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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Kyoshi Revolts.

A list of chapters from Kyoshi Revolts.

Book 1: Refugee

Chapter One The World Like it Shouldn't Be The world is in terror 30 years after the Fire Nation has achieved a major victory on the Order of the White Lotus and killed the members of Team Avatar. On Zula (Kyoshi) Island the people are slaves and have no free will. A 15-year-old girl named Mina is sick of the rule of the Fire Nation and decides to make a plan to escape the island. When she tells the other slaves about her plan they call her crazy and leave her alone. She decides to escape alone, and at night she sneaks to a Fire Nation ship and hides herself under a pile of rubble. After a while the ships lands at Fire Nation territory.
Chapter Two Destination: Fire Nation At night Mina sets foot on Fire Nation territory. She ends up in a fishing village, with people who worship a spirit named 'The Painted Lady'. They also tell a story of a young female waterbender who came and freed the village from the Fire Nation, with the help of the Avatar and friends. Mina wares that this must be the mighty Katara. A man named Gian, however, becomes suspicious and hands her over to General Mung.
Chapter Three The Supreme Realm Mina is taken to a sort of prison for 'people who question the Fire Nation's supreme right to rule'. She meets the other prisoners, and becomes friends with a 15-year-old girl, Kaila, who dreams of folklore and old times. She tells Mina stories about the Avatar and the Air Nomads and this makes Mina realizes 1 thing; If she does saves the world and rescue the Avatar, she has to find an Airbender, or someone who knows about it. The girls are set free because of their age, but are forced to go to a school.
Chapter Four As the Bell Rings Mina and Kaila go to a huge boarding school with hundreds of other kids. Jen, a 14-year-old boy, tells them about the horrible way the teachers treat the children. Mina and Kaila decide to escape, but not alone. They make a giant escape plan to 'rescue' the whole school, but the plan fails and Mina and Kaila are the only ones who manage to escape, leaving on a small wooden raft.
Chapter Five The Fire Lord's Son The chapter begins with a view of the throne room, and a 17-year old kid is shown Firebending in front of the Supreme Fire Lord, Azula. This is later revealed to be the Fire Prince, Chen. He tries to perform an advanced Firebending move to his mother, but she isn't impressed and says he's just like his uncle, as opposed to his sister, Mitsuki, who is a prodigy. Mai and Ty Lee, friends of Azula are also there, along with their daughters Tam Mee and Quanlee. Ty Lee feels sorry for the prince, and expresses that to Azula, who says she doesn't have to care about her son. Chen then sadly walks away. He eventually decides to run away, depressed and upset by having such a hard life, and runs into a big forest.
Chapter Six Royal Visit When walking trough a forest, Mina and Kaila meet a boy named Chen, who says he's the crown prince. Mina and Kaila immediately take fighting stands, and before Chen can explain, they begin to attack him. Chen barely dodges Mina's arrows and is no match for Kaila's fighting techniques. Eventually, he ends up under Kaila, who sits on him and holds her hidden blade against his throat. He can explain it and Kaila releases him. They still don't trust him, but when they get attacked by robbers, Chen's firebending becomes very handy. When he eventually saves Kaila by pushing her away, they trust him and let him join.
Chapter Seven The Old Town Mina, Chen and Kaila come in a town with only old and middle-aged people. Many of them are sick and the three kids help them. By her gentle nature and the fact she never had a real family, Kaila wants to stay in the town. Meanwhile, many possessions of the three kids disappear. Mina and Chen decide to set up a trap for robbers by placing Mina's precious necklace. At night, they see one of the villagers stealing the jewel. Mina and Chen run towards the civilian, who reacts surprisingly quick and takes them prisoner. The next day, Kaila finds out about the abduction and goes to rescue them. The villagers attack her with sticks and swords, but Kaila manages to defeat them and the trio flees from the town.
Chapter Eight Hot Pursuit Mina, Chen and Kaila camp in a forest, telling their life stories, including Chen's stories about his sister and mother. The gang is soon interrupted by Mitsuki, Quanlee, and Tam Mee. The children run away, as the girls are too powerful for them. Mitsuki continues to be in hot pursuit, and Mina and her friends hop on top of a train to escape, but Mina decides they should stop running and face the girls. The children battle on the train, but Mitsuki easily defeats Chen, while Quanlee and Tam Mee quickly gain the upper hand over Mina and Kaila. Just before the girls could win, however, Mina sneaks down to the train's control room and causes the train to suddenly stop, throwing the girls off the edge unharmed, yet letting the rebels escape.
Chapter Nine Lake of Secrets After escaping from Mitsuki and her friends, Team Rebel arrives at a mysterious village who worship a lake, held by a huge dam, which said to have magical powers. While in the village, Chen and Kaila slightly begin to develop feelings for each other, while Mina takes care of a young, sick boy. Meanwhile, villagers are disappearing, and when the boy Mina was helping disappears right in front of Mina, she decides to follow the kidnappers. She comes to a slave camp were the kidnapped villagers are forced to finish the dam holding the lake. Mina returns to Kaila and Chen, and together they free the slaves, setting the lake free, and destroying the village.
Chapter Ten General Disaster Wanting to give their daughters a break, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee decide that Team Rebel needs to be dealt with quickly. Azula appoints General Yi, a general with an extremely unique Firebending ability, to attack and kill Mina and Kaila, and to either kill or arrest Chen. Yi attacks the kids, and he nearly wins, though they use their wit to defeat him and figure out how to predict his moves. Yi, distraught over his failure, attempts to return to the Capital, though Azula tells him he is not to return until he and his men kill Team Rebel, giving the team another enemy.
Chapter Eleven These Three Spirits Exhausted and exasperated from the previous hunts, battles, and struggles, Mina, Chen, and Kaila frustratingly weigh out the next attack in a quiet little town. They are, however, surprised at a mystery they stumble in, as the three ancient and creepy spirits of turmoil, Jochi, Temuge, and Borte, begin to terrorize the village - and attempt to murder them.
Chapter Twelve Things That Ended When the group passes nearby Kaila's village, she wants to visit it. When they arrive, they find it has been burned through the ground. Kaila becomes very emotional and tells Mina and Chen of her past. After her story Mina can convince her of 'letting it go' and the team departs.
Chapter Thirteen All Aboard Mina, Kaila, and Chen, wanting some time to relax, travel to a nice beach near Ember Island. While there, the team finds out from a seedy merchant that in the Earth Kingdom, there is a rebel retreat in a forest called Kein Forest, the only free place left in the world. The team plans to buy fake tickets and sneak on to a ship, however, they soon realize that they are not alone in the pier, and that someone is waiting for them.
Chapter Fourteen A Fiery Road After three days of luxurious, second class traveling on a large Fire Nation cruiser, the team lets their guard down and decides to just have fun (with the exception of Kaila). They are given a rude awakening, however, when their ship stops to pick up some cargo, and they are found by General Yi and his men.
Chapter Fifteen First Fight After they realize they're low on money again, Chen leads them to a huge market, where many artists show their performances and talents. Mina gains money by shooting apples from the heads of volunteers. When a man offers a large sum of money if Mina can shoot a coin between his fingers, Mina becomes nervous and shoots the man's finger off. The man is furious and challenges her to an Agni Kai, and that offer is taken by Chen.
Chapter Sixteen New Plans When Azula is attacked by an assassin, sent by the rebels that have been bothering her for so long, she decides to change plans and let her daughter, Mitsuki, handle out an extremely important mission Mitsuki had planned, while she tracks down the assassins. Meanwhile, while Chen is recovering from his injuries, Mina and Kaila are planning out a route to Kein Forest.
Chapter Seventeen The Nation of Earth and Gypsies After a long way of traveling, the team finally makes it to the Earth Kingdom. Not long before they make their first footsteps on Earth Kingdom land, a mysterious gypsy woman predicts that Chen is going to discover something about himself so immense it will change the way he and the world looks at him forever, and that a great danger is brewing for the three children. The kids are confused by what the gypsy woman says, though they soon see her predictions come through, when they read a newspaper full of disquieting news.
Chapter Eighteen City of Rebellion When the team finally makes it to Kein Forest, they scurry around the forest, looking for the famous Rebel City. The three kids are all very excited, even Kaila is optimistic. They still aren't safe, however, as General Yi is still willing to try one more attempt to capture the three kids, and the kids' luck just might run out. Meanwhile, Mitsuki unfolds her most diabolical plan yet: a massive attack on the Rebel City!
Chapter Nineteen Battle at Kein Forest, Part 1 Thinking they're safe with the rebels, Team Rebel begins to bond with the other rebels. But when a heavily wounded rebel scout tells them that a massive fleet of ships and airships is near, everybody begins to prepare for the attack. When it begins, it becomes clear that the rebels are outnumbered both in number and skill. Kaila fights at the front against Quanlee, and Chen is torn over who to help, while Mina prepares to fight Mitsuki, who is commanding the attack, hoping defeating her will end the battle.
Chapter Twenty Battle at Kein Forest, Part 2 As Mina and Mitsuki begin their explosive duel, the Fire Nation soldiers and the rebels continue their historical battle. Quanlee and Kaila keep up with their vicious battle, and Chen must choose which girl he is destined to fight for. As the battle reaches its surprising conclusion, hope slowly fades, spirits are crushed, lives are taken, and as the Rebel City seems to be in Mitsuki's grip, it quickly becomes clear that only a miracle will be able to save the city from complete and utter destruction.

Book 2: Rebel
Chapter One Advice from the Fallen After discovering he is the Avatar, Chen re-awakes to his friends, all of whom try to help Chen recover from his shock. Chen refuses to listen to them, or accept who he is. That night, however, he receives a dream involving some very unlikely people, who tell him of a shocking and terrible upcoming event. Meanwhile, Mitsuki and her armada return to the Capital, and she and her mother contemplate their next move after their loss in the battle. Eventually, Azula decides that she must swallow her pride and do something out of her nature.
Chapter Two Mommy Dearest When Kambi's goofy and elderly mother, Morisolla, visits Kein Forest from the Spartan Islands, Kambi and the rest of the rebels must deal with her overbearing nature and inability to stay quite. Eventually, after learning of Kambi's near execution, she threatens to send him back to Spartan Islands to protect him. Desperate, Kambi enlists the help of Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu, and Ray to convince his mother to let him stay, but they soon realize that they have made a big mistake.
Chapter Three Rebel Lessons, Part 1 After a while, Ray finally fulfills her promise, and decides to start Chen's Waterbending lessons. After some lessons, Giu shows up and tells Chen Ray's big Waterbending secret. When Ray finds out that Chen knows, she then decides that he might as well also know how to do it.
Chapter Four Rebel Lessons, Part 2 While Chen is training with Ray, Kaila and Mina suffer from total boredom, so Kambi decides to give them respective teachers too. Meanwhile, Chen finally learns what makes Ray and her Waterbending so special in comparison to all other Waterbenders.
Chapter Five Samson and Delilah After stepping out of bounds from Kein Forest, Chen is captured by Mitsuki and taken to an island where bending doesn't exist to be tortured. But Mitsuki doesn't wish to torture him - she leaves that to Quanlee, who is outraged at Chen's treachery and is quenching for vengeance. Meanwhile, Mina and Kaila enlist the help of a blind psychic to find Chen.
Chapter Six Just Friends After seeing Giu heroically save a little girl from certain death, Ray starts to develop romantic feelings for him, much to Giu's happiness. The two start dating, though both Ray and Giu begin to question if they were really meant to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Meanwhile, a group of three female rebels try to find the Rebel City, though instead they find trouble.
Chapter Seven The Disaster Returns Kambi, Giu, and Ray travel to a nearby rebel fortress to pick up new weaponry, leaving Mina, Kaila, Chen, and Momo in the city. As the three rebels travel to the fortress, they come across Yi, who is now a mere assassin. However, none of them are yet aware of Yi's secret technique, and trouble arises.
Chapter Eight The Last Moment After taking some good advice from Ray, and not from Giu, Chen finally decides to ask Kaila out. Their date goes quite well, but every time they want to express their feelings to each other, something breaks in.
Chapter Nine Leaving a Utopia When Kama ends up catching a deadly virus, Kambi, Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu must find a way to save Kama's life with a cure. Eventually, they find out that the only cure is outside of the city, in the Fire Nation inhabited wilderness. Meanwhile, the Rebel City has some surprise visitors.
Chapter Ten The Conspiracy Within, Part 1: Infiltration After the temporary departure of his friends, Kambi happily welcomes the three rebel girls into his city. However, the three girls are not who they seem to be. Meanwhile, while Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu travel with Kama to cure her illness, they come across an old enemy.
Chapter Eleven The Conspiracy Within, Part 2: Capture With Kambi under arrest, it is up to Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray and Giu to foil Mitsuki's effective conspiracy over the city. Matters are made worst when Mitsuki calls upon General Yi for assistance.
Chapter Twelve Born Under Dirt The team finally arrives in New Ozai, though the city proves to be more of a danger than a help, as Mina ends up drawing the attention of a vicious serial killer named Siwang. Meanwhile, Ray and Kaila race to find Chen medical help before he dies of his injuries.
Chapter Thirteen A Day in the Life An alternate version of Chen is an evil, cold soul not unlike his mother, who has mastered the four elements at a young age, and is sent by his mother to attack and bring down the Rebel City himself.
Chapter Fourteen An Earthly Awakening After finally awakening from his coma, Chen is finally ready to resume his training, including Earthbending. However, an attack carried out by Yi quickly changes things. Though this time, Ray is intent on killing the general after he makes a revelation to her.
Chapter Fifteen Murder Inc. After Giu blows off all of the team's money in a night of gambling, he and Chen are forced to get jobs at a seedy factory to repay the losses they caused. Chen is enticed by one of the workers, Fensui, though trouble ensues when a the boss's spiritual attendant believe there is something up with Chen and Giu.
Chapter Sixteen Murder Inc. Part 2 The girls grow worried when the boys don't return to the camp. Eventually they decide to go into the city to find them. What they find is that Chen and Giu, along with Fensui have been taken prisoner by their boss Mr. Naoi. Meanwhile, Naoi interrogates his employees one by one.

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