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Kuniharu is the cousin of Taketoki. He was born a few years before Taketoki and has the same wit as his younger cousin but none of the trickster qualities.


Like his cousin, Kuniharu's early history is generally a mystery and it is debated if any of the things he did to help his cousin actually did happen. Kuniharu is the son of a farmer and not much of a trickster but still witty. Kuniharu always stood up for his cousin and did so with Taketoki's first trick.

Kuniharu was more of a fighter than a trickster. He openly fought back against Washizu and even beat the tightfisted official a few times. One such fight happened upon a scaffolding.

Kuniharu has been portrayed as Taketoki's nephew and half-brother but never as his cousin. A few times he has even been portrayed as Taketoki's sidekick, a role usually occupied by Miki. One such portrayal during the reign of Fire Lord Ozai, portrayed Kuniharu as a Taketoki's rival for Asaji's affections, something that is completely fictional.

Personal Life

Kuniharu's personal life had most to do with him reading. While he did have a friendship with the members of Team Trickster, Kuniharu was known for having a temper that died down as he got older that usually got him into as much trouble as any of Taketoki or Miki's tricks.

His relationship with Taketoki and Asaji's children was like that of an uncle. He didn't visit as much as Miki but he still looked out for them.

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