By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
"Who said we couldn't make fanon ships?"
Vaznock writing down some excuse he thought of for why he created this page.

Shippings became an extremely big phenomenon for the canonical series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and, apparently, someone got excited, and decided that fanon stories also need ships, so they made page on the shippings of a particular series they help write, Kyoshi Revolts.

Main Shippings

China/MiChen - Shipping based on Mina and Chen's close friendship and being the main protagonists.

KaiChen/Chaila - Shipping based on Kaila and Chen's slight romantic interests in each other. Canon as of Book 1: Chapter 9.

Yizula/Azuyi - Shipping based on Azula and Yi being about the same age and both being single.

Chenlee/Quanchen - Shipping based on Quanlee's slight attraction to Chen.

Raiu/Gay - Shipping based on Giu's flirtatious moves towards Ray.

Gina/Minu - Shipping based on Giu's flirtatious moves towards Mina.

Gila/Kaiu - Shipping based on Giu's flirtatious moves towards Kaila.

Crack Shippings

Minaila - A yuri relationship between Mina and Kaila.

Mitchen - A disgusting incest ship between Chen and Mitsuki that the creators can surely say will never happen.

Rayna/Minay - A yuri relationship between Ray and Mina.

Non-canonical Shippings

These Shippings often feature Kyoshi Revolts Characters and other Fanonical Characters, based on interaction in Avatar: Clash of Worlds and it's sequels.

Maina - A shipping based on Mina's infatuation with Phoenix's Mian, despite Mian's rejections.

Netsuki - A shipping based on Mitsuki's infatuation with Wanted's Nero, despite the fact he is dead.

Azulros - A shipping based on Azula's sexual advances toward Guardian's Mitros.

Azambi/Azumbi - A shipping based on Azula's infatuation with Kambi.

See more

For the collective works of Waterkai, go here. For Vaznock, go here.

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