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Vulnerable Kuvira
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Earth Kingdom

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Metalbending, Earthbending

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  • Zaofu Guard (former)
  • Leader of the Earth Empire (former)

Kuvira was the metalbender dictator of the Earth Kingdom until her imprisonment. Once a guard of Zaofu, she turned into the leader of the Earth Empire. Her defeat landed her in prison for the time since.

Book Six: Shadow

Throughout the events with El Niño, Kuvira had stayed in prison for her crimes against the Earth Kingdom, remaining silent for almost the entire time. Eventually, when confronted by one of the guards, Kuvira stated that there was nothing needed to be said. However, Kuvira was suddenly broken out when some sort of attacker invaded Kuvira's prison, allowing her to escape. Unfortunately, she was soon caught by the attacker, and knocked out cold.

She awoke to find Ziyou in front of her, mistaking her for Avatar Korra until told otherwise. Kuvira insisted that they all left before Shuvirra would show up, but was too late. During the fight, she was 'protected' by Shuvirra. Despite that, Kuvira managed to escape and delivered the final blow. However, Kuvira was still held captive by the police.

While captive, Kuvira managed to meditate alongside the others into the Spirit World, observing the battle with Clivuuk. When Wan Shi Tong and Asami Sato went to learn about the Voronon, Kuvira revealed herself, and managed to learn about the Voronon herself before being sent away.

After returning to the real world, she was once again put into custody by the Republic City Police Force. Not long after, she was brought to the Foggy Swamp by Lin and Suyin Beifong, because they decided to have Toph watch her until the prison was rebuilt. After arriving at the swamp, she sensed trouble coming her way, and when an eerie growl reached her from the swamp, she ran away. Making her way through the vegetation, she had a hallucination of her birth parents but soon discovered it had only been in her mind. When Lin and Suyin caught up to her, another Voronon creature, Whoii, appeared. Its beauty enthralled them all and it led them back to Toph's home within the swamp. When Suyin attempted to touch it there, the create became aggressive, and although it did not attack Kuvira, it went for the Beifong family, eventually striking Toph hard enough with an energy blast to kill her. Deducing that the Voronon wanted to protect her, she commanded Whoii to surrender, lest she would kill it herself. Although the creature did what she asked, Kuvira was still blamed by Lin for the death of Toph, and she ran away again. Suyin found her eventually, and after they had a heart-to-heart, Kuvira announced that she was leaving in order to stop the Voronon from causing more harm and to find her birth parents as soon as that threat was over.

Joining Team Avatar

After leaving, Kuvira traveled to the Si Wong Desert, sensing another Voronon there. While searching, she soon came across Asami Sato in the desert and soon became her partner through the landscape after saving her from attacking buzzard wasps. That night, Kuvira told Asami what had happened to her and added how she was orphaned as a baby. After hearing what happened to Asami though, Kuvira felt deeply sorry for her. Later on, Kuvira and Asami were found by Awadil, and Kuvira sensed that it was dying. Awadil gave her and Asami a ride, bringing them back to Misty Palms Oasis before it passed away. Having no where else to go, Kuvira went with Asami back to the Oasis.

Sometime after getting back to the Misty Palms Oasis, Kuvira found out about Korra and Ziyou's current state and that they were being sent to Ba Sing Se hospital. Worried, she and Asami both went off and soon caught up with the others back at the city, getting escorts to the place in question. Soon after arrival, Kuvira and Ikki both overheared a victim and found out about a "Two Tailed Beetle Wolf", (Liunovvix), who was attacking people in the city. Kuvira eventually found another crime scene along with the others and went back to the hospital alongside Bolin in order to get help.

After dealing with the issue and leaving Ba Sing Se, Kuvira and the others arrived at the Shadow Palace on the eastern coast. When Kuvira managed to get in, though, she began to become effected by Umbra's curse, soon losing her current memories but gaining all memories of the Shadow Nation. When she did, Kuvira soon released Toroon upon them and stood aside watching it all. However, she ended up frozen, and Kai nearly suffocated her in order to remove the black smoke within her, regaining the memories. After, it was then that she found out that she was of Shadow Nation blood.

Sometime after, Kuvira was avoided for a while by the others due to the Shadow Nation bloodline, until the group arrived near Zorka's Observatory. After some talk, Kuvira went with just Asami, Kai, and Jinora to the location in order to confront the Voronon Armophlli. Upon arrival and confrontation with said Voronon, Kuvira quickly told Armophlli that Kai and Jinora weren't there to cause any harm, ending in its acceptance of the airbenders. She explored the area for a while longer along with the others, learning some more about the observatory and who had lived there. While looking, she and Asami got a vision which involved Zorka and a much younger Armophlli. Afterwards, Kuvira came across a herd of Sky Cow, one of which flew her down to the shore. Soon, she agreed to let Armophlli live and returned to the airship in a good mood.


Kuvira's behavior resembles that of what Korra used to be: a courageous and brave woman willing to protect what she cared for. However, during her time as a dictator, her values of others' lives had diminished quite a bit, and made her willing to kill anyone who opposed her. When she was removed though, she became more quiet and more thoughtful of her actions.



Kuvira's skills in Metalbending are better than average benders would do, often using said skill in most of her combat. She used this skill in other sorts of acts as well, such as restraining others into submission.

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