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Kuro is an Earth Kingdom soldier. He fought in the War against the Fire Nation in the same unit as Shenji.


From early in life, Kuro and his best friend desired to be soldiers in the Earth Kingdom army. Although the details are unknown, the two joined and were sent to the front lines. After spending many years together, Kuro lost his friend in a battle through a careless mistake, an event he believed could have been prevented. He mourned the loss of his friend, and resolved never to be careless in battle again.

A New Friend

In the next battle, Kuro fought his way through the enemy lines. While there, he found a Fire Nation soldier battling against other Firebenders. Intrigued, he watched closely as the soldier defeated several Firebenders with a pair of war hammers that were clearly taken from a nearby Earthbender. Kuro went to help the soldier, and the pair defeated all the Fire Nation soldiers in the area. When he asked the soldier what his name was, he couldn't give him an answer, only saying that he was fighting the Fire Nation soldiers because he felt it "was the right thing to do."

Judging from his appearance and his loyalties, Kuro brought him back to his Captain, who diagnosed a case of amnesia. They names their new friend Shenji, who would become his closest friend.

Current Mission

Years later, Kuro and Shenji are sent on a mission to raid a Fire Nation camp. Kuro and Shenji battle together, eventually winning the battle. Their Captain has them search the campsite, with Kuro finding a building stocked with meat and blasting jelly. After Shenji finds the information the Captain was looking for, the group returns to camp, with Kuro frustrated because the Captain couldn't tell what information they found.


Smashing the ground

Kuro Earthbending.

Kuro is an excellent Earthbender, one of the best in his unit. He is shown to be able to defeat several Firebenders at once, and has very quick reflexes with respect to his element. He is able to create massive fissures, move large rock masses, and swiftly move earth.


Kuro is a man shaped by his past. While he enjoys the thrill of battle, he feels the need to suppress it due to his traumatic experience. To this end, he becomes incredibly stoic when important decisions must be made. In battle, Kuro always fights to his fullest potential in order to finish the confrontation as quickly as possible.

Off the battlefield, Kuro is far more relaxed, often poking jokes at Shenji's expense. He is lighthearted, easygoing, and curious to learn about new things.

Kuro's defining trait is his patriotism. He puts his country first, and would gladly sacrifice his life for the betterment of the Earth Kingdom.

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