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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Kyoshi Revolts.

Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Kyoshi Revolts in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Kyoshi Revolts
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Kyoshi Revolts is a fanfiction story about the aftermath of The Great War, which, unlike the one in the canonical series, was won by the Fire Nation. The story mainly revolves around the journeys of Mina, a strong willed former slave, and her friends, Kaila, a weapon specialist, Chen, the current Avatar and the disowned son of Azula, Ray, a Waterbending rebel, and Giu, an Earthbending rebel. As the children try to free the world from the grasp of Supreme Fire Lord Azula and her cruel and violent daughter, Mitsuki, they find many obstacles in their way, including the princess and her mother themselves.

The story was originally thought of and created by Waterkai, an Avatar Wiki user. The story went off to a slow start, though at the very end of March, Vaznock, another user, became a co-editor, and then both users began to create a multitude of pages in just a few weeks. Finally, the first chapters were released in mid-April, and the series officially started. Not so long after, the story became June's Featured Fanon story, in which it gained much popularity and was highly praised by many readers. In July 2009, the Book 1 finale was released and also became August's Featured Fanon Article.

Currently, the story is in heavy production, and is in the middle of its second book, slowly approaching the Book 2 Finale. There are three books and sixty-one chapters currently planned.

Production History Edit

Originally thought up by Waterkai, the project was quickly adapted into a story. However, Waterkai was busy with his original story, Avatar: The Chronicles of Kai, so the production for the series was very slow. Nonetheless, the story grew to the liking of certain users, and one user, Vaznock, decided to help Waterkai create a simple page, Azula (Kyoshi Revolts). What was at first just a little helping hand soon became a co-creator, as Vaznock created many of Waterkai's characters and added new ones. After a discussion between the users over the outcome of the entire story, a storm of articles was made by the two users, including past battle pages and other character pages. The story had gotten so many articles that Category:Kyoshi Revolts was given subcategories.

After the complete overview of the series was covered, the users finally created the episode pages and updated the main and major characters pages, commencing the start of the "series". Not to far into the series, a user, SuperFlash101, took interest in the story, and volunteered to help on occasions, his first major contribution was to write the sixth chapter of the series. The story also became June's Featured Fanon, coinciding with the midpoint of Book 1 being released. At precisely July 18th, 2009, the story concluded its first book, the final chapters going out with a bang and Book 2 opening up with an equivalent bang.

However, after the release of Book 2, the story started to die down. One of the co-writers, Vaznock, went through a long spell of inactivity. Waterkai, the other co-writer, also began to show up less. Months after the release of Chapter 25, Vaznock sent Waterkai the story's twenty-sixth chapter, which was written four months ago while Samson and Delilah was delayed. Despite consistent delays, the series has finally resumed production starting with the release of Chapter 27, The Disaster Returns. Waterkai and Vaznock immediately began updating character and chapter pages, and the series once again gained its popularity.

A few weeks after the series resumed production, The avatar, author of The Phoenix Chronicles, had the idea of a Kyoshi Revolts marathon. Vaznock and Waterkai quickly accepted the idea. To help promote the marathon, SuperFlash101 made a promo-poster, while Vaznock made a blog. The four chapters were released on March 12, 2010. The final one, The Conspiracy Within, Part 2: Capture ended the first humorous half of Book 2, starting up the second half of Book 2. The second half of Book 2 also marked the first chapter of the series to be written in dialogue. Due to the community's praise over the new format, Vaznock and Waterkai decided to make it a constant.

However, not even these revolutionary ideas and changes could save the story from total inactivity. Waterkai went inactive not much later, partly due personal reasons and the loss of interests in the static Avatar series. While he from time to time made an appearance on the wiki, no real continuation plans were conceived between the two co-authors. Eventually, Vaznock also stopped editing the wiki and the series fell into an almost permanent hiatus. It wasn't until much, much later Waterkai regained the courage to possibly continue the series, and debates and plans with the other author have now been initiated.

Overview Edit

Thirty years ago, there were three major battles: the Murder at the Boiling Rock, the Battle of Ba Sing Se, and the Final Agni Kai. In all of this battles, the Fire Nation achieved a major victory. The unconquered areas of the Earth Kingdom were burned to the ground, and all the members of Team Avatar and the Order of the White Lotus were killed by Ozai and Azula. Phoenix King Ozai officially claimed victory after destroying the Water Tribes and bringing down the Earth Kingdom. The Avatars after Aang from the Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom were killed by the Fire Nation, and the current Fire Avatar is still unknown. Five years ago, Phoenix King Ozai died, and his daughter Azula has ascended the throne.

Zula Island (Kyoshi Island) was one of the last free Earth Kingdom places, but was eventually conquered by Azula and her allies, Mai and Ty Lee. Because of their fight against the Fire Nation and the numerous revolts, the people of Kyoshi are slaves who need to catch Elephant Koi for the rich Fire Nation nobles. This is a dangerous job where many die "fishing". The Kyoshi Warriors are banned, and talking about them, Team Avatar, or any other good force in The War is punished by death. Dai Li agents are spread across the Earth Kingdom to keep Azula's grip on the Earth Kingdom secure.

Story Edit

Book 1: Refugee Edit

In this book, we are introduced to the series's main protagonist, Mina. As she roams the Fire Nation as a refugee and escapee from Zula Island, she meets a weapon specialist named Kaila, who joins her group, and the kind, peaceful Fire Prince, Chen, who also joins her group. Along the way, the three kids are pursued by Princess Mitsuki, the daughter of Supreme Fire Lord Azula, and her friends Tam Mee and Quanlee, the daughters of Ty Lee and Mai. She is also targeted by General Yi, an evil Fire Nation General with a unique Firebending technique. Eventually, Mina and her friends' skills and wit are proved to the ultimate test when they have to save a group of rebels from a massive attack launched by Mitsuki.

Book 2: Rebel Edit

After discovering he is the Avatar, Chen must learn the elements and contact Avatar Aang and his friends. The team enjoys their time in Kein Forest with their new friends Giu, Ray, and Kambi. They are still targeted by the now former General Yi, though the Rebel City is able to keep them safe from harm-but not for long. After Princess Mitsuki and her friends infiltrate and conquer the Rebel City, Mina, Kaila, Chen, Giu, and Ray travel across the Earth Kingdom in search of a temple that will allow Chen to master the Avatar State, while being pursued by a villainous serial killer named Siwang, who wants to murder Mina. Eventually, the children must all work together to stop General Yi from ending the Avatar Cycle for all eternity.

Characters Edit

The main characters of Kyoshi Revolts are as follows. Mina, Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu act as the primary protagonists of the story, while Azula and Mitsuki act as the primary antagonists of the story. Originally, the character list only consisted of Mina, Kaila, Chen, Mitsuki, and Azula. Ray and Giu were later added in the middle of the second book. Readers have cited the large amount of female characters of the series, both in the main set, and also in the secondary character set (most notably Tam Mee and Quanlee).

  • Mina - An optimistic, kind, and brave rebel girl, born in the Earth Kingdom. Mina was originally a slave, but abandoned her birthplace to fight against the Fire Nation and liberate the rest of the world. She is the founder of Team Rebel, a skilled archer, and is a formidable opponent when faced with combat. Mina believes it is her destiny to defeat Azula and restore balance to the chaos-ridden world. Despite her dark and depressing childhood, Mina is not afraid to have fun and enjoy life. Mina is against killing and torture, as they go against her morals. Mina has yet to meet her parents, having been separated from them at an early age.
  • Kaila - A tough, yet compassionate Fire Nation girl, Kaila grew up in utter poverty and violent parental abuse, and eventually rebelled against the Fire Nation. She is an excellent warrior who provides a great helping hand to Team Rebel and the Kein Forest Rebellion. Kaila mainly specializes in hidden weaponry, such as blades and knives. She has a major crush on Chen, and will go to any length to protect him from the clutches of his twisted family. She also has a very motherly attitude, mainly because she never grew up with a motherly role model, as her mother would verbally abuse her when she was young.
  • Chen - The current Avatar, and the former Crown Prince, who ran away from his home because of his peaceful nature and his mother's abuse. He joined Team Rebel and the Kein Forest Rebellion, in which he discovered that he was actually the Fire Avatar. Chen is a kind sole, having been influenced at a young age by his father Yin Lee. Chen is a strong Firebender, a capable Waterbender, and a beginner Earthbender. Chen has a rather large crush on Kaila, which, is actually mutual, though Chen doesn't seem to know this, and is unable to tell her how he feels.
  • Mitsuki - The favored daughter of Azula, Crown Princess, and sister to Chen. Mitsuki uses her blatant cruelty, tactical skills, and profound Firebending abilities to put down a firm threat to her brother and the rebels. She is one of the few benders in the world who can generate lightning and shoot blue flames, much like Azula. Mitsuki strives to surpass her mother and live up to her legendary reputation. It is this relentless strife for perfection and imitation that makes Mitsuki the evil, psychological mess that she is.
  • Ray - A beautiful, intelligent Waterbender. She was a former adviser of Kambi, considered the best by all the rebels. Unlike the other members of Team Rebel, Ray grew up in welath and was given everything she ever wanted, though she eventually left her home in the Fire Nation, deciding not to hide her Waterbending skills and her ancestry. Ray is deaf, though she is able to use her Waterbending skills to overcome her disability. Ray is also an excellent healer, the best in the world, though even her healing abilities have limitations.
  • Giu - A goofy, womanizing, yet well-meaning Earthbender who was abandoned at birth by his mother. Giu is excellent at Earthbending, good enough to secure a position as one of Kambi's best fighters and advisers. Giu may seem immature in his constant pursuit of girls, though he has a big heart and never fails to show it. Giu does struggle with his past, and attempts to hide it by fooling around and making jokes. He loves his friends deeply, and will go to far lengths to protect them from harm's way.
  • Azula - The mother of both Chen and Mitsuki, ruler of the entire world, and the greatest living Firebender on the planet. Azula is determined to stop her son and the other rebels in order to maintain her grip on the world. Azula has become somewhat mad with power throughout the years, and is actually planning to conquer the Spirit World, now that the entire planet is in her grasp. She is the main antagonist of the story.

Reception Edit

In the beginning, Kyoshi Revolts was not the most well known story, as it was overshadowed by better known stories like Avatar: The Legacy of Fire and Avatar: Better World. The first positive review for the story was from wiki user, Vaznock, who quickly became a co-creator afterward. During this time, a flood of pages were created by the users Waterkai and Vaznock, making the story well known. As the pages expanded, more and more users began to read and review the story, many saying it was one of the best fanon stories on the wiki. The story was nominated to be June's Featured Fanon, where it earned great compliments from the Avatar Fanon Community and where it eventually became June's Featured Fanon.

The story continued to be praised and viewed, becoming one of the most read stories on Avatar Wiki. On July 18th, 2009, the story's Book 1 finale was nominated to be a Featured Fanon article, in which it was accepted and featured on the Main Page. It continues to remain as one of the most popular stories on the wiki, being placed in the middle of the sidebar and receiving a substantial amount of awards and recognition in both Fanon Awards.

However, some negatives of the stories have somewhat harmed its amount of readers. A common problem among readers of the story is that it delves into the major taboo of killing off the main stories and classifies as an Alternate Universe fanfiction. This problem, though usually overlooked by most of the story's readers, has caused certain confusion and hesitation among some of the story's non registered viewers. Though when the deaths of the heroes is overlooked, the story is usually given positive feedback.

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