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The series, Kyoshi Revolts, is a fanon story that focuses on what would happen if the series didn't ended the way it did. It has many differences with the real series, such as characters, technology, and maturity ratings.

Character Replacements

Some of the old characters of Avatar:The Last Airbender remain in the series, but they take on different roles than they did in the other series.

  • Mina- takes the place of somewhat Aang, as she is the main protagonist, though she could also be compared to Katara, who is the main female protagonist.
  • Kaila- somewhat takes the place of Katara, as she is kind and optimistic, though she is not a bender. She also takes a bit the place of Suki, by her fighting techniques and her crush on the male protagonist.
  • Chen- takes the place of the banished Prince Zuko as the troubled teen who is not as good in Firebending as his evil sister, and is not favored by the Fire Lord. He, however, is not directly an antagonist to the heroes in the start of the series.
  • Ray- takes the place of Toph somewhat, although not being an earthbender. She is deaf, and uses her bending abilities to help with her deafness (like Toph being blind, and using earthbending to "see").
  • Mitsuki- takes the place of the cruel and calculating Princess Azula (her mother), despite Azula still being in the series. Mitsuki has all the skills Azula had, such as the ability to bend lightning and blue fire.
  • Azula- takes the place of Ozai as the main antagonist and the ruler of the world (or Fire Nation). She also became the greatest Firebender in the world, as Ozai was.
  • Tam Mee- takes the place of her mother, Ty Lee. She is bubbly, ditsy, and skilled in Chi Blocking.
  • Quanlee- takes the place of her mother, Mai, as she is depressing, gloomy, and a skilled warrior.
  • Yin Lee- somewhat took the place of Iroh, as he was very close to Chen and had a big influence on the boy.
  • Yi- somewhat takes the place of both Zhao and Combustion Man, as he is both a military man and has a unique Firebending technique.


Other differences in Kyoshi Revolts is technology, such as toilets, computer-like machines, and other luxuries are introduced. These include:

  • Contemporary Bathroom Facilities
  • Processed Foods
  • Messaging Devises
  • Toilet Paper

Maturity Rating

Kyoshi Revolts is somewhat of a spin-off series of Avatar:The Last Airbender, though it does contain some more mature material. Deaths, and some gory deaths, are shown on-screen in the series, though only in flashbacks. Some frightening concepts, such as a twelve-year-old boy going insane, accidentally murdering a friend, and committing suicide may also be controversial to certain viewers.

Other more mature concepts are mentioned, such as the controversial reality of older men marrying younger women, such as Yin Lee's marriage to Azula. Parents abusing children are also shown, such as Kaila and her parents, and Chen with his mother to an extent, though this also happens in the real series between Zuko and Ozai. Despite these concepts, Kyoshi Revolts is mostly a child's program, and it is usually treated as such.

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