieftess of the warriors, Sokana.


Four centuries before the present events of A:TLAR, a small island off the southern coast of the Earth Kingdom was seized by warlord Chin, who was revolting against the gender-equality and sexual-equality rules that Kyoshi had put in place. He enforced the now out-of-date former traditions of the Earth Kingdom upon the island's civilians, until Kyoshi intervened, destroying his entire army and fleet and sinking the island that Chin had been born on as punishment for his actions. Kyoshi's demonstration of her raw power at that time began her legacy as a god on Earth. The people of the island have since then worshipped Kyoshi and worked to preserve her legacy. Kyoshi's valuing of warriors above all others in society led to the departure of those on the island who did not wish to undergo the extensive combat training of the Kyoshi Warriors.

Sakodi Jai was one of only about two dozen men who have passed Kyoshi's Rite and become a member of the Kyoshi Warriors. The Kyoshi Warriors are primarily dominated by women due to men's common misconceptions about the Warriors, such as that they do not accept men, that they are all gay, and that they are a cult. The Fire Nation has overlooked the warriors for some time now, but as of late, Chieftess Sokana has ensured that the island is prepared for the worst. The Kyoshi Warriors are the first official allies of Avatar Ain as of Chapter 3 of A:TLAR.


Avatar Kyoshi

"A god among men," according to her Warriors.

Kyoshi was the Avatar host prior to Roku and Aang. After earning the trust of the Avatar, the spirit chose to leave her body, believing that she could ensure peace among the nations without its help. Despite no longer having the Avatar fused with her essence, Kyoshi was still able to tap into its massive power reservoir, only now without entering the Avatar State, conscious or unconscious. Kyoshi was the longest-living of all recent Avatar hosts; she finally died of old age after 240 years. Kyoshi was a pioneer of equal rights, introducing the gender-equal and sexuality-equal laws of the nomads, Water Tribes, and Fire Nation to the politically traditional and slow-moving Earth Kingdom. She is revered by a legion of warriors who bear her name, and worshipped as the human being closest to the physical embodiment of a god, which did lead to some rumors that the Avatar Spirit itself was a deity among ill-informed towns in the Earth Kingdom.


Sokana is the present chieftess of the Kyoshi Warriors, who took over the leadership from her mother after she passed on four years before the year 99 ASF, which is when A:TLAR is presently set. Sokana never allows her pride to get the best of her, and possesses an attitude to fiery determination. Despite her great combat ability, she's also quite graceful and capable of evasion and stealth. Sokana's leadership abilities are rarely questioned, as she is able to keep the morale within her community at a peak. At some point in time between team Ain's departure from the island and their reunion with Sokana early in Book Two, the island was overtaken by the Fire Nation. Following this, Sokana and the small number of warriors that evaded capture were forced to spread apart, seeking shelter. This led to the aforementioned reunion with Ain, Sakodi and Kyasin later on in the series.

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