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Lin Cheng, Current Captain of the Dai Li


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Northern Water Tribe

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Act 1: Snow


A strong and well built man, Kurrek has short black hair that connects down to his beard. Wearing a traditional Water Tribe outfit, it consists of a blue sleeveless shirt with a white fur collar along with dark blue pants. This is not his only outfit shown, as it differs depending on climate. He has shown to, when back in the Southern or Northern Water Tribe to wear a thicker blue jacket with a hood and face guard while when traveling the sea's he adorns a lighter fabric outfit of similar design.

Along his back and neck, he has traditional Northern Water Tribe tattoo's depicting the Spirit of the Moon. Sadly, during a struggle with Fire Nation soldiers on the sea's Kurrek's back was scarred leaving the tattoo vague and messed up. He has also shown to carry a traditional Water Tribe mace crafted specially with a whale tooth and heavy sea pearl.


As a member of the Water Tribe, he holds their traditions and views highly. He is a proud man, not wanting to be viewed as weak who has a deep hatred for the Fire Nation. This hatred stems from the death of his Wife and young daughter, whose lives were taken by the Fire Nation. Despite this hatred, he finds that not all members of the Fire Nation are cold hearted and cynical. Departing from his home at the Northern Water Tribe after the death of his loved ones, he traveled across the nations meeting new people and seeing new things.

As the War ended, he feels that he can never fulfill his goals to devastate the highest ranks of the Fire Nation. Seeking prosperity and a simplistic life, he has started training harder to assume the status of the Strongest Water Bender. He has currently mastered forms of Water bending, Healing, Ice bending and many other forms. He is known by his moniker Kurrek the Bountiful.



A top notch Waterbender, Kurrek was one of the few directly trained under Pakku. He has mastered multiple forms of Water Bending, ranging from Ice Bending to Healing. He has shown to combine Water Bending & Martial Arts in combat, using a unique form of martial arts that works in similar manners to Water Bending. Following in his master's footsteps, he has mastered the art of bending Water simultaneously with breathing becoming "one" with the water.

As stated above, he has mastered forms of water bending that have spread far throughout the world. Examples would be Ice Bending, a natural ability to those of Southern and Northern Water Tribe and the Foggy Swamp Style. The art of "Chi Blocking" is within his skills, mastering this along with his healing techniques.

Martial Arts

Skilled in the art of physical hand-to-hand combat, Kurrek's martial arts style has been called "Deep Moon Style" by Pakku, as it's movements mirror that of water bending. This allows him to Water Bend and fight simultaneously without having to switch from one to another. He himself created this style of fighting while watching the moon gently pull out the tide. He states that it resembled the steady chop, and as it pushed back in resembled the steady strike from water bending.

He has also applied his Mace to his fighting style, using pure force to deal a heavy blow to his targets. By bending water around the blunt end, he can increase its force by Water Bending it down harder onto the target. He has also shown to use Chi Blocking while fighting in hand-to-hand combat stopping other benders with ease.


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