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"" Now, remember. The weapon is driving by you. You chose were to move it.

It is a part of yourself and show if you stab someone with it is like you did it. When you use a weapon think of it as a part of your body and your mind." "

— Kurai to Mizu in " The Promise".
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Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Vomit Brown

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Meteorite sword, Bending

Fighting style(s)

Waterbending, Firebending, Earthbending, Airbending




Gloomietta, Arietta

Chronological and political information



Perfect swordsman, Can't control his bending



First appearance

The Promise

Last appearance

Not yet


It is unknown where Kurai was born or how he learned to use his sword. The only known part about his past is that he was born 54 years before the Avatar was awoken and that he, for 24 years, was frozen in the ice only to be freed thirty years later.

Book 1:Water

Kurai was found frozen in the ice by a young Waterbender girl Mizu. When the Avatar was freed he got free too. In the first moments of his awoke he defeated Mizu. Kurai didn't know nor the year and for some reason he wanted to see if the Avatar had returned. He followed Mizu to a small village where they rest and got the information about the most near Avatar temple. After Mizu showed him his power they made a promise to travel together.

Later he was caught to hide her from a Fire Nation ship led by Gloomietta. He escaped along Mizu and luckily survived. He carried the an unconscious Mizu very far and when she awoke they were near their objective.

When they arrived at the Northeastern earth mount Kurai saw the sing that signals the return of the Avatar. After a nightmare on the night he revealed his dark side turning to shadow and without controlling himself he destroyed the whole temple. He calmed down by a memory of his and Mizu's words. They left the next morning with supplies for their search of the Avatar.

For the next days they were traveling to the Earth Kingdom without problem until an Earthbender woman hunted them for much hour believing they are spies. To the end Mizu Waterbended proving to her they are allies and altogether fought Gloomietta before being rescued by ships from the Southern Water Tribe


Kurai seems to be lonely, calm and to speak only when it is needed. Although he doesn't show it clearly he cares about every human and does not kill. Even if he prefers to be alone he doesn't have a problem if others are following him and he is ready to help anyone that is in danger. He seems not to be vengeful. He does not want to talk about his past and has shame on it.



Kurai has shown to be an excellent swordsman... Without kill anyone he can defeat a quite big number of soldiers and even he can shield himself against Firebending. He himself said he feel like the time goes slower when he use his swrod and show he has more time to think and act.


Kurai when becomes a shadow but although his bending is incredible and he can control all the elements he can't control himself.

Kurai's relationships



Although a bad start with Mizu attacking Kurai they become friends later. After Mizu insists on traveling him and her aid against the fire antion ship they made a promise to travel together. Kurai for the next days would carry Mizu even asleep. He even let himself be captured to hide her from Gloomietta. They make fun of each other and argue but they are good friends although their age difference. They has respect of each other as both they don't seek to learn anymore for each other's past. They also seem to be a good team in battles.



Kurai and Gloomietta indirect met near a village at the northern Earth Kingdom. After a day they were me again. Gloomietta was searching for Mizu who froze her ship and Kurai let himself be captured to save her. Their first fight was on her own ship after Kurai had freed himself and got his sword. After Arietta came she and Gloomietta throw a deadly attack at him and Mizu. Although they survived they were met days later. This time along an Earthbender woman and Mizu fought although Kurai stood alone quick after. He was able to hold her back until the Earthbender threw her away. The last time he saw her was when Mizu hit her with an ice ball for trying getting to their escaping ship.


Kurai and Arietta were only met for some moments on Gloomietta's ship. Even if in the begin she attacked Gloomietta allowing Kurai and Mizu to escape then the two sisters teamed up and threw a deadly attack onto them. They have not seen each other since then.

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