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Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Kyoshi Revolts.

This page contains some of the best and most important quotes from the first book of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts. There are at least a few quotes per chapter.

Chapter 1: Advice from the Fallen

Azula: So, the battle was a failure.
Mitsuki: I am sorry, mother.
Azula: Don't be sorry, Mitsuki. You did the right thing. Your Firebending matched your brothers, even when his was at immense power. Good job.
Mitsuki: [smirks] Thank you, mother.
Azula: Z.Z., what's the cost of the damage?
Z.Z.: 1.2 million gold coins, Azula.
Mai: Wow, that sucks.

Yin Lee: Chen! My son!
[Chen tries to give him a hug, but his hands go right through him]
Chen: What are you doing here?
Yin Lee: I'm just here to have a quick reunion with my favorite son.
Chen: Is this a dream?
Yin Lee: Yes, but its actually happening too. I know you must be confused, and this just might confuse you more, but someone needs to talk to you.
[Yin Lee vanishes, and he is replaced by Appa, who is carrying the members of Team Avatar. Avatar Aang, after seeing Chen jumps from the bison, while the other members of the team follow]
Aang: Avatar Chen, it's good to see you.
[Chen is baffled, and then bows dramatically, but Aang laughs and lifts him up]
Chen: Why-why are you here? I mean, not that it's not a good thing, but-
Katara: We need to talk you, Chen.
Chen: Katara?!
Katara: Yup, and this is Sokka, Suki, and Toph.
Sokka: Hiya!
Suki: Hello!
Toph: Sup.
Katara: And let's not forget your Uncle Zuko!
Zuko: Uh...hi, nephew.
[The members of the team laugh]
Chen: So, what is it you needed to tell me?
Aang: Chen, as the Avatar, it is you and your friends' job to protect the world from the Fire Nation.
Chen: But what can I do? All I'm good for is protecting the Rebel City.
Aang: Chen, as the Avatar, it is your destiny to finish what we started, and that is saving the world.
Chen: What?! I can't save the world. I-I, I just can't!
Aang: Chen, I know you can.
Chen: But the world's already been conquered. What's there to save?
Aang: Millions of lives.
Chen: How is that possible?!
Aang: Chen, it's not just possible, it's reality. Your mother Azula is planning to do the unthinkable: build a portal to the Spirit World, and conquer it. And we fear that she might be successful. Chen, it is your destiny to master the four elements, and to defeat the Fire Nation government, before Azula sets in the Spirit World. But don't be scared, I know you can do it.
Chen: But how will I learn Airbending?
Aang: That will be covered in another visit. Good luck, Chen. We will see you again when the time is right.

Chapter 2: Mommy Dearest

Marisolla: Kambi, get your ass out of the bushes and come greet your mother!
Kambi: Yes mommy!
Marisolla: Who's my little Kamb-cake. Yes you are. [Kisses Kambi on the cheek. The other rebels laugh]
Kambi: [Angry] Giu, escort my mother to her room.
Marisolla: Hold it, tuts, I need a smoke.
Kambi: Mother, I thought you quit smoking!
Marisolla: And I thought you quit being single.

Marisolla: Kambi, I still don't trust you with staying here alone.
Kambi: Mom, you can't stay here!
Marisolla: Oh, I'm not staying. [Pulls Kama out from under her bed] She is.
Kambi: [shocked] Wh-wh-why is she under your bed.
Marisolla: Because then I pay less in travel. Plus, I have a life ahead of me. She doesn't. Buh-bye baby.
Kama: Hey schmooey, would you mind washing my pits?
[Kambi faints]

Chapter 3: Rebel Lessons, Part 1

Chapter 4: Rebel Lessons, Part 2

Chapter 5: Samson and Delilah

Giu: Hey, Chen, what's up with your full plate? All the meat's left. Whatsamatta, you sick or something...?
Chen: (mutters indecipherably)
Giu: Huh?
Mina: What did you say?
Kaila: We couldn't understand you.
Kambi: I swear I heard him say something about lobster-bears.
Chen: (clears his throat) I, uh...ahem...I said I'm a-I'm a vegetarian.
[Giu laughs uproariously as the others chuckle slightly.]
Giu: (still laughing) I've never heard of an Avatar before who doesn't eat meat.
Kaila: Oh, shut up guys. You know, Avatar Aang - all the Air Nomad Avatars - they were all vegetarians. (muttering) Besides, I-I think it's kinda cute.
[Both Kaila and Chen turn their heads and blush]

Chapter 6: Just Friends

Care: Noooo! The Rebel City is North from here, because we're near New Ozai.
Hala: No, its gotta be South.
Sanlu: Would you two just stop arguing?
Care: Hey, who's the leader here? I-[screams as a blue flame hurls over her head. She ducks just in time]
[Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee appear]
Tam Mee: Wow, you were right Mitsuki! These were rebel girls!
Mitsuki: I always am.
Care: Its Princess Mitsuki! And heiresses Tam Mee and Quanlee!
Quanlee: Don't remind me.
Mitsuki: Well, as much as we'd love to stay and chat. [shoots a spiral of fire at Care] We have three rebels to apprehend.

[Ray and Giu move in to kiss, but both hesitate multiple times]
Ray: I'm sorry Giu, but...I can't kiss you! You're like a little brother to me.
Giu: Uh, Ray?-
Ray: That kiss I gave you was just my relief that you were alive!
Giu: Um, Ray?
Ray: I'm sorry but I-
Giu: RAY!!!
[Ray is silent]
Giu: Look I....I agree with you.
Ray: What?
Giu: I also think of you as just a friend.
Ray: [surprised] You think of me as just a friend? But your such a womanizer?! And all your advances and-
Giu: That's only because you're so beautiful.
[Ray smiles]

Chapter 7: The Disaster Returns

[Colonel Xan's division steps out of their carriages]
Soldier: Well, if it isn't the once great General Yi. Now you're just a mere soldier, like us.
Yi: You better watch it, you-
Xan: Ahem. Men, you have been called to this fortress by decree of Supreme Fire Lord Azula. As you know, the Rebel City's threat to the Fire Nation has been made an utmost threat since the assassination attempts against Azula. It is our sure to make sure that no rebels make it out of the Earth Kingdom. Now, I'm sure your aware that former General Yi is with us. I ask that civil behavior and respect be given to him, and that he not be reminded of his pathetic demotion. Now report to your private quarters! Except for you, Yi.
Yi: This is ridiculous! I have done nothing wrong! Azula is a total idiot!
Xan: Silence! I will not have such treasonous and slanderous talk against the government at my base!
Yi: That's it!
Xan: Where are you going?
Yi: Far away from here!

Chen: Um, can I switch places with one of you guys? I stay here, while you guys stay in the palace.
Kaila: For sure!
Mina: Hold on Kaila! It's obviously a trick. Let me guess, Kama's being a big weight on your shoulders?
Chen: Yeah, but I-
Mina: Wait, yeah, I'll switch with you!
Kaila: What made you change your mind?
Mina: No reason. Have fun together! [Mina smiles sneakily]

Ray: No! [Yi throws Ray to the ground]
Yi: Now foolish Waterbender, prepare to die!
[A grenade is suddenly thrown at Yi. The explosion of the grenade throws him into a tree]
Kama: Hm, I finally got the grenade to work. About time.
Ray: [Gets up] Wow Kama, thank you!
Kama: Anything for the baby!

Chapter 8: The Last Moment

Chapter 9: Leaving a Utopia

Mina: Kambi, what's wrong? Your guard asked me and Giu to- [Notices Kama] Um, is she okay?
Kambi: I'm afraid not. Grandma, how are you feeling?
Kama: The doctor said I had Purple Fever.
Kambi: What?!! No, no no no. Kids....come..come with me.
Kaila: Momo, keep Kama company.
[The children depart the room with Kambi, leaving only Momo]
Kama: Hey, wanna see my MOLES?

[Momo flies out the window]


Azula: So Mitsuki's missing now. Why does it always seem like the spirits are playing games with me? They should just strike Chen down and get it over with.
Mai: Come on Azula, don't you think you've messed with the poor kid enough?
Azula: What?
Mai: I'm just saying, don't you think you put him through enough?
Azula: Ty Lee, would you excuse us for a moment?
Ty Lee: Um...Okay. [Ty Lee leaves]
Azula: Now, AS I WAS SAYING, why would I want to spare that pathetic kid's life. Mai, he is the Avatar!!
Mai: But-
Mai: It's just that you've always done stuff like this. It's just like what happened with poor Zuko!
Azula: Wait a minute, this isn't about Chen. It's about Zuko!
Mai: No, it isn't about Zuko, it's just that-
Azula: Well it better not be. Mai, if Zuko lived you'd be ruined!! You wouldn't have Quanlee. You would have a bastard of a child, with a worthless loser of a father!! You need to know why I killed Zuko, it was for you, Mai. And you need to remember why you fight!

Chapter 10: The Conspiracy Within, Part 1: Infiltration

Kambi: Welcome to Kein Forest, ladies!
[The three rebel girls are revealed to be Mitsuki and her friends]
Mitsuki: Yes, we are honored to be in your city.
Kambi: Thank you. I'm sorry if I may seem troubled, it's been a rough day. My grandma is very sick. Luckily, the Avatar and his friends, as well as my top advisers, are going to cure her.
Mitsuki: [Faking] Oh, well, I'm very sorry. And I can't wait to meet the Avatar.
Kambi: Oh, you would love him. He is such a nice kid.
Mitsuki: [smugly] I'm sure he is.

Gian: You don't know who I am, girl, do you.
Mina: No, I don't.
Gian: Let me update you. It was I who turned you in to General Mung. I'm the reason you got sent to the Fire Nation Detention Facility! The bastard Mung didn't recompense me, though! So now I'm on a new mission. If I can capture you and deliver you to Mung, I'll be paid in full.
[Upon hearing this, the children burst into laughter]
Gian: You kids won't be laughing when I deploy my secret weapon:
[A multitude of guards jump out from the bushes]
Gian: Thirty highly skilled bodyguards!

Mitsuki: Tam Mee, you distract Kambi, while I steal the plans.
Tam Mee: Yay!! [Runs over to Kambi] Hey Kambi look, I can do this.
[Tam Mee begins walking on her pinkies]
Kambi: Oh my! This is amazing! How do you do it?
Tam Mee: Oh, that's nothing! Check this out, mister!
[Tam Mee begins performing amazing tricks for Kambi, while Mitsuki slips the master plans into her sleeve]
Mitsuki: Well, I'm afraid we must be going. Good night.
Kambi: Goodnight, ladies.
[Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee leave the room]
Quanlee: Did you get it?
Mitsuki: Yes. [Reveals plans] Now where's the nearest post office? [menacingly] I have something that needs to be mailed.

Mina: Kama, how are you feeling.
Kama: Okay, but I'm worried about the baby. [Ray turns her head away in frustration]
Chen: are you ready to leave?
Kama: Actually, I've decided to go back to the Spartan Islands, and leave the Rebel City behind.
Kaila: What? But....why?
Kama: The rebel life isn't for me. Plus, the Spartan Islands are just a few miles away. I may be senile, but I'm not that stupid!
Mina: Kama....I mean, I respect your decision, but swimming with a cold at your age is practically suicide. And-
[Kama ignores her, and jumps into the water and starts swimming to the Spartan Islands. She turns around more a brief moment.]
Kama: Make sure to tell Kambi that I'm okay!

[Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee walk into Kambi's throne room]
Kambi: Ladies, I am afraid that the master plans have been stolen. And unfortunately, the three of you are suspects.
Mitsuki: Hahahaha, are you really that stupid? You mean you don't remember what happened a few months ago?
Kambi: What? I...I don't know. Who are you?
Mitsuki: I'll give you a hint, imbecile! [Mitsuki shoots a spiral of blue fire through the air]
Kambi: [Gasps] You're a Fire Nation soldier?!
Mitsuki: Oh, I'm not just a soldier. I'm the Princess behind it all!
Kambi: Securi- [Kambi is paralyzed by Tam Mee and gagged with a cloth by Quanlee]
Mitsuki: Don't even try struggling. It's all futile. You're my prisoner now.

Following Chapter 30, chapters began to be written in dialogue.

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