By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Kyoshi in Ba Sing Se
Kyoshi Clan
General information

Suki, Akame

Notable members

Ty Lee, Tesshin




Kyoshi Island


The Fleet


to protect Kyoshi Island

The Kyoshi Clan is a group of ninjas that live on Kyoshi Island. The whole group started from Avatar Kyoshi herself. She had split apart the great island from the mainland belonging to the Earth Kingdom, and has been protecting the island ever since.

The clan is mainly made up of females to show respect to the female Avatar before them, but the only males of the group were Akame and Tesshin.

This group of ninjas reined supreme on Kyoshi Island until they had decided to merge with the Fleet, a choice that was made more on Tesshin's part instead of the leaders.

Known Members

  • Suki (Leader)
  • Akame (Co-leader)
  • Ty Lee (Ninja specialist)
  • Tesshin (Ninja dog)
  • Jinni (Ninja dog)
  • Sasuke (scout)

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