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Kwata is one of the main protagonist of Avatar: The New Beginning. She is 14 and the older sibling of her twin brother Kwato.


Kwata's birth is known as a miracle. Kwata was born silent, instead of crying she was still and quiet. The villagers thought she might have been dead, in order to save her one of the town's spirit counselors used special water from the North Pole's oasis. They used this on Kwata and she began to cry. She was then on forever known as "The baby, touched by the Ocean Spirit."

Seven years later, her home was attacked by a Fire Navy Fleet. This was especially affective on Kwata because this attack left her scarred for the rest of her life, both physically and mentally. Her mother was killed that day, right in front of Kwata's eyes, then the same man who killed her mother attempted to do the same to Kwata and burned her eyes to the point where Kwata was made blind. Hiroshima was able to save her life by shooting the man with a fireball. After this Kwata developed a severe hatred towards the Fire Nation, especially that man who caused all her problems.

Seven years after that Kwata, lives a rather sheltered life. She stays home all day and spends her time with Hiroshima, who she feels is her eternal guardian. After being told the news that she was part of the Avatar's new reincarnation, she ran away from home in order avoid her fear of what is outside of her home at the South Pole. In this period Kwata escapes to a small icy cave where she meets the legendary flying creature from stories she was told when she was younger. Her spirit connects with the beast's and they form a bond. Kwata learns a valuable lesson from Tori (the beast). That Kwata should not be scared of the world, Tori has traveled it and seen all of what it has. Tori helps her realize that as the Avatar Kwata, too has traveled the world in her past lives.

Kwato and Hiroshima arrive and attempt to fight off Tori but Kwata stops them and tells them that she is not the monster they believed she was. The four of them travel back to their home and find out their home is under attack. Kwata remains still while hearing and feeling everything around her. After feeling Kwato almost being hit Kwata enters a state of panic and anger that is compelled by her hatred of the Fire Nation and her love for her home. This causes her to enter the Avatar State and unleashes massive icy waves and huge whirlpools. This causes the invaders to fall back which calms Kwata down and restores her normal mind set. She agrees with her brother to fulfill their destiny as the Avatar.


Kwata has always been less expressive than her brother Kwato, but she makes it up through her natural quick thinking. Kwata is also very level headed and responsible. However she can get very aggressive, and temper-mental. Things like this are what caused her to enter the Avatar State rather easily or quickly. She has also always been very respective of those she knows personally.


Kwata's bending prowess came in around her young childhood, but she always felt to timid to use it to its full extent. After becoming blind, Kwata soon learned to use her connection to the Ocean Spirit in a way to have a form of seismic sense, but with water and its many forms, meaning she feels the ground and water supplies around her as long as she is on ice or in water. Kwata's water bending skills are very precise and involve long to short range attacks that require little amounts of water such as the water whip or water slicing.


  • Kwata's name was based on Kwato's.
  • Kwata wears a betrothal necklace although she shows no signs of having a relationship with anyone.
  • Kwata is one of the few females from a Water Tribe who doesn't have "hair loopies".

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