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The Trial

Kuzei is a minor character from Corruption and Redemption, he is a very persuasive and charismatic lawyer who serves directly under the Royal Family. In the trial involving her war crimes, he was Azula's lawyer.


Kuzei was born to a family of nobles who had very close connections to the Royal Family. Both of his parents were very demanding and wanted him to succeed greatly, so he decided he would become a lawyer serving under many rich people. During his years studying law, he met the then Prince Ozai and quickly bonded with him, and Ozai knew he could use somebody with his skill. Ozai actually told Kuzei his and Ursa's plot of assassinating his father, Fire Lord Azulon, so that if the plan were to fail, Kuzei would be his lawyer in the trial for war crimes. After the plan succeeded, Ozai would keep Kuzei as one of his top advisers.

When Ozai was defeated, Kuzei offered to be his lawyer in his trial, but the newly appointed Fire Lord, Zuko, said that Ozai would not have a trial. When Kuzei heard that Zuko was going to give Azula a trial, Kuzei offered to be her lawyer in order to get back at Zuko, she accepted. Although Azula was seen as not guilty and was sentenced to a mental hospital, he still wanted Azula to be free, so he is now plotting to free her.


Kuzei is very persuasive, charismatic, and threatening, as many lawyers are. He also is very biased, as he instead blamed Zuko for driving Azula mad, and insisted that he should be punished. Kuzei was, however, touched by Aang's speech involving forgiveness. He is also very intelligent and calculating, as he shows this in his trials.


  • Kuzei's name is translated as 魁賊 (kuí zéi), meaning chief thief, which is a reference to how many lawyers are considered powerful, corrupt, and evil.

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