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The Shadow, Kagemusha

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Kuro Village

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The Black Soul


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One Hand

Kuro was the leading defender of humans during the First War against the Spirits. His great skill in combat and leadership earned him the Black Soul and the Raven Rose, which he gave his brother, Akira. Kuro would eventually become the first Dosh Rak.


Kuro was the firstborn of the chief of Kuro village and as such was named Kuro in the family tradition. He would eventually have a younger brother, Akira. Kuro lived to see the great calamity of the Spirits wage war on men.

The Nifrin allied with humanity and made weapons which the humans could slay Spirits with. Kuro proved to be the greatest warrior of them and received the special Daisho; the Black Soul and the Raven Rose.

Kuro's village was razed and his brother lost an arm in the battle, but the two were able to defeat the attackers, leaving the two brothers with nothing left but the war.

Bleach309Ichigo destroys

Kuro defeats Hakki.

Kuro fought many opponents including the deadly Spirits Akahito and Hakki. He was consistently beaten by Hakki, even with Akira's help, but would force himself to become more powerful so as to face Hakki on even ground. He eventually defeated the powerful shape-shifter but had paid a dark price for it.

Hollow Ichigo - Second Hollow Form

Kuro was the first Dosh Rak and perhaps the deadliest for it.

Kuro would successfully lead the war with the other Ish Kash wielders until he ended it on 'Shadow Hill'. Kuro, like the other warriors, kept his weapon when finished. Unfortunately, the powers of the weapon called to him and consumed him. He changed over time into a being with the powers of a witch and the sword's own powers expanded.

Kuro was eventually defeated by the same warriors he fought with in the war, who had to kill him. This powerful being would eventually become known as the Dosh Rak, "Devil's Hand", a demonic killer that relished in pain and death.

Powers and Abilities

Kuro was incredibly powerful and skilled. He had been tested as the most powerful and skilled swordsman, earning a Daisho of greater Ish Kash. While he gave one to his brother, he kept and used the Black Soul to effectively become a master of shadows. Between magic and the Black Soul, Kuro was a dangerous opponent. Kuro had to keep extending his power as he was not able to fight Hakki and win until years later.

Kuro's powers were based around his Ish Kash, the Black Soul, Kuro could used both its mental and physical powers. Kuro could use its ability to use negative emotions on both allies and enemies in order to fight and even break opponents. The physical powers of shadow were of great potency and allowed Kuro to be one of the most feared humans alive.

As a Dosh Rak, Kuro had the power of a Nifrin in full combined with the Black Soul's shadow powers and the ability to heal quickly.


Kuro is a very serious and focused individual with the goal at hand in mind. While flexible in relation to his goal, completion of his objective is his priority. Kuro is a very dark individual who views things negatively. This got worse after his village was razed and he expanded his shadow powers through the Black Soul. He became known as "The Shadow" amongst those who knew him personally, but was still liked very well compared to his brother, Akira.

Kuro was a very patient person, able to handle complications and problems with a clear head. He was able to effectively teach Akira how to become a master swordsman despite his handicap and ensure that Akira was good enough to teach others.


  • Kuro is based on Ichigo from Bleach.
  • Kuro was exceptionally powerful but reserved towards the end.
  • The loss of his home affected both he and his brother until they became inhuman by others' standards.

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