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This page contains some of the best and most important quotes from the first book of the fanon series, Kyoshi Revolts. There are at least a few quotes per chapter.

Chapter 1: The World Like it Shouldn't Be

Mina:[To girl] I'm sick of the Fire Nation, I'm sick of being slave, I'm sick of this life.
Guard: Silence!
Girl: Mina, just be quite! Supreme Fire Lord Azula says that-
Mina: Who cares what she says!
Guard: I said silence!
[Guard separates Mina and the girl]

Noblewoman:[to child] Sweetheart, get back here! I told you never to go near those atrocious animals!
Mina:[to herself angrily] Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Nobleman: Why aren't they properly caged? Those slaves have no right to even share the air my family breaths.
[Mina spits on nobleman's shoes. Nobleman yelps in disgust]
Nobleman: Guard, I order you to give this girl the worst punishment possible!
Guard: You again?! That's it, no dinner for you.
Mina:I don't need your stinking food!
Guard: Fine then.
[Picks Mina up and drags her into a building]
Mina: Let go of me!
Nobleman:You see that, son? That's what I like to call, justice!

Mina: This isn't who we are. We aren't slaves, we are warriors, warriors of Kyoshi! People of Kyoshi Island, not Zula Island, Kyoshi Island, are you with me?!

Chapter 2: Destination: Fire Nation

[Mina sits down and looks out to the Jang Hui River]
Old Man: It used to be filthy.
Mina: [Turning around] What?
Old Man: The river, it used to be disgusting.
Mina: How could such a beautiful river have ever been dirty?
Old Man: It could, and it was. The water was polluted, all the life in the river died, and this village was starving and sickly. It seemed as if General Mung had won. But then, a girl who disguised herself as the Painted Lady defeated Mung and saved the village.
Mina: [Whispers] The Mighty Katara.
Old Man: Yes.
[Up to this point, their conversation is heard by Gian
Mina: So this Mung guy, is he dead yet? Do I still have to worry about this loser arrested me?
Old Man: No, not even close. In fact, he is still an active general.
Mina: I can take an old man. No offense.
Old Man: [Chuckles] None taken. Watch your back, girl.

Mung: You're not as weak as I expected.
[Grabs little girl at fire point]
Mung: Too bad this girl is!
Mina: [whispers] Oh my go....
Mung: Well, are you going to come out of the water, or am I going to have to do some dirty work!
Little Girl: Get away from me you big, fat, butt-head. I'm telling my mommy!
Mung: Shut up!
[Mina comes to shore, sobbing. Mung drops the little girl, and has his men cuff Mina]
Mina: Okay, okay, I may be Ear-
Mung: Quite! You're rebelling against your own nation, and that's the worst kind of rebellion!
Mina: [Sighs with relief] Well, I'm not scared of anything.
Mung: [Smiling evilly] You're going to a Detention Facility, and if they deem you too young, you're going to school.
[Mina sweats and gulps]

Chapter 3: The Supreme Realm

Adgul: "Disobey me, or anyone else better than you brats for that matter.......I won't kill you. Instead I'll do something to you children so horrible not even the Supreme Fire Lord would do, something that will kill you inside, permanently!"

Adgul: "I've been told that some of you are of the rebellion type, thinking that they can stand up against me or even escape."
[Turns to Mina]
Adgul: "Well, too bad."

Boy: Who are you and why are you here?!
Mina: Oh, I'm Mina, and I'm here for saving a little girl's life.
Girl: I should kick your ass right here!
Mina: What?
Kaila: STOP!!!!

Kaila: Long ago, there were three big battles, all of them in which the Fire Nation achieved a great victory. In the last two battles, Team Avatar was killed by the then Princess Azula and her friends. After that, the Fire Nation won The War. To secure their victory, they destroyed the Water Tribes, and recaptured the city of Omashu.
Mina: This isn't right. It seems like everything just went Azula's way.
Kaila: Legend has it that Supreme Fire Lord Azula is invincible, she can never die. Even when an entire team of Kyoshi Warriors performed a perfect sneak attack on her, she still managed to slide her way through it. She is the strongest person in the world.
Mina: I know my destiny now.
Kaila: Yes?
Mina:I know it is my duty to save the world, and to defeat the Supreme Fire Lord.
Adgul: [On loudspeaker] Mina and Kaila of Cells 23.4 and 82.7, report to my office, NOW!!!

Chapter 4: As the Bell Rings

Grumpy Secretary: Oh, look what we have here, two more criminals. [Sarcastic] How nice.
Kaila: Oh, look another one of those cranky men. Man the darnedest things happen, don't they?!
Grumpy Secretary: You little brat! If I was still a cafeteria monitor, I'd kill you right now

Mean Teacher: No gum chewing, note passing, no sneezing, no...
[Kaila snores]
Class Snitch: Ma'm, the new girl has fallen asleep!
Mean Teacher: She has, hasn't she. Guard!
[Guard nods, walks over to Kaila, and hits her hard on the head]
Kaila: OW!!!
Mina: Oh my gosh!
Mean Teacher: Pay attention, brat!

Mean Teacher: So, Jen, you decided to escape from school, eh?!
Jen: I can explain Miss..
Mean Teacher: I don't want to hear it! Take him away! [Does a head count] Wait a minute, we're short two girls!
Guard: Ma'm, we have found something that belonged to the escapees.
Mean Teacher: An Earth Kingdom coin! Those girls were not from the Fire Nation!?
Grumpy Secretary: Actually, the records say that Miss Kaila was Fire Nation.
Mean Teacher: What about the other girl!
Grumpy Secretary: I can't find any records on Miss Mina.

Mean Teacher: Then she is Earth Kingdom! Guards, quickly, inform a military official. The Fire Nation has been infiltrated by an Earth Kingdom girl!

Chapter 5: The Fire Lord's Son

Azula: [After Chen fails to complete a move] Hmmmm....where should I start? Your form was terrible, the whole time you had the attention of an Elephant-rat, [laughs] That was the most pathetic demonstration I've ever seen. Your just like your uncle. Mitsuki, impress me before I die of boredom.
[Mitsuki does a move flawlessly]

Mitsuki: I think we've just come across an extraordinary opportunity, girls.
Tam Mee: We get to braid our hair?!
Quanlee: What?
Mitsuki: I'm talking about finally making Chen a traitor to the entire world. [Tam Mee and Quanlee stare at her in shock] For 16 years my mother has seen him as nothing but a failure, and now it's time he sees that himself.
Tam Mee: Yay, Mitsuki will be the new heiress!
Quanlee: But the title of heir is hi......
Mitsuki: Well, tonight, they'll be a new heir.

Mitsuki: [Walks into Chen's room] It's to bad mother never got to love you.
Chen: What are you doing here? Get out of my room!
Mitsuki: What are you going to do about it, are you going to hit me? Come on Chen, hit me.
Chen: I said leave!!!
Mitsuki: [Spots a picture of her and Chen's family] Awwww, what a nice picture. Look at dad, he looks so old and frail, but at least mom's holding you, oh, wait that's me, the one she loves.
Chen: Be quite. Mom does love me!
Mitsuki: Yeah, all those insults, all those harsh criticisms, the never holding you when you were little. I bet she does it all just because she loves you.
Chen: What do you know about how mom feels about me!
Mitsuki: Open your eyes and get out of the sky, she doesn't love you, nobody does, even Quanlee doesn't.
Chen: Stop lying Mitsuki! Stop lying right now!
Mitsuki: [sarcasticly] Your wish is my command, Phoenix King Chen. Ha, like mom will ever let that happen, you can't even Firebend properly.
Chen: Oh yeah, know I.........she does........[sobs]
Mitsuki: Well, looks like my work is done. Hopefully I won't see you tomorrow.

Chapter 6: Royal Visit

[Mina and Kaila are walking through the woods]
Mina:, after we get out of these woods, where do we go?
Kaila: Well, there's this canal that's on this side of the country. If we ride down there, it'll lead straight to the capital, where we can, uh, "borrow" a ride.
Mina: Then where?
[Kaila shrugs]

Chen: Please, I've abandoned my ways from the empire. All I wish to do is rebel against my tyrannical mother and sist-
Mina: That's fantastic for you, now beat it! We've a long way to travel and we don't want trouble.

Mina: Would you really do it, Kaila? Ya know, kill someone?
Kaila: We're living in a hard world, Mina. We cannot show any weakness, or it will destroy us and everybody we care about.
Mina: But...
[Robbers jump from the trees]

Robber #1: Well, look at you two. Aren't you a pretty sight. Two cute little girls, taking a walk in the woods.
[Other robbers take Mina's and Kaila's weapons and hold the two.]
Robber #1: And with weapons! Ain't that priceless!

Mina: Chen, we've decided that you can join 'Team Rebel!'
Chen: Team Rebel?
Kaila: Told you that it was a stupid name...
Chen: No-no, I like the name. [smiles] And I'm really happy that I can join the group
Mina: We're too [looks to Kaila]
[Kaila nods]
Kaila: But I'm still watching you!

Chapter 7: The Old Town

[Mina and Chen hear another scream]
Chen: Well, at least you don't get bored quickly in this village!

Chapter 8: Hot Pursuit

Mitsuki: Aw, Chenny has some new girlfriends.
Tam Mee: Ew, they have split ends, yuck!
Quanlee: Whatever.
Kaila: Such big talk for weak girls.
Chen: Kaila no! Run away, run as fast as you can.
Mina: Please, we can take 'em.
Mitsuki: [sarcastically] I'm sure you can.
[Mitsuki and her friends attack the team viciously. Mina and Kaila grab Chen and run away, terrified]
Chen: You were saying?
Mina and Kaila: RUN!!!!

Tam Mee: Looks like Chen's cheating on you, Quanlee!
Quanlee: Shut up! [Pushes Tam Mee into mud]
Tam Mee: Hey!!!!
Mitsuki: [whispers] And I call them friends. [louder] Stop it you two!

Kaila: Alright, I think we lost them.
Mina: Wait, why are the people at the station all bowing?
Chen: Oh no. Lets get out of here.
Mina: No, I'm tired of running. It's time we faced these girls.
[Mitsuki smiles, and then she, Tam Mee, and Quanlee make it onto the train, ready to fight]

Chapter 9: Lake of Secrets

Kaila: Chen?
Chen: Yes Kaila?
Kaila: Thank you
Chen: [surprised] Why?
Kaila: Just, thank you.

Chapter 10: General Disaster

Azula: Okay, we've made it to the forest beside Mango City. Sources tell us the brat is with two others girls, and they're running a muck from town to town. Now, my daughter has more important things to do in her time, including some important meetings, so I want those children either dead or arrested as soon as possible, General Yi.
Ty Lee: Yeah, and Tam Mee cannot be out in the wilderness. She'll break out in pimples!
Mai: Quanlee doesn't care.
Ty Lee: She won't be able to shampoo every twelve hours!
Mai: Quanlee doesn't care.
Ty Lee: She'll be attacked by giant bears, and they'll rip out her heart and use it like a bar of soap!!!!
Mai: Okay, maybe Quanlee does care about that a little........
Yi: [Sneers at Mai and Ty Lee behind their backs, then regains composure] I will do as commanded, your highness, but will I be paid?
Z.Z.: Yes sir, you'll be receiving your money after you defeat the children, like I said the other five thousand times.
Yi: Good, now if you excuse me, I'm off to kill some kids. [Parachutes out]
Mai: How.....lovely?

Mina: What does that whaling sound mean?
Some Man: Lets get indoors now!
Kaila: I think I have an idea.
[Yi enters the bay]
Mina: Um, who's the mean looking guy......
Kaila: I think that guy wants to hurt us, get into your fighting stances-whoa!
[Yi attacks]
Chen: General Yi!
Yi: Ah, very perceptive, Prince Chen.
[Continues attacking viciously]

Yi: Miss Azula, I have failed. The girl, she found out the secret to my powers.
Azula: You better be lying!
Yi: I am sorry, your grace. [Goes to board jet]
Azula: Whoa there, General! You have no right to board this jet. You've failed, and no matter how many successes you've had, they were all during my father's reign. Meaning, to me, your a simple military official. And you have failed to complete a task. Ergo, you are not to return to the Capital until you defeat the children. If I don't see some blood, and fast, my uncle's cell will no longer be vacant.
[Yi stares on in shock]

Chapter 11: These Three Spirits

Chen: Well, I don't know about you guys, but all of these constant attacks are getting ridiculous. I mean, how are we supposed to bring down an entire empire with assassins down their throats 24/7?!
Kaila: (stopping sharpening her blade) We need to start handling those better than we are. We're keeping them alive too much so they keep coming back.
Mina: I don't know, Kaila. I've never thought I'd be able to kill anyone before.
Chen and Kaila: You will.

Mina: (taking a walk) *Sigh* It's really sad how bored I am by all of this...

Man: Huh? [Turns around to look at a creaking noise, then turns back] Huh. [Hears it again, turns around again, then turns back] Wha-! [Sees the Haizi] Oh, hello. What are you kids doing here?
[Jochi, the middle one, turns his head and smiles showing black teeth]
Man: (off-screen) AHHHHH!!!!!

Mina: Alright, Chen what's wrong? I know that sight was bad, but-but you seem like this has reached you personally.
Chen: ....Haizi.
Mina: Huh?
Chen: H-Haizi. They're-they're these spirits...the spirits of turmoil. Th-they look like cute and innocent little children, but they're really demonic creatures who want to torture.
Kaila: Haizi, huh? I've heard of them. They're just a legend, though, right?
Chen: (sharply) No. They're real. My-my father once saw them when he was younger. He barely made it away from, me, Kaila, they're the real deal. You have to believe me, or more innocent people will be killed.
[Kaila and Mina look at each other]
Mina: Okay, we believe you.
Chen: [shakes his head] Now, the Haizi have a really horrible sense of humor. They act just like little kids, but the games they play are just-just mindless murders. They treat everything like one big joke.
Mina: Then how do we stop them?
Chen: I-I haven't the clue.
Kaila: I do: If they like to play, let's play along.

Jochi: What's a matter, your majesty? Getting scared by our little game?
[Chen shoots fire at Jochi, causing him to escape and Jochi to be disrupted for a bit]
Jochi: Now that's cheating. Borto, Temuge, help your brother out a bit.

Jochi: Come on, your slowing down the game! Stop cheating, you wormy little meat sacks. You can run all of your lives, but we have all eternity to play!! (angrier) Stop running, humans! (back to normal) Come on, Chenny; don't you wanna see your daddy again?

Jochi: (fighting Chen) You're weak! You can barely handle pathetic humans, let alone us! You're gonna die! Just like your father did! [Punches Chen, causing him to fall down the ledge, who catches himself]
Chen: [sends fire at Jochi and jumps back up] You know, you're a pretty stupid brat! You've been around for eternity, and all you can do is play stupid kiddie games with us pathetic humans! I mean, with all your power, why not enslave us?! Oh, wait, that's right. You're too scarred. [Does a swing kick and defeats him]

Kaila: [walking into Chen's healing hut] Ch-Che...uh...Ch...*Sigh* [Leaves]
[Chen closes his eyes and blushes].

Chapter 12: Things That Ended

Kaila: It's all my fault...
Mina: Don't blame yourself, Kaila.
Chen: Yeah, you shouldn't, even though it kinda is your fault.
Mina: Uhhh Chen! You're so heartless!
Chen: No I'm not!
Kaila: Stop it you two!

Chapter 13: All Aboard

Mina: Hello. [Rings bell] Hello?
Kaila: Mister, we're here, turn your chair around!
Mitsuki: [Behind chair] Oh Kaila, have you forgotten the one rule of life? [Spins chair around, revealing herself] Patience, is a virtue.
[The team looks on shocked]
Tam Mee: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
[Paralyzes Chen]
Mitsuki: Oh, Chenny, your looking a little limp, maybe you should lie down. [Kicks Chen to the ground]
Mina: We're not afraid of you, Mitsuki.
Mitsuki: Really? Oh, well that's just.......BOO!!
Mina and Kaila: AHHH!
Mitsuki: Okay, as much as I'm enjoying this conversation, I need to finish some chores. Tam Mee, Quanlee, take Arrow Girl. I'll go after Miss High and Mighty myself.
[Launches a jet of fire at Kaila]
Kaila: Whao! [Runs away]
Mitsuki: Ambitious, are we? [Fires another blast at Kaila, hits the Fire Flakes Merchant's cart]
Fire Flakes Merchant: MY FIRE-
Mitsuki: Move it, peasant!
[Pushes him to the ground]

Quanlee: (sits down next to a paralyzed Chen) You know you guys are never gonna win.
Chen: Shut up. We're stronger than we look.
Quanlee: (looks at him and the fact that he is limply placed against a tree motionless) Clearly. Why don't you just give up this stupid fight and come home?
Chen: And do what? Cower in the shadows as my own mother berates me? As my own sister wants me dead so she can get the thrown? No thanks.
Quanlee: (starts filing her nails) Whatever.

Kaila: Oh my gosh! It's a lemur! The last one alive was the Avatar's, I can't believe another one is still alive! You're going to be our new pet!
Chen: I don't get it, I can't lay a single blast on Mitsuki, yet she gets defeated by a lemur!!!
Kaila: That's the way life goes, Chen.
Mina: Ooh, look, it has a tag. [Reading] It says, Momo.
Kaila: What does it say?!
Mina: Momo.
Kaila: Oh my goodness. Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh. That's the Avatar's lemur! Momo! He's alive! I can't believe it!
[Momo licks Kaila's cheek, Kaila giggles]

Chapter 14: A Fiery Road

Mina: It's morning!!!!!
Chen: I'm up!
Mina: Kaila, wake up, it's morning! They're serving a breakfast buffet today!
Kaila: Are you guys serious...
Mina and Chen: Yes!
Mina: They have pancakes, shaped like Elephant-Giraffes. How are you not busting with joy!
[Kaila rolls her eyes]

Chapter 15: First Fight

Evil Man: Well boy, you decide, the left or the right one? Who dies first?
Chen: Stop!
Evil Man: Well? Or should I kill both simultaneously?
Chen: [wispers] You bas****, you bas****, ...

Chen: Ka-, Kaila are you alright?
Kaila: [with tears in the eyes] Yes Chen, I am.
[Chen smiles and closes his eyes]

Chapter 16: New Plans

Guard 1: So Miss Azula, breakfast in the dining room?
Azula: Yes.
[Suddenly, Azula's guards are taken out, and Azula is attacked]
Azula: So, an assassin. I should let you know, fool, I've never lost a duel.
Assassin: Neither have I.
[They continue battling, but Azula defeats him. The guards run to Azula]
Guard: Your supremeness, are you okay?
Azula: Yes, but this has been the third assassination this week. The assassins are getting better.
Guard 2: What should we do, my liege.
Azula: Message my daughter Mitsuki. There's been a change in plans.

Kaila: Uh, Mina why are you staring at me.
Mina: Because, I wanna know what's going on between you and Chen.
Kaila: Well, I-WHOA! [Kaila slips and falls into a river]
Mina: Kaila, just swim to the side!
Kaila: I CAN'T!!!
Mina: Why?!
Mina: Oh...
[Mina jumps in and pulls Kaila out]
Mina: Why didn't you tell me you couldn't swim?
Kaila: I guess I was just....embarrassed.
Mina: You know what....I'm gonna teach you how to swim!

Chapter 17: The Nation of Earth and Gypsies

Esmeralda: Well hello, children. Come into my hut. I sense one of you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds a fortune.....NOW!
[Mina, Kaila, and Chen walk in. Esmeralda singles Chen out]
Esmeralda: [Points to Chen] It's you.
Chen: Excuse me?
Esmeralda: Come here, boy! Hold out your hand.
[Esmeralda rubs Chen's palm]
Esmeralda: Oh my!.....Oh my! You're, you're going to discover something amazing about yourself, something that is going to change your life!!!
Chen: What?!
Esmeralda: But be warned, [In a voice eerily reciprocal to Mitsuki's] Danger is lurking. A great danger, some may be won, but others will be lost!!!
Kaila: Uh, I think we're gonna go!

Kaila: Well, that lady was crazy.
Chen: You can say that again!
Mina: I don't know, you guys. What if what she's saying might be true.
Kaila: Oh Mina, that's-
Mysterious Newspaper Boy: Here you go girl, this one's free.
Kaila: [Reading paper] This just in, Supreme Fire Lord Azula has exterminated every rebel assassin that has infiltrated the Capital. The rebellion's only threat is defeated!
Mina: Oh no!
Chen: That could of freed the world.
Mina: Hmmm, lets see, Azula kills what could possibly be the world's last hope. I think I'd call that a great danger.
Kaila: It's just a coincidence.

Dai Li Agent 1: We have you captured now you little brats!
Kaila: Let us go!!!
Dai Li Agent 2: Hahahahahahaha, whose going to save you.
[Momo drops two coconuts on the agent's heads, knocking them out]

Chapter 18: City of Rebellion

Mina: We're finally in Kein Forest! Uh huh, uh huh, it's our birthday, it's our-
Kaila: Save the dancing for when we reach the rebel city, Earthbender. We still have threats watching us.
Chen: What's new.

Yi: Well, look who we have here. Prince Chen and those two wretched girls.
Head Man: Should we attack them immediately sir?
Yi: Yes. But we can't attack them alone. Last time they beat us into a pulp.
Head Man: Should I request back-up from Miss Azula?
Yi: No, we just deploy our secret weapon. The Tank.

Kambi: Welcome to the Rebel City. We are honored to have you all here, even you Prince Chen. Ha-ha, don't sweat it kid, we trust you. Now Giu, please escort our guests to their rooms in the palace.
Giu: Yes sir. [As Giu leads the kids to their rooms, he turns to Kaila] Hey sweet-cheeks. Wanna make a boy happy.
[Kaila slaps Giu]
Kaila: Did that make you happy?

Yi: [After swimming to the Capital shore and is met by Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee] Miss Azula....the children, they're in the city. My men, they-they've been arrested by the rebels. I-
Ty Lee: Don't worry, Mitsuki is leading an armada against them right now.
Azula: But as for you-
[Soldiers cuff Yi]
Azula: No. More. Chances. Arrest him.

Chapter 19: Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1

Mina: What's wrong, Kambi?
Kambi: There's something in the air... And I don't like it.

[Giu and Ray shake hands]
Giu: Ray, before we go...
Ray: Oh please, not the 'I love you' thing again. You've said that a thousand times!
Giu: Well, I could always try...
[They charge into the Fire Nation troops]

Mitsuki: Oh, now what's out little slave doing.
Mina: I'm going to end this battle, once, and for all!!!
Mitsuki: Oh, and how are you going to do that?
Mina: I'm going to KILL you!
Mitsuki: [laughs] Really? You're going to kill me?
Mina: YES!!
Mitsuki: Then why don't you come and get me?

Chapter 20: Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2

Kambi: Ray, options.
[Ray sighs]
Kambi: Mind translating that into words?
Ray: We have two options. One, we hope for a miracle. Two, we evacuate the city and hope for survival.
Kambi: That's not an option, Ray, I'd rather die fighting.
Ray: [whispers] That's what it seems will happen at this point.
Kambi:: [Buries his head in his hands] Wish me luck.
Giu: Kambi, what are you talking about?
Kambi: I'm going to turn myself in to Princess Mitsuki, and maybe, just maybe, she'll leave everyone else alone.
Ray and Giu: No!
Kambi: Ray, Giu, I love you two very much, which is why I can't let you or the rest of this city parish by hoping for the impossible. I must do this for the sake of the universe.

Kaila: Chen, please, help me!
Chen: I'm sorry Kaila! But I can't do it, I can't fight her.
Quanlee: Well, if you can't fight me, than join me, you know that we were meant to be fighting together!
Kaila: No, he was meant to be a rebel!
[Kaila and Quanlee both try to stab and kill each other. Tam Mee then joins in, and Kaila is defeated, Quanlee then readies to kill her]
Kaila: CHEN!
Chen: Kaila, no! Get away from her!
[Chen briefly attacks Quanlee in a moment of rage, but then calms down]
Chen: Quanlee, I'm sor-
Quanlee: No, I hate you!
Tam Mee: Huh! Ooooooh.
Chen: But.....but....[sobs]

Rogue Soldier: Hey Commander, look who I found, Prince Chen! Ha!
Chen: Get off of me!
Rogue Soldier: Ha, what's the point! [whispers] Either way you and all your little rebel friends are going to die, terrible painful deaths! Aw, what's the matter, you getting mad Prince-
[Suddenly, Chen enters the Avatar State, burns the man alive, and rises into the air]
Mina: Wha-
Kaila: Chen is the Avatar!! He was the Earthbender!
[Scene switches to Royal Jet]
Captain: What do you plan to do about this, Princess.
[For a few seconds, Mitsuki is shocked and speechless]
Captain: Uh, Princess?
Mitsuki: What? Oh...well, maybe this can give me and Chenny a chance to have an even match.
[Mitsuki climbs atop the jet, Chen fires at the jet, but Mitsuki shields it and challenges his flame. The two flames collide and are evenly matched. Eventually, Chen gives up and goes back to the ground. Tam Mee, Quanlee, and most of the troops run away, Chen kills the rest. Mitsuki climbs back into the jet]
Mitsuki: I order a full and immediate evacuation. Captain, head to the Capital, and don't worry, I have a backup plan.
[Chen floats to the ground, Mitsuki looks out to the city]
Mitsuki: I promise you Kein Forest, I'll be back.

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