By ThePenguinKing Part of the The Kai continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Capital City, Fire Nation




165 AG

Physical description



Tall and thin, with short black hair




180 lbs.

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Lightning

Bending style(s)



White Lightning (Generation and Redirection)


Ursa(sister), Iroh(uncle)


Ursa, Iroh, Lee, Kahra, Ha Min


The Kai, Joo Dee, The One

Chronological and political information

Order of the White Lotus


Ha Min, Iroh


Kuzon is the great-great grandson of Fire Lord Zuko, and therefore a member of the Fire Nation Royal Family. He was born in 175 AG, five years after to the Equalist Attack on Republic City. The Fire Nation remained unaffected by the Equalist Movement, so Kuzon was raised in a perfect environment by both parents. He has a sister named Ursa, who is a non-bender but a master sword fighter, and an older brother Ha Min, who is the heir to the throne.


Kuzon began his firebending training when he was five years old. He quickly became adept at the art, mastering firebending by age 13. His great-grandmother gifted him a dragon, which he named Fang. His father taught him to redirect lightning. He learned how to generate it from Ha Min. Kuzon developed a lightning so powerful, it changed colors from blue, to a pure white. These skills grabbed the attention of many, creating a new challenge of seeing who could beat the kid at an Agni Kai. Kuzon was intrigued at fighting Agni Kais, and so he did. For five years he battled in underground Agni Kai tournaments, winning most of them. He quickly made enemies doing this, however, and by age 19 he was banned from these tournaments.


Kuzon has a very dry sense of humor. He can come off as rude but he really is just stoic. He can show compassion and kindness when he wants to. He is also quite intelligent, and can usually problem solve his way out of a jam.

The Kai

When his parents were killed by an Earthbender assassin sent by an organization called the Kai, he left the Fire Nation. His sister joined him, and we start out their journey with them going to Ba Sing Se on Fang. But he doesn't know that he cheated the Kai out of a lot of money when he battled in his underground Agni Kais. The Kai are ruthless, and they want their money. They will stop at nothing to get it back.

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