By Theavatardemotivator Part of the AvataRPG continuity.
The Kyoshi Stalker
Biographical information

That Crazy Boy




Following Kyoshi



Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color

Dark gray

Personal information

Stalking, striking good looks, suavity




Everyone who stands between them

Chronological and political information


The Kyoshi Stalker is a great fan of the Avatar and thinks of himself as her "bestest friend, ever", though she doesn't seem to think so.


Little is known of the Kyoshi Stalker's history except that he apparently has nothing better to do but traipse about the land after the Avatar. He was for some reason present when the Avatar was born and subsequently became obsessed with her, demanding to hold her. Her parents, of course, refused to let him while they tried to figure out how this random child had appeared in their house. When she was young, the Kyoshi Stalker would always attempt to come see her, and eventually her parents took out a restraining order, saddening the youth greatly; however, Kyoshi was never aware of her stalker's presence. Convinced Kyoshi was the Avatar, the Kyoshi Stalker wandered about and informed everyone of the fact, though he was labeled insane. Finally, he left, only returning after she was announced as the Avatar. Consequently, he began to follow her around again.


The Kyoshi Stalker is fanatically obsessed with the Avatar and is somehow able to follow her everywhere. He constantly attempts to isolate her from the rest of Team Avatar. A poet and musician, he often writes her sweeping ballads on his lyre and calls himself her personal muse, and he always comes equipped with a bad pick-up line or two he claims to be "punny", but no one else seems to think so.

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