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Kuo was born as a successor of Avatar Chanxu and as a predecessor of Avatar Song. Kuo had a parents named Qokua and Soraha.


Early Life

Kuo was born as a weak bender in the Northern Water Tribe. His parents were Qokua and Soraha. He once dreamed that he was a strong Avatar until a dream come true. Before knowing he was the Avatar, Kuo was teased by his friends. They teased, "Weak bender! You're not the Avatar! Deal with it!" And that ruined Kuo's life. He cried.

Avatar's Life

Kuo was revealed as the Avatar at the age of 16. He was no longer teased by his friends but he won't forgive them. He was really angry and decided to train the other elements. He soon mastered it and become a fully realized Avatar.

Love at First Sight

He met Cona when he was about to train firebending. He was in love with Cona! People see her as a weak firebender and helpless. But, Kuo see her as a pretty, strong and nice woman. Kuo started a relationship with her. After years go by, Kuo married Cona.

Stopping an Artificial Building

A building was made in the North Pole and out of the heritage which annoys Kuo. Kuo wanted to destroy it with Cona's help but Cona suddenly pregnant. So Kuo's attack have to delay for 10 months. After 10 months passed, they named the baby Xiben, and they destroyed the building and kill the owner because he build it without permission.


Kuo's death was mysterious but his wife knew and spread it all over the world. He had a sickness causing him to die. But Kuo's legacy is still on. The North Pole replaced the lot that was originally made for the building and replaced it with Kuo's statue.


Kuo was a funny man and a person who loved to do wave boarding. He shared some characteristics with Avatar Kuruk.


As the Avatar, Kuo could bend all four elements. He learned energybending from the Avatar before him. Kuo also is very good at making strategies. For example when he destroyed the building.

Avatar Spirit

Kuo's Avatar Spirit isn't really good because he had some difficulties to connect his past lives and unlike his successor which is so easy.


  • Kuo is the opposite of Song just like Aang and Korra.
  • Just like Kuruk, he loved to do wave boarding.
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1700 AG - 1780 AG
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