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Pestimists see difficulty in every oppurtunity, opptimist see oppurtunity in every difficulty - Winston Churchill

Kya hallucination
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Water Tribe

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Southern Water Tribe




255 AG

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Long and Brown

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Kaino/ (Yu Song)


Kaino, Dianle, Kai Leu


Yu Song

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Fanon:The Story Of Kai Leu Chapter 1 A Farewell To The Past


Kyalin is a great oppurtunitist. She sees her cup as half full. Kyalin is great at inventing and is always there to help others feel better. She sees opportunity in every difficulty. Later in the series she developes a sudden sadness after the true history of her pass. She always has her friends to help her through.


Kyalin belives there is a good in anyone and everyone. If you always see people from there outsides you'll never see their insides - Kyalin from The Town Kyalin sees Kaino as someone who reflects on the past, but is also very caring in a difficult way to show it. She sees Kai Leu as a determined Avatar and though nobody knows it Kyalin knows about Kai Leu's crush. Kai Leu sees Dianle as someone who never means to hurt anyones feeling, but as they go on she eventually does.


Tough Kyalin soesn't think about her past much she cannot deny it. Her mother died when she was born and she got very ill as well. Being the only one in the whole South Pole to ever recover she has no bending. Her father died when she was five. On the same day as the political meeting. Kaino said he could take care of her himself with the help of the men in his tribe. Though Yu Song succeeded in persausion he took Kaino and Kyalin as his own. Living in Ba Sing Se Kyalin started school at age 6 while Kaino hid the truth about Yu Song from her. Sooner of later Kyalin found out the truth and stopped going to school. Still that one year of schooling stayed in Kyalin's memory...

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