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This chapter begins a few weeks after the events of Avatar: TLA Sozin's Comet. Don't worry if you are confused; all will be explained in time.

Chapter 5: Kyoshi Island

Winter 100 AG

Yun Zhen stepped out of the boat, tossing a sack of silver pieces to the captain. "Thank You for taking me here." He turned to exit the ramp, adjusting the sword on his back.

The captain waved him off. "It was nothing, kid." He turned as a Reptile Bird perched on his shoulder. "Heh, heh, nothing at all." He reached into his coat to find the sack of gold pieces he'd taken from Yun's cabin, but they were missing!

"What the--?!"

He turned to find Yun Zhen leaning up against a dock support. "The silver pieces were perhaps too generous, but they're your incentive to leave without an incident." The 16 year-old Earthbender glared. "But if you ever attempt to steal from me again or cause me any harm, you can rest assured that our dealings then will be less pleasant."

The pirate growled but decided against starting a fight. "We'll meet again, count on it."

Yun smiled grimly. "Oh I'm looking forward to it, and it is entirely up to you how that might go."

The young Earthbender ignored his grumbling and walked down the dock. Once he reached the island itself, he was met by an older man with a long, white beard. He remembered him from his previous visit, which hadn't exactly gone his way.

"Welcome, young man, to our humble village here on Kyoshi Island. I am the chief of this village; you may call me Oyaji."

Yun bowed. "Thank you, sir, for your hospitality."

The old man smiled warmly. "What is the purpose of your visit to our island? Are you perhaps here to help us celebrate Kyoshi Day?"

"Actually, I was hoping to meet the Kyoshi Warriors. I don't suppose you remember me from about a year back."

Oyaji knitted his brow. "Now that you mention it..."

Yun smiled. "I came here about a half-year ago to learn some techniques from the Kyoshi Warriors."

"Ah, yes! I remember you. I told you..."

"...That they had gone to assist with the war effort, yes. Well, I had no luck there either. The only thing I found was a group of—!" Yun's eyes widened as several heartbeats worked their way through the earth. He recognized one, and it meant trouble. He dug his fists, all the way up to his forearms, into the ground, and pulled out his Earth Gauntlets. These were a slight variation on the rock glove technique that covered more space on one's arm and had pointed claw-like tips at the end. "—fakes!"

He felt her, one of the ones in Ba Sing Se. She was here, still playing a game.

Spring 100 AG

Yun had been unable to deliver his message, as every attempt to see the Earth King was foiled by an incredibly annoying 'tour guide' who called herself Joo Dee. But his luck had changed. He had been looking to learn from the Kyoshi Warriors, confident that he could convince them to train him in their combat style despite the strictness of their organization. However, they had left the island to aid the Earth Kingdom in winning the war. But at last, some good news came up! Three Kyoshi Warriors were staying in opulent quarters provided by the Earth King himself.

I have to see them. If he could get into the hotel they were staying at, he could use them to relay the message. He eventually found the hotel and their room. As he knocked on the door, he could feel three people within, but at the time of his knock, they stiffened. Their presences became much more controlled and rigid, with the exception of the one closest to the door. The door opened, revealing the three warriors.

"What is it?" The one who had not been alarmed asked. "Are you the servant who was supposed to bring us our fruit tarts an hour ago?!" Her golden eyes seemed to pierce right through him.

"What? No. I came to ask you something."

The golden-eyed one, obviously the leader, narrowed her eyes. "Get on with it then!"

Yun felt uneasy, but he couldn't place it. "I have been looking for you; I was hoping you could train me in your form of combat. But now I see that there is something more important."'

The one on the right felt to him like she'd rather be anywhere else, but the one on the left was nervous. Her heart was beating like a drum. Something wasn't right. "Well, hurry, we don't have all night!"

Yun nodded. "I haven't been able to make an appointment with the Earth King for weeks, so I need you to deliver a very important message: Omashu has fallen."

The leader cocked her head. "Of course, that is important, and I'll be sure to let the Earth King know."

Inwardly, Yun breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed his paranoia was unjustified.

"But there is something you said that I would like to correct," the Kyoshi Warrior said. "The city: There is no more Omashu, there is only New Ozai!"

"What are y—!" Yun finally felt something from the leader: anticipation. Her intent was...murderous. He had made a huge mistake; they were not what he expected. He felt her feet move into position as she attempted to attack him, and he moved his foot accordingly. The resulting flow of earth formed a slight fissure that twisted the false Kyoshi Warrior slightly to the right, enough to direct the oncoming blast of fire from her hand off course. He then pushed his hand down in front of him, submerging her up to her head in earth. Then he ran.

They were imposters!

Upon exiting the hotel he noticed two men in green robes approaching down the street, glancing from side to side. He quickly turned away and continued to sprint away from them. I can't stay in the city; it's not safe. He thought as he evaded his pursuers. I just hope the Earth King isn't in on this.

Present Day

One of them was still faking, still playing at being a Kyoshi Warrior. He could feel her off to his left entering the village square with several of the other women. He drew his sword.

"Stay back!" He turned to Chief Oyaji. "You have an imposter in your midst!"


- About half of this chapter is a flashback, occurring when Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee were masquerading as the Kyoshi Warriors.

- The captain from the beginning was the very same from the episode "The Waterbending Scroll".


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