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Aang, Katara and Toph in shock I'm not from the Fire Nation. I'm from the Southern Water Tribe.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Love Will Find A Way

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Water Tribe


Young Adulthood

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Water, Fans

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Moku, Rakara, Muna, Water Tribe...



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Member of Water Tribe Royal Family


Tribal Princess of Northern Water Tribe


Northern Water Tribe

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A Celebration Cut Short

Kyla is the youthful, attractive tribal princess of the North Pole who is abducted by an unknown enemy while visiting Ba Sing Se for a ceremony celebrating the alliance of the Water Tribe and Earth Kingdom. The enemy's motives are not yet clear.


Kyla is energetic and easy-going, but when threatened, she can stay focused and unleash an incredible amount of deadly force. Her playful and, at times, flirtatious attitude almost hides her dangerous side.


Arrival in the Earth Kingdom and Abduction

Kyla traveled to the Earth Kingdom capital city of Ba Sing Se with her father and mother to feast with the Earth Kingdom's Royal Family. While in their palace, Kyla met Moku, the young and well-built Earth Kingdom prince. After sharing a romantic kiss with him her first night in the city, she made plans with him to visit a zoo in Ba Sing Se the next day. There she discovered the betrothal necklace that Moku planned to give her just before she was suddenly taken by an unknown group.

She woke up bound by chains inside a small carriage. After overpowering her guard and escaping, she ran through a dense forest, unaware of her location.

Live Imprisoned

The Skit

After being recaptured, she had a brief encounter with a mysterious man who seemed to be in charge of her imprisonment. The man forced her to perform a skit that portrayed the Water Tribe as a "plague" that needs to be melted away with fire. Afterwards, she was thrown in a dark cell with her stage partner, Peo, and told that they would receive one lash each for every man who did not enjoy the play. Seven men fell into that category, but Peo courageously volunteered to take fourteen lashes to spare her of pain. They later discussed the loved ones they each had back home.

Conflicts with Kozar

Tensions between Kyla and the leader of her captors, Kozar, skyrocketed when he raped her and beat her brutally.

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