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Kyani is the non-bending son of Sokka and Suki and as such is a master swordsman and martial artist. He is Tenzin and Sora's cousin and is also one of the protagonists of Sons and Daughters. He, along with several of his friends, has been brought along on a journey to Republic City.


Born an only child to the world's greatest swordsman and one of the world's best martial artists, Kyani has trained all his life to be the best, and he accepts nothing but perfection from himself. He has been friends with San, Lu Ten, Fiora, Chikyuu, Tenzin, and Sora for as long as he can remember.

History (S&D)

At Home

Kyani sparred with Jin and Sho at the same time, soundly defeating them both with his mastery of twin shotos. After congratulations and some embarrassment from his parents, the young warrior went to a more secluded area for further training. However, he received a surprise visit in the form of the Bei Fongs. Toph had come to visit and talk business with Kyani's parents and brought her daughter, Chikyuu, along. The 11 year old Earthbender and the warrior carried on a conversation, but it wasn't long before Tenzin and Sora interrupted. They presented their request for Kyani to join them, and Sokka accepted with no hesitation. Chikyuu was also able to come, and Kyani learned that Tenzin had one more stop planned.

The Fire Nation Capitol

Kyani, along with his cousins and the younger Bei Fong, arrived in the Fire Nation and made their first stop at Sanaki's house. When her parents failed to allow her to go with them, Kyani wondered aloud whether or not Fire Lord Zuko would allow his children to go, a fact Tenzin had already considered.

Arrival in Republic City

Upon arrival at the Royal Family's Tower residence, Kyani was taken in, much like the others, by the sights. After they had settled into their surroundings, the seven friends hit the city. They decided to split into groups, with Kyani and Tenzin forming one, but the Airbender had no money. Kyani felt nothing except disgusted wonder at the fact that his cousin was able to easily procure some by performing 'magic tricks' with Airbending.

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