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By Dcasawang1 Part of the Avatar: Past Masters continuity.
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Two of Us

Kuroko is a main character in the fanon series Avatar: Past Masters. She is an experienced Kyoshi Warrior and a new member of Team Avatar.


Before Past Masters

Kuroko was born in Gaoling. She did not suffer much during the War because her town was not invaded by the Fire Nation. At the age of 14 she decided to join the Kyoshi Warriors. She traveled to Kyoshi Island and started the training; in only six months she became one of the best warriors and an expert in the katana handling.

Past Masters

Joining Team Avatar

After the escape of Azula from Avalon, Sokka traveled to the island and asked for the help of some warriors. Ty Lee decided to stay with the group and let Kuroko and Suki go with Sokka. Since that day, Kuroko started the mission of help Team Avatar to stop Azula in her new purpose of recover the Fire Nation.

Battle at Hing Wa Island

Kuroko fought along with Team Avatar in the battlefield. When they entered to the base of Azula and the duel began, she and Suki attacked Nenshou, who tried to defend himself as he could with his feet trapped with earth. After the battle was won, during the party, Kuroko and the rest of the team met Lear and Hira. She thought to go with Team Lotus when they were forming the group, but she didn't say anything and finally decided to stay with the Aang, Katara, Sokka, Zuko and Suki.

After the formation of Team Lotus, Kuroko and Team Avatar continued the mission of stop Azula, although Lear's team had more meetings and fights with her team.

Final Battle against Azula




Kuroko is a jolly and happy girl, she loves to spend time with her friends. Also, she likes to train and learn to handle new weapons; when she fights, she is very solid, concentrated and brave. Despite this, only fights if it's necessary, she's not looking for fights everywhere.

She always tries to form a good relationship with people around her. In Team Avatar, she immediately adapted to that lifestyle and to live with her teammates. Comparing with the other members, her relationship with Zuko is special, due tho she has had the opportunity to talk with him for hoursm, when they were looking for Azula in pairs. At that time, Zuko told her the story of Mai's death and how he felt about it. Kuroko listened with respect and tried to help him.


Kuroko is a Kyoshi Warrior, therefore, she's not a bender, but she learned to handle very well the fans, the katana and some other weapons only in six months. She is also agile and quick, and learned from Ty Lee, one of her best friends, to block chi. In a little time, Kuroko became one of the most important warriors in the Earth Kingdom and a realiable member of Team Avatar.

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