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Kwato is one of the main protagonist of Avatar: The New Beginning. He is 14 years old, and the younger sibling of his twin sister Kwata.


Kwato was born in the Southern Water Tribe. He quickly advanced in his Waterbending studies. He was able to fight a Master Waterbender and put up a good fight at an early age. When Kwato and his twin sister were only 7 years old their home was attacked by the Fire Nation. This attack lead to the resulting of his sister becoming blind, the death of his mother, and the disappearance of his father. It also introduced him and the rest of his village to a young Firebender named Hiroshima, who was accepted into their family after helping tend to Kwata's injuries and saving her life.

Seven years later Kwato, Kwata, and Hiroshima now live together in the village. Kwato finally perfects his Ice Dodging skills and receives the Mark of the Brave. Kwato and Kwata are confronted by the town's spirit councilors who tell the twins that they are the new Avatar. The spirit of the Avatar resides in the both. Kwato is of course happy with the discovery and more than ready to begin his training in the other bending arts. Kwata however isn't as happy and out of fear and grief runs away from home to the further parts of the pole.

Kwato and Hiroshima go and search for her. They eventually find her with the legendary beast from the stories they were told when they were young. After the four of them return home they are shocked to find a Fire Navy fleet invading their village. This fleet is revealed to be led by the Fire Lord's granddaughter Kazashi. Kwato is first to attack the invaders, and is able to overpower many of them at once, but is then confronted by Kazashi and he is nearly shot by her fierce lightning attacks. Kwata now realizing her brother is in danger added to her hatred of the Fire Nation goes into the Avatar State and is able to cause the invaders to fall back. After this Kwato and Kwata agree to travel the world and master the other elements in order to restore peace to the world.


Kwato is known to be very rebellious and very different from the other residents of his village. Kwato is also known to be very protective over his sister, for example he is probably most aggressive after his sister was blinded by the Firebenders that attacked so many years ago. Kwato is also very courageous and brave proven by his mark of the brave. Kwato however has a tendency to not be serious when the moment demands. He also tends to get distracted easily but gets very focused when it comes to his family, friends, and bending. Kwato's personality is similar to that of his previous life as Avatar Kuruk.


Kwato was born a Waterbender, and later developed a great level of skill for it. His Waterbending consists of mostly large water supplies such as making waves and freezing enemies, this proves that he and his sister are very un-alike since her Waterbending is more precise and uses smaller amounts. Kwato also seems to be very skilled at hand-to-hand combat. He is very athletic and is able to escape tight situations with opponents. He utilizes pressure points and chi blocking while fighting without bending. Knowing this also allows Kwato to be able heal with water too, but has a hard time utilizing this skill because he finds it boring and lacks focus. Kwato also shows to have excellent sword fighting skills when he is possessed by the Blue Spirit. Even without bending Kwato was able to fend off numerous Earthbenders and his friends with relative ease.


  • Kwato is the second Blue Spirit.
  • Kwato's name was created especially for him.
  • Kwato's season 1 outfit is actually from the Fire Nation, it was a gift from Hiroshima.

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