Kyoshi Island
Kyoshi Island
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18 September 2014

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Chapter 5: Kyoshi Island

While Pathik was sailing and Lunia was tired and asleep, they heard a very noisy water-like sound approaching. Pathik looked behind, and saw a small fishing boat traveling as fast as a warship, but as the boat came close, Pathik noticed a waterbender guiding the boat, a big muscular man with a tattoo on his forehead. "Lunia! Wake up!"

"What is it?"

"Your turn to sail, and something creepy."

Lunia looked behind and gasped. "Oh no! I know that man..."

"Did your brother change his mind about the trip?"

Before Lunia could answer, three ice bullets came their way, but Pathik dodged them and they didn't hit anything else. "Sail as fast as you can!!"

Lunia immediately started sailing, but however much fast she sailed, she could never outrun the assassin.

"Okay this is not gonna work," Pathik sighed. "I have a better idea." He stopped talking as another ice bullet was shot, causing a small crack in their boat. "Come closer to him."

"Are you mad!?"

"Just listen to me!"

As each boat approached the other, a smile began to form on the assassin's face. He made a huge wave knocking the boat off, and away. Pathik jumped and survived the attack, while Lunia was about to fall along with the boat. Lunia started screaming, then Pathik took her hand, held her in his arms, and jumped again with the help of a small wood plank from the remains of the boat. A small blush appeared on Lunia's face. When they were about to fall, Pathik told Lunia to hold on to the man's boat, and let her fall alone, then he fell as well, but towards the man himself. He fired two ice bullets at Pathik, which he dodged, but another bullet hit him on the shoulder, causing so much pain. The man ran to catch Pathik, but Lunia has already landed on the boat and pushed him away.

Pathik fell on the boat, thanked Lunia, and rushed towards him. The man stood up again and fired another ice bullet at Pathik, which Pathik almost successfully dodged. The bullet came just next to Pathik's face, making a small cut and causing him to bleed. The assassin was ready to fire a great wave towards Lunia, but Pathik made a front flip above him, came behind him and hit him numerous times on different areas in his back. He felt pain, but fired the big wave at Lunia nevertheless. However, the wave fell apart and he was defeated too. Pathik has successfully blocked his chi.

The waves and the water calmed down after the battle, and the wooden plank Pathik used to jump came next to the boat the three of them are in. Pathik and Lunia helped each other lift the wounded man and put him on the plank. According to Pathik, they couldn't let him die because he's still a human. This way the sea will carry him away and he'll find his way to land using waterbending, because water is the element of change. Anyway, Lunia was very tired, almost wounded, from all the hits she took, and Pathik was actually wounded. His left shoulder hurt so much and almost broke, and his right cheek had a small cut and was slightly bleeding. Both of them lied down at the opposite ends of their new boat, heavily breathing, having lost all their food and supplies.

Pathik looked around the boat, all he could find was two rowing paddles and a small fishing rod with no bait. He sighed, then said: "So who is that man?"

Meanwhile, Captain Jiao's crew were nearing shore, when an Earth Kingdom navy ship, similar in size to the Fire Nation ship, but less advanced in technology, crossed ways with them. The Earth Kingdom captain looked skeptically at Jiao, and he returned the same look. He raised his hand ordering his ship to stop, in front of Jiao's ship to block his way. "Stop!" yelled Jiao, "Prepare for a battle!"

The Earth Kingdom Captain and his men boarded Jiao's ship, while the captain looked around the ship, noticing nothing suspicious. "What are you doing here and why are you in Earth Kingdom water?"

"That, my friend, is none of your business."

"It is actually my job to guard the Earth Kingdom from the seaside, so it is actually my business. Why are you here!?"

Jiao lowered his head silently, then hit a fireball at the Earth Kingdom captain, pushing him away. He ran towards him, and his crew followed him to fight the Earth Kingdom men. One of Jiao's men was fighting using a spear, he poked his opponent several times, preparing for the ultimate hit that would knock him down, once he blasted his spear powerfully, his opponent jumped and broke the spear using his leg. The Fire Nation soldier turned around, held his opponent, and threw him into the sea. Another guy fought using two small knives, he ran towards an Earth Kingdom soldier, cut his outfit in an X-shape using the knives and kicked him into the sea, he approached the next opponent, who help a whip in his hand, he whipped the Fire Nation man to the ground, then held him and dropped him to the sea. Before he turned around, another one from Jiao's men ran towards him, but he quickly noticed, lowered himself, causing the Fire Nation soldier to jump, on his own, to the sea.

Ton Rha fought a man who also held a Jian sword, they dueled as any two sword masters would, until the Earth Kingdom man gave Ton Rha a huge hit that knocked his sword, causing Ton Rha to have imbalance with the sword. The man wanted to hit Ton Rha but he dodged the hit, regaining control on his sword. Ton Rha jumped towards him and pushed him. As the man was about to fall, Ton Rha jumped with his sword ready to stab the man, but the big guy with the whip released it at Ton Rha's foot, causing Ton Rha to fall on his face, with his sword falling away from him. The man who was fighting Ton Rha prepared to give him the last stab, but Ton Rha pulled his legs and caused him to fall the opposite way. He kept holding his legs, came up and turned around, knocking the man with the whip on the floor using the swordsman, rendering them both helpless.

Jiao was very angry, he kept firing shots at the Earth Kingdom Captain, but all to no avail. He kept dodging the shots and running towards him, causing Jiao to run away, he fought very bravely, making Jiao very tired. The other captain backed off a bit, towards his own ship, and raised his arms. Behind him, a huge rock flew in the air coming out of the ship. Jiao was about to hit him with a fire whip, but he got scared and the whip dissolved. The Earth Kingdom Captain sliced the rock in half, and threw one half at Jiao, which pushed him to the ground of the metal ship, hitting very hard. Jiao was wounded. Although Ton Rha didn't like Jiao much, his faith in the Fire Nation was stronger. He ran towards the Earth Kingdom Captain, and he was about to pull his sword from his belt, but he remembered: He didn't pick it up after the fight.

The captain threw the other half of the rock straight at Ton Rha, who saw the last moments of his life before his eyes. "Ton Rha!" yelled a voice from the background, throwing Ton Rha's sword to him. Ton Rha regained his confidence, ran towards the rock, stabbed it with the sword to hold on to it, then made a back flip, taking the sword out of the rock and jumping towards the Earth Kingdom captain. He hit him very hard on the head, then knocked him off the ship into the sea. Ton Rha stood proudly as his teammates took the remaining Earth Kingdom soldiers as prisoners, then rushed towards his captain, Jiao, to help him get up.

"You led a great battle, Captain, it is time for you to rest and heal, you look wounded."

"What are you talking about!? I'm very powerful!"

"Captain, you are, but you need some rest."

"Didn't I tell you before that I'm the only one who gives out orders here!?" Jiao was furious, he shot some fire towards Ton Rha which made his left hand burn. Ton Rha got very angry, he tried to help him but he's attacking instead of accepting help! He had to deal with him. The wounded Captain continued fighting Ton Rha, but all his shots were avoided or cancelled out by the sword, he was also very tired. The whole crew watched as Jiao tried to defeat Ton Rha, but then, Ton Rha hit Jiao on his right knee, causing him to fall down.

"Take this guy as a prisoner too, separate him from the others," ordered Ton Rha, as he stood proudly over Jiao's wounded body.

The team was silenced, two men came and imprisoned their old captain, while the others listened carefully.

"From now on, your captain will not treat you as pigs. A good captain should never use his power on his own team, he should rather assist them to become stronger. The captain is always one of the team, not their bossy owner. Who wants me to be the captain of this team?"

Everyone raised their hand without a single doubt, the whole team liked Ton Rha and his ideas. "Now let's conquer that shore back from the Earth Kingdom!"

Ton Rha and his teammates shot using the catapults they had at the Earth Kingdom ship until it sank, and went on to take control over the sea around Zhu Fao, a small Fire Nation colony in the Earth Kingdom. They sailed for a while, each of them feeling victorious, then they finally reached the colony. Some of them went to shop in the colony, while others stayed to guard the ship and the colony itself, while Ton Rha went to visit the prison on the ship. He looked at them very furiously, and told them that they will stay here to rot, and won't eat more than once every three weeks. As he was walking through the pathway alongside the cells, a voice said: "Captain, we heard you speak and we seen you fight, I think me and my friend are interested to follow under your leadership. Hail the Fire Lord," it was the same man who almost beat Ton Rha in the battle, the muscular man with the whip. Ton Rha smiled, and said, "Why would I trust you?"

"Why would I betray you? Everything here now belongs to the Fire Nation, it would be the wisest thing to stand with the stronger force."

"Well enough, but be warned, your life depends on this". Ton Rha opened the cell for the man and his friend to come out, and once they came out, Ton Rha gave the man a punch in the face. "That's for knocking me down in that battle."

"Ay, ay, Captain!" he replied.

"What are your names?"

"My name is Bu Jing and this is Lee."

"Welcome to the Fire Nation navy, newbies, go grab your Fire Nation clothes from the room on the other side, where you will also find your old weapons, you are allowed to retain them."

After a lengthy conversation concerning Lu sending the assassin after Pathik and Lunia, and some heavy rowing, they finally reached Kyoshi Island. It was a wonderful place, they were both extremely tired and hungry, owning nothing but an empty and almost broken boat. Anyway, people on Kyoshi Island were very kind and welcoming, and according to Lunia, they had amazing food. Some people there who apparently knew some medics helped heal Pathik and Lunia's wounds, and the leader of the island even gave them sleeping bags and some supplies for their next trip!

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