By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe III continuity.
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Kyouga's Legends

Kyogre is a large, orca-like creature from the ocean of Kyouga. Being one of the main three legends of Kyouga as well, created by Katara. Kyogre is also referred as the one who created water, due to its legend by the locals. In that, it stated that the seas were always calming and lacking of any current whatsoever. This meant that no rivers or streams existed, so no freshwater to drink. When Kyogre was born from the bottom of the sea, it immediately began to create powerful sea currents, and eventually started on river currents as well, and its still working to this very day.


Kyogre is a powerful waterbender, an expert in water projectiles. It is unable to turn water into ice like most other waterbenders however. One unique ability it possesses is to be able to turn into water completely, in order to not be found by the locals. Another ability it also possesses is to be able to coat itself in a water orb, so it is able to travel away from the sea without drying out or suffocating. Kyogre currently resides in a deep sea cave in the ocean, somewhere where it can't be bothered by the activity going on at the surface while it is handling the water home.

Avatar: New Universe III

Kyogre, much like the others, was seen born back in the Core thanks to Katara. Kyogre was described in good detail and when it was done, Kyogre locked eyes with Katara for the seconds before it disappeared into Kyouga. Because of this, it was able to recognize its master so it wouldn't mistake her for someone else and follow their commands instead of hers.

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