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Kuno Chaos
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June 16, 2008

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"Kuno Chaos" is the fourth and final chapter of the comedy fan fiction series Sokka's Days. The chapter was written by series founder SuperFlash101 and was originally published on on June 16, 2008. The chapter sees the return of Lee Koisho, who seeks revenge on Sokka for embarrassing him in the Spring and imprisons him in a Fire Nation prison.

"Kuno Chaos" stemmed from Flash's desire to deploy Lee once more as a character, having previously introduced him in chapter 2, "Surveillance." Several elements of the chapter—particularly the chase sequences—were inspired by the actual Avatar episode "The Waterbending Scroll," while other scenes employed homages towards other episodes such as "The Runaway" and "The Guru." Flash did not write the chapter as a conclusion to the series initially and attempted penning several follow-up chapters, though each failed to make it through production.

Author's Note

This chapter takes place before "Nightmares and Daydreams", but after "The Runaway", and stars Sokka and later Aang. (P.S., you'll want to read Ch. 2 before you read this, just to let you know.)


Sokka was walking down the street corner in the Fire Nation village of Kuno. He had told Katara he would get some Hippohare meat for dinner. How could he say "no" to meat, it's meat?

So, as Sokka walked into the meat shop, the people inside the place stared at him, got really quiet, and some gasped and some growled.

"Uh...he, he," said Sokka, nervously. He walked up to the front counter, and said, "Uh, excuse me, could I get some, uh, Hippohare meat? A lot, if it's not to much."

The man at the counter turned around to reveal a scarred face, hair shaven, and a patched scar under his eye. Sokka gulped, and the moment he spoke, Sokka knew who he was.

"YOU!" shouted the man. "The punk's oddly dressed accomplice!"

Who Sokka realized it was the leader of the thugs who tried to attack Toph and him weeks ago.

"He, he, y-you," shivered Sokka. "You-uh-you look, uh, you look good. Love the shaven head, it's really workin' for ya. He, he..."


"Well, uh, if you look at it that way," stuttered Sokka. "And, she's-she's not my girlfriend, by-the-way. He, he..."

"Kid, yer dead, ya know that?" the man said walking out from the counter, cracking his knuckles. Some other buff men got out of their seats and walked towards Sokka, who was laughing nervously, holding his sword, shakily.

"B-bring it on, punks," said Sokka, looking at them all through scared eyes. When one of them picked up a large glass mug and broke it with one hand, he screamed and ran out the door.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!" shouted the men as they stormed after him, the scared one in front.

"Crud, crud, crud, crud, CRUD!!" shouted Sokka. "How do I get myself into these messes?"

He made a sharp turn into a bazaar, and sliced a large bucket full of hermit-apples, which fell behind him and made some of them fall. A lot of them still followed after him. "MAN!"

He ran by a man with a beard, pushing a cabbage cart, and slipped on some water, accidentally slicing the wheels off, causing the cabbages to fall off and onto Sokka and the floor.


The Cabbage Merchant again?

"AAAAAHHH!" screamed the man. "MY CABBAGES!!"

"Déjà vu," whispered Sokka under his breath, getting up from the ground, rubbing his head, the cabbage man crying hysterically. He started to run, but was stopped when a large hand grabbed him by his red collar and pulled him up.

"Kid, ha-ha, yer comin' wit' us," said the scarred man, who had pulled him up.

"He-he, yeah, you tell 'im, Lee, ha-ha," said a jittering, scrawny man with black hair and a ponytail, snot running from one of his nostrils.

"Shut Up, Yuri!" shouted the scarred Lee. Another man came up, wearing a Fire Nation Guard uniform, and clapped handcuffs on Sokka's wrists and ankles.

"What the-!" shouted Sokka. "You're-you're arresting me?!"

"Yeah, pretty much," said Lee. "Thanks, Poah, this little brat really was startin' to annoy me."

"Hey!" shouted Sokka, hopping up and down. "I am not short! I'm 5'8 for your information!"

"No, problem, cousin," said Poah, the Fire Nation Guard.

"Cousin, is it!?" shouted Sokka, being dragged by Poah by his collar across the gravel. "The law's against the citizens, I see! Dirty politics I say, DIRTY POLITICS!!" Poah strained on his collar, making Sokka choke and gasp for air. "I...demand...a lawyer," he added, before slipping out of consciousness.

Hours later, Sokka awoke in a horrible smelling metal prison cell. He looked around, grabbing his neck, head aching.

"Where-where am I?" he asked, turning his head to a blurred figure that came to clear to be an old man sitting cross legged, meditating.

"Kuno National Prison," said the man, not opening an eye, his red toga wrinkled incredibly.

"...Okay," Sokka tried to get up, but his chains made him fall to the cold, metal floor with a thud. "Uh...forgot about those."

The old man giggled slightly, opening his eyes, and jumped up with surprising ease and agility. He had an incredibly long white beard, and a single, long rusted chain holding him to the wall. He walked as far as he could (about 12 feet away) towards Sokka and talked to him.

"So," he said, "what are you hear for?" He put his fingertips together under his bearded chin.

"Well, my friend did some scams with help from me and my best friend, and this Lee guy apparently was one of the people who got scammed, and attacked me and my friend," he started, wiggling up from the floor. "Long story short, we won, and he isn't so happy about it and really thinks I'm oddly dressed. So he got his guard cousin to lock me up."

"Ah, yes I see," said the man, who stepped back to sit down on the floor across from Sokka. "Revenge and all that. Now tell me, this 'best friend' of yours, did he get attacked?"

Guru Pathik

The strange old man Sokka encounters in prison.

"Nope," said Sokka. "He wasn't with us. Her, that is my friend who scammed the people, and I were...studying, and we ran into Lee and his gang."

"Uh-hum," muttered the man, putting his hand through his beard, stroking it. "So, where is this 'best friend' now, and with that, also, where is the 'scamming friend'?"

In the campsite in the woods by the village, the rest of the Gaang wondered angrily where Sokka was.

"Where the heck is he?!" shouted Toph, sitting on a rock pillar she had bended. "I mean, how long does it take to buy some meat?"

"Not this long," said Aang, putting on his red headband, his black hair blowing in the wind. "I'm gonna go and check it out. See ya guys in a few." He walked out of camp, his sleeved shirt blowing as he walked.

"Be careful, Aang!" shouted Katara, her hands cuffed around her mouth so he could hear her.

"Calm down," assured Aang, Momo jumping on his shoulder. "I mean, what crazy thing could he have done to get into some dangerous place?"

Sokka sat on the floor of the prison sell, still talking to the old man.

"Ah, so they're at your 'campsite', as I see," said the man. "Now, what do you think will happen now?"

"I dunno," said Sokka. "I'd guess, one of them will wonder where the heck I am and go find me."

"Huh," the man said, closing his eyes and his mouth, slowly breathing.

"'Huh', 'uh-hum', 'so', that's all you've said," said Sokka, pretty exasperated. "How is this helping me at all?!"

"Ah, my young friend, this be your problem, you see?" the old man told him.

"WHAT THE HOG MONKEYS DOES THAT MEAN?" shouted Sokka, jumping up only to flop down on the ground very painfully. "Seriously!"

"Boy, you must learn to calm down and think about your actions," explained the old man.

"You really don't know me, do you?" said Sokka, one eyebrow raised, stomach flat on the floor.

"I am serious," said the man, putting his hands together in emphasis. "Think about the scams, and how if you had thought, you could've not gotten into this mess. A prime example would be this," he pulled out of his crimson toga a small chunk of coal, "this piece of coal."

"You carry around a hunk of coal in your toga?" asked Sokka quietly, surprised.

"Though it may seem nothing but a hunk of coal, it will, over time and with a little heat," he bended fire from his palm to the coal, making it crystallize and form a diamond, "become something better."

"Wow..." said Sokka, amazed. The old man handed the diamond chunk into Sokka's palm, and pushed his fingers to clamp around it.

"Sure, it may seem rough at first, but over time and with help, it edges will be smoothed out," the man added, smiling.

"So, sir, what were you put in here for?" Sokka asked, felling the texture of the diamond.

"Oh, just a little incident about 50 years ago involving some...scams."

Sokka smiled slightly, nodding his head in disbelief and surprise. "They locked you up for fifty years over that?"

"Well, that and disturbing the piece and grand-theft-komodo rhino."

"Oh..." said Sokka, smiling nervously, tucking the diamond in his shirt pocket.

In town, Aang searched far and wide for Sokka, showing people a portrait of him and asking if "they've seen him". They all said no, all except one man by the docks who had a flame tattoo on his bare, muscular arm and was carrying a big barrel.

"Yeah, I've seen 'im," he had said. "He got Lee and his gang angry, so they got 'im arrested. The prison's up that hill, if ya wanna know."

"Thank ya, sir," Aang said, starting to run up to the hill where the prison was, Momo popping his head out of his shirt collar.

Sokka was sitting, chained feet crossed in a meditating motion, and thumb and index finger pushed together, while the other fingers were propelled in the air. He hummed along with the old man, both eyes closed.

"Sokka?" a voice said to the right of them.

"What the-?" said Sokka, turning his head and opening his eyes to see Aang, who was looking through the window. "Aang?"

"Ah, so this is the 'best friend' who also helped with the scams," the old man said, coking his head to the right. "He is...shorter than I expected."

"Okay, one: I'm 5'1, 'kay, and two: What are you doing being in jail?" Aang said, to the old man and then Sokka.

"Oh, you know..." Sokka started. "...some guy Toph scammed with our help wants revenge and locked me up. Ya know, the usual."

"...Okay," said Aang, puzzled and sighing. "Anyway, I'm getting you outta here."

"How?" said Sokka, coking his head to the old man, to show that he couldn't bend around him.

"Don't worry, I got another plan," he whispered, lifting up the machete.

"MY MACHETE?" he shouted. "What are you doin' with my ma-"

"Calm down!" shouted Aang, beginning to saw at the window bars with great force. "I just grabbed it from your sleeping bag...just in case."

With one powerful slice, he chopped off one of the window bars. He began working on the next one.

"Hurry it up!" he whispered, looking around frantically. "The guards could be here any-"

"Shhh..." shushed the old man, beginning to meditate again. "Remember: think and calm down."

"Right..." said Sokka calmly, taking a big breath. "The coal to the diamond, the coal to the diamond, the coal to the diamond..." He sat down and meditated, repeating that over and over.

"...Odd, really odd," Aang said, sawing at the second bar with great force, sparks flying.

Suddenly, the room boomed with a loud voice as Poah, the guard, shouted after seeing Aang at the window.

"What the flamios-SOMEONE'S TRYIN' TA ESCAPE!" he exclaimed, pulling out his long, sharp club.

"Oh, CRUD!!" Sokka shouted, hopping up and away from the gate. All of a sudden, the old man hopped up, exhaling deeply, before he bended a huge and ferocious fire blast, completely melting the prison wall.

"RUN, BOYS, RUN!" he shouted, pointing at the non-existing wall.

"You've been here 50 years and you could've done that the whole time?" Sokka exclaimed, hopping to Aang.

"Where do I have to go?" the old man explained. "Now go!"

"Thank you!" he shouted as he hopped quickly away, along with Aang.

The guards began to storm after them, and all carrying huge weapons.

"Ya mind takin' off these chains?" shouted Sokka to Aang, hopping.

"SURE!" he answered, bending some water from a nearby puddle to slice Sokka's chains.


They continued to run, taking sharp turns to avoid them. Taking a left into a bazaar, Sokka grabbed two swords from a blacksmith's shop, keeping one, and handing the other one to Aang.

"It's hot!" shouted Aang following the sword toss to him.

"Yeah, that's because it's a fresh sword!" shouted Sokka back.

He sliced a barrel in half, causing hundreds of imported leechy nuts to fall to the floor, making most of the guards to fall to the ground with a thud. "Ha, ha, take that, suckers!" Just then, Lee joined the group of guards, holding a 4-foot sword, sharp enough to cut through metal. "Eep!"

Angry Toph

"Ya get the meat?"

Aang jumped on top of the sun blocker of a meat shop, then throw his sword at a dozen of boxes in front of the shop across from the meat shop: A FIRE CRACKER SHOP!

The sword smashed into the center with such force it exploded all of them, creating an explosion just powerful enough to knock out those in the direct shop, and singe the shops.

Aang leaped with Airbending speed, and grabbed Sokka, spiraling a chunk of earth around them, then shot it up to propel them miles away.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" shouted Sokka petrified, holding on to Aang.

They landed with a thud in a tree in their campsite, the loud explosion being heard from there.

"There you guys are!" shouted Katara, running to them in the tree.

"Ya get the meat?" asked Toph, jumping off her pillar to the tree.

The two groaned and passed out, exhausted.



Sokka, Katara, and Aang flee from pirates. Their chase inspired the chase scenes in "Kuno Chaos."

Author SuperFlash101 wrote the chapter as a means of bringing back the character of Lee Koisho, who he had originally appeared in the second chapter of Sokka's Days, "Surveillance." His interest in the character would continue from there into the loose spin-off series, Avatar: Better World. It was in fact Lee's involvement with that series that led Flash to promote it as a spin-off, though he noted it was far more darker and serious then its predecessor.

Several elements of the chapter were inspired by actual episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Each chase sequence was based on the episode "The Waterbending Scroll," in which Sokka, Aang, and Katara flee from a group of pirates, while the explosion Sokka causes was inspired by that executed in "The Deserter." The appearance of the old man Sokka encounters in prison was based on that of Pathik in the episode "The Guru," while the appearance of the prison itself acted as a homage to those featured in "The Runaway" and "The Awakening."

Other parts of "Kuno Chaos" were based on outside pieces of media. The obscure, almost deranged, behavior of the old man—along with his helpful advice and metaphors—was inspired by that of the diminutive character of Jedi Master Yoda from the iconic Star Wars franchise. His statement—"He is...shorter then I expected," referring to Aang—also references a scene in the first Star Wars movie, A New Hope, in which Princess Leia that Luke is "a little short to be a stormtrooper." The old man eventually proclaims "Run, boys, run!" after destroying the prison wall, an allusion to the iconic line from the film Forrest Gump. Sokka's proclamations towards his arrest served as a commentary on political corruption.

Flash did not originally intend for "Kuno Chaos" to act as a conclusion to Sokka's Days. Following the chapter's first publishing, Flash began to start penning a follow-up chapter. His first draft was only a few paragraphs in before he decided to scrap it. Following that he began writing it once more; it took place after the conclusion of the series and featured Sokka and Toph going out into Ba Sing Se while Aang and Katara were on a date. This, too, was scrapped after Flash decided to instead recycle the concept as Better World. His third and final draft featured Sokka attempting to break a coconut for its milk while Toph sarcastically badmouthed him. This was eventually scrapped as well and Flash decided to cancel the series in order to work on other projects.

"Kuno Chaos" was officially published on the fan-made literature website, FanFiction.Net, on June 16, 2008. Later that day, it received its first and only review from an avid reader of the series. After deciding to cancel the series, Flash marked the series as closed several months later. In 2009, Flash began publishing the chapters of the series on Avatar Fanon Wiki, though he procrastinated putting up "Kuno Chaos." On January 14, following the merge between that wiki and the canon Avatar Wiki, Flash was in an IRC chat with fellow user Waterkai, he was reminded of the need to publish the chapter on the wiki, so later that day he did so, adding production information and images.


The first and currently only review of the chapter came from FanFiction.Net user AvatarAiris, who had previously written two out of the three reviews of the entire series. AvatarAiris applauded it, writing that it was a "cool wacky adventure for Sokka," opting that Flash should "keep it up."[1] Flash was nominated for the Fanon Award for "Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series".

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