By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Spider Queen

Kuroiyara is a large spider colossi whom Robin meets while looking for Argus. This is a JD colossi creation set to guard the lands much like the other colossi. Kuroiyara is able to shoot out electric bolts from her antenna that dangle to the ground. Despite her power and appearance, she only makes a minor role in the story and hardly a fight compared to the other colossi and their opponents.

She first appears when Robin enters her territory and rests on her leg. Almost immediately she reveals herself and nearly skewers Robin on sight. Although she can not speak, she did write out messages with her electric bolts, making herself known. A small fight goes on for a while until Yamato appears and convinces Kuroiyara to leave Robin alone and let him pass.

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