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The Shadow Spirit, The Prisoner, Black Soul




Kage no Seru

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Melasa, Kuro, Nifrin

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Nifrin, Dosh Rak

Kurotama is a Dark Spirit with shadow powers dating from The First War. She is locked in the Kage no Seru.


Kurotama is a shadow spirit that existed in the era before bending. She was a malevolent spirit that detested humans. While supportive of the war on humans, she was not seen to actively participate until the final battle on Shadow Hill.

She nearly won the war in this battle until the human, Kuro, used the Kage no Seru to imprison her in a separate dimension. Kurotama has since waited in this world to break free.

While waiting in the Shadow World, she recruited several Nifrin survivors to help her carry out her revenge on humans.

Powers and Abilities


Kurotama's Dark Spirit form.

Kurotama's powers are shadow based. She can take advantage of negative emotions as well as release waves of deadly shadows in her attacks. She can also shape-shift, manipulating the shadows around her in order to appear as she chooses. This can also enhance her strength, especially if she is enraged, where she can double her mass. This is her actual Dark Spirit form.

Kurotama's lesser known power is what she calls "Dark Infection". She can implant her presence into beings and objects, subtly manipulating them through negative emotions. If the user accepts them, she can then physically alter them. She can combine this with the forbidden spell, Kagehito. The greatest example of this is the Dosh Rak through the Ish Kash.


  • Kurotama has a special relationship with the Ish Kash.
  • Kuro Tama is Black Soul in Japanese.
  • Kurotama is based on Superbia of 11eyes in appearance only, her powers are otherwise shadow-based.
  • Kurotama is a willing servant of Vaatu, as such she welcomes his return and hopeful victory.

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