By Glenn31 Part of the Avatar: The Alternate Series continuity.
Young Zuko
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Fire Nation


112 (Biologically 12)

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Aang, Katara, Toph, Suki, Zuko, Azulon, Sozin, Appa, MomoFire Nation


Ozai, Azula, Hama Dai Li, Long Feng, Zhao, Combustion Man

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Commander, Firebending Master, Former Crown Prince of the Fire Nation


Fire Nation Team Avatar

Kuzon is a friend of Aang from the Fire Nation 100 years ago. He is a founding member of Team Avatar They were trapped in the iceberg together. He is the son of Fire Lord Sozin, brother of Fire Lord Azulon, and former crown prince of the Fire Nation. He is a founding member of Team Avatar. Currently he is placed by Zuko as the colonel of an elite Firebending team.


Kuzon lived a luxurious life before he disappeared. He was Crown Prince of the Fire Nation and was to succeed his father, Fire Lord Sozin. At the age of 9 he became friends with the Airbender and Avatar, Aang. They were friends for years, but when they were both 12, Aang ran away from home and asked Kuzon to come with him. That night, the night of Sozin's Comet, they got frozen in an iceberg for 100 years.

More will be added as the fanon progresses.

During the Series

Kuzon was given the job of Commander of a new Firebending team by Fire Lord Zuko but none of his soldiers listened to him. The next day he showed the soldiers his Firebending power and threatened his soldiers that if anybody disobeyed him there would be consequences, the soldiers now follow his orders.

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