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"Did you know that countless lives have been taken by the Fire Nation because you weren't there to keep them in line?"
— Kyasin, to Ain, upon the realization that he is the Avatar host.

Kyasin is a 19-year-old waterbender, and chieftess of the Southern Peak Water Tribe, a role she inherited from her father, former chieftain Hakoda when he left to fight with the Earth Kingdom military against the Fire Nation invading forces.


Before the series and Book One:

Kyasin Jai
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Southern Peak Water Tribe




(As Chieftess) 96 ASF-


Hakoda Jai

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Ain, Sakodi, Hodu, Kyoshi Warriors/Suki, Miza, Sai


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The Undesirable Destiny

Kyasin has lived on the island where the Southern Peak tribe resides for her entire life. She was primarily raised by her father, who emphasized the values of survivalism and strength in his teachings, but ensured that she was a caring and compassionate young woman as well. Kyasin was very close to her father, but not so much with her mother Kya, who was the Alchemist (Medical official; doctor) of the tribe.

In a tragic event that occurred shortly after her sixth birthday, the village was raided by rogue Fire Nation soldiers, Kya was killed, and her apothecary was destroyed. Katara regretted not growing close to her mother before her death, but was not awestruck after her death like Hakoda and Kanna, her grandmother, were.

Two years after Kyasin was born, she received what would be a nuisance and a blessing for her, her brother Sakodi. She frequently taunted and bullied Sakodi throughout their childhood, but it was always either in a loving way, or to take out her frustration on someone she knew could handle it. Despite her tormenting him, the two siblings grew very close and became practically inseparable.

Kyasin grew into adolescence without a mother/female figure, and to make up for this, she quickly adopted a maternal role in the family and the village, and it remains an important part of her personality. She is feminine, but considers some other girls in the village fru-fru and vain due to their excessive femininity and submissiveness. She does not relate to these girls and others in the tribe, as a result being raised by and amongst men. She's aggressive, athletic, and particularly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, alongside her inherited Waterbending skill.

Kyasin has served as a guardian for the tribe since her father's departure, often defending the island from small-scale invasion single-handedly. Her survivalist nature shows frequently, especially when handling an opponent. She's developed a significant vicious streak over the years, as well. Her desire to aid in the revolution against the Fire Nation was finally realized after she and Sakodi found the current host of the Avatar, Ain. They intend to travel north to the Ice Citadel.

After Ain destroyed the ship he was imprisoned on and fetched Appa from the Southern Avatar temple, the trio began their journey north, until Appa was shot down with a fireball by a Fire Nation warship. During the Defense of Rhao Han, Kyasin was dousing burning homes to ensure the safety of the villagers, and she incapacitated multiple soldiers as well.

Katara separates the waters

A display of Kyasin's exceptional Waterbending skills.

Whilst Appa was recovering on Kyoshi Island, and Sakodi was caught up in the Kyoshi Warriors' training, Kyasin was bonding with a young woman from the island, whose name was Lia. Their friendship quickly developed into infatuation, and when Team Avatar departed, Kyasin promised Lia that she would return for her after the war. She intentionally allowed herself and Hodu arrested, so that they'd be taken to the Fire Nation Prison Rig. Upon arriving there, she had to handle the lecherous intentions of the warden.

When he had her taken to his quarters, Kyasin froze him to the wall and began an intense interrogation, which culminated in a verbal war between the two. This came to an abrupt end once she had firmly deconstructed the warden's nature, as he lashed out at her which resulted in her swiftly slashing his throat. She then defeated the rig's guards with ease, led the prisoners to take the ship that the guards would've departed on and lastly destroyed the iron posts that supported the rig, causing it to collapse into the ocean.

Upon her reunion with Sakodi, Ain, and Miza, Kyasin set out for the city of Omashu on foot. After arriving in Omashu and leaving her brother and Ain to their own devices, Kyasin quickly found herself a tavern to relax in. However, she soon came into conflict with a local guard. After assaulting him due to slight provocation, her proper judgment made lax by overwhelming rage and somewhat intoxication, she was arrested by the other guard and afterward imprisoned in a cell beneath Bol's mansion as Ain strove to earn her freedom. She was freed after Ain successfully retrieved her from the catacombs beneath Bol's palace. On the following day, she fled Omashu on Appa, with Sakodi in tow.

Whilst Ain was rooted to a small ghost town after succumbing to a severe fever, Kyasin and Sakodi were bonding with their group's newest recruit, the Earthbender Sai. When they were fled the pursuit of the Enforcer, Sai was less than willing to board Appa and be relinquished of her seismic sight, but Kyasin coerced her into doing so with some gentle words of comfort.


Book One: Chapters: 1 - 17, 19 - 20

Book Two: 1 - 6, 8 - 16, 18 - 20


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