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By Avatarstate12 Part of the The Legend of Kyoko continuity.
Biographical information

Ky Ky (by Zenkai), Yoki (by Xiao)


Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom; Air Nomads

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Ba Sing Se

  • 17 in Book One: The Elements
  • 18 in Book Two: Bionics and Book Three: Growth
  • 19 in Book Four: Past and Book Five: Triad
  • 20 in Book Six: Flight & Suffocation and Book Seven: Lotus

10,406 A.G.


10,427 A.G.


20 years


Avatar Kurono (as the Avatar)


Avatar Xu Len (as the Avatar)

Physical description





5' 11"



Hair color


Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Staff/Glider, Swords

Fighting style(s)

Hung Gar

Bending style(s)

Southern Praying Mantis


Energybending; Waterbending; Earthbending; Firebending; Airbending; Metal and Lava Bending; Lightning generation and Lightning redirection; Astral Projection and Flight


Zenkai; Zhì Kuài; Chai Tin; Rujean


Huoyan, Raava, Quania, Yong Shi, Past Avatars


Jing Chen's Gang, Rujean, The Purple Lotus, the Red Lotus

Chronological and political information





Huoyan, Quania, Ronin

First appearance

Brains to Brawn

Last appearance
  • The Mercury (actual)
  • The Betrayal (vision, no lines)
  • Jufeng's Power Put To The Test (manifestation)

Avatar Kyoko is an Earthbender from Ba Sing Se. She is the immediate successor of Avatar Kurono after he was killed. She is 17, and is ridiculed due to her being smart. For this, faces of gang of bullies who used to terrorize her. She masters all four elements and faces them right after mastering Waterbending. She fights them in the Southern and Northern Water Tribe as well as the Spirit World. She faces many different threats and leaves a legacy that isn't forgotten for generations.

Early Life

Kyoko was born to Chai Tin and Rujean in Ba Sing Se shortly after Avatar Kurono was killed. When Kyoko was 2 years old, she met Xiao, the son of two Firebenders. Kyoko grew up with him and eventually he became her boyfriend. When Kyoko was 8 years old, she found out she could Earthbend. She spent 3 years, training, she eventually mastered the element at the age of 11. Her father then taught he how to Lava Bend and how to Metal Bend. The training to do so took a year to complete, bringing good results. A month after completely mastering Earthbending, Kyoko's mother, Rujean was killed. This effected Kyoko really badly, she was depressed for 4 months. She met Rumon when she was still depressed, he helped her become happy again. They had a rough patch when he started dating her younger sister, Zhì Kuài. She came to forgive him, but, was still protective of her. She excelled in school, even skipping a grade, and being a shoe-in for valedictorian. When she was 13, she started dating Xiao, infuriating her father, Chai Tin and her brother, Zenkai. Her father would ground her to forbid her seeing him. Zenkai was mad, but, still excepted the fact that Kyoko was growing up. She eventually convinced Chai Tin that she was old enough to date, and he finally gave her permission.

Ba Sing Se Middle Ring

Kyoko lived in the Middle Ring, as she was not rich, yet her family was still rather wealthy.

Even as a young girl, Kyoko was really smart, being able to solve problems in 5 seconds by glancing at them. She also showed she was a powerful bender, being able to take down the Metalbending Police Force, alone, when they tried arresting her brother. Due to her looks, intelligence, and bending prowess, she is envied. She was bullied her whole high school career due to this, but, she was able to ignore it. But, eventually, the pain and heartache got to her, making her almost commit suicide at the age of 15. Zhì Kuài stopped her before she could and convinced her to stand up to them and to stop running away. These words rang through Kyoko and stayed with her the rest of her life.

Finding The New Avatar

When she was 18, Kyoko was walking to her high school, she was being followed, although she had no idea. A man attacked her and she sent him flying with Earthbending. Xiao happened to walk out of a store as the man was about to knock out Kyoko with Waterbending, he used lightning to make the man fall. Kyoko bent the Earth under him into lava, although he got out before any damage was done. He used Water Tendrils and sent Xiao flying. Kyoko bent the Lava and Metal of the sign next to her to create Metal and Lava Tendrils. Able to keep the lava from burning, she fought the man, sending all attacks at him. They were at an equilibrium, when Xiao knocked him down. The man reformed his Water Tendrils, when he was electrocuted continuously by Xiao, Kyoko turned all surrounding ground into lava. She pulled it up so it surrounded him. The man screamed in pain as he was burned and electrocuted. She brought the lava down and watched as the man slowly sunk into it. She turned it into earth again and Kyoko and Xiao walked to school.

Ba Sing Se University

Kyoko went to school at Ba Sing Se high school

At school, Kyoko took a Mathematics Test, finishing before the teacher was finished passing them out. Her teacher asked her if she checked her answers, she thought for a moment, and said, "Yep, still done". She sat in her seat until lunchtime. Then, she was standing in the middle of the room with Rumon and Xiao thinking about how she killed the thug. It got to her, but, she dismissed any sadness because she knew she was supposed to use bending to protect herself. After school, she and her boyfriend walked home from school to her house. There was a knock on the door, it was the Order of the White Lotus. Kyoko simply said, "Nope" and slammed the door. She knew they were there to tell her she was the Avatar, she wasn't ready. Xiao knew too, as he was almost as smart as her. She let them in, and she explained that she would travel the world and master the other elements with her friends. They just told her no, she would stay in Ba Sing Se, without any contact with outside world besides her brother or father.

She used Earthbending to push them out, telling them that she would not be the Avatar if she couldn't have her friends. That night, they came back and told her that the Avatar was supposed to bring balance, and they only way to do that, was for her to travel, and she needed help with any threat so she would need her friends. Kyoko thanked them, bowing and went to sleep to get a head start on the trip to The Fire Nation.

Firebending Training

After learning of her identity as the Avatar, Kyoko traveled to the Fire Nation. Although, unbeknownst to her, she was being followed by Jing Chen and his pod of benders who were ready to take out the Avatar-in-Training. She took an airship to there with Zenkai taking his Sky Bison, Bea and flying next to the airship. They traveled to Crescent Island, where they were supposed to meet the Fire Lord. Kyoko entered the temple and meditated, as the sun passed over Roku's unlocked her last chakra and entered the Avatar State. A beam of energy/light emmersed from her, and into the sky, destroyed the roof of the temple. Jing Chen, noticing this in his airship, knew he now faced an even bigger threat than before.


  • Kyoko is the first known Lava Bending Avatar who learned before knowing their identity.
  • Kyoko's personality is more of a Firebender than an Earthbender; it evolves to becoming an all element personality.
  • When Kyoko is killed, it is similar to how Zaheer tried to kill Avatar Korra.
  • Kyoko has the ability to become a large and small/light and dark version of Unavaatu, as shown when she fights her mother and The Triple Threat Triad.

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