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Fire, Dao Swords

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Firebending, Dao Swordsmanship


Zuko, Mai, Azara, Aditi, Aang, Katara, Iroh, Saif, Toph, Aknur, Pallav, Kun, Ila, Hari, Haruka, Neza, Kato, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom


Bharato, Et Da, Phoenix Estates

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Chapter I:The Secessions

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Kumaro was the Son of Zuko and Mai. He was the oldest child, and had two siblings, Azara and Mainyu. He was charged by his father to tell Aang of the secessions. He journeyed to The Northern Air Temple, where he became good friends with Aditi, and when there discovered he could use Firebending and a glider to fly (though when he did he almost got himself killed). Kumaro began to travel the world with Aditi. He went with her to the Phoenix Estates to investigate if they were preparing for war, and when he saw they were, he decided to alert the world of this. He traveled to the Western Air Temple, where he saw the Air Nomads secretly alive. There, he fought against Bharato, who he knew he would fight many times after that. He then traveled to Ba Sing Se, where he met with his great uncle, and Wei. When in Ba Sing Se, he continued to learn Firebending from his great uncle, even lightning generation. Also, he and Aditi did what they had originally come to Ba Sing Se to do, alert the Earth King of the Phoenix Estates. Later, he left to fight alongside the Earth Kingdom soldiers in the Battle for the Northern Mountains with a combination of Dao Swords and Firebending, and helped the Earth Kingdom retake the mountains. He later fought in the Battle for the Southern Water Tribe. In the late battle, he fought Bharato, first with Firebending, and later with his Dao Swords. Bharato eventually beat Kumaro, and would have killed him, had Wei, Hari, and Haruka not been there to help him. He then took a blow for Aditi, and was knocked out. Later, as he and Aditi recovered, they decided to go to the Northern Water Tribe. He had a dream about the Water Sapphire, which woke him up one night to see the Phoenix Estates were trying to take it. He then helped stop them, and then attacked the airship. He tried to take it over, but was captured. Later, when a rescue attempt by his friends went wrong, he helped save his friends. After that, he stayed at the Water Tribe for some time to rebuild. His friends originally intended to stay longer, but he had managed to convince them that leaving for the Fire Nation early was best. He also spoke on behalf of Lo Gan when he requested to join the group. He then left for the Fire Nation, expecting the worst. While on his way there, he stopped back at the Northern Air Temple. He then told his student, Wei, that his brother had lead the attack on the Northern Water Tribe, hoping Wei would offer some helpful advice on the subject. When he returned to the Fire Nation, he was reunited with his family on Ember Island, as well as his friend Neza. He then became a part of the Fire Nation mission to rescue governess Sakura. The mission was a success. When the Phoenix Estates closed in on Ember Island, he had to run to an island further east. While on that island he trained several glider pilots. He later fought in The Battle for The Fire Nation. He also fought in the Battle for Ember Island, and nearly fought Bharato. After that, he traveled north to Obas with some glider pilots to defend the city from his brother. Later, while in the Fire Nation, he spied on a town, though he was captured by the Phoenix Estates soldiers there for shooting lightning at Bharato. Afterwards, he lead an air strike on a Phoenix Estates fort located near a valley, an fought against the rough rhinos. He was a part of the defense of the army's camp when they were attacked near a Phoenix Estates factory. He also went on a scouting mission into a jungle with his allies, where he found a tribe of Firebenders. He also trained the chieftess' son, Takumi, to face the giant serpent, Maxitaotie. He was also present when the Fire Nation attacked Nov Sol, and saved the members of the resistance. Following the Battle of Aggni, he traveled to Ba Sing Se. On the way, he and Aditi ran into Kato, who they had not seen since their first trip to the Western Air Temple. Later, he was assigned to fight his brother, Mainyu, and began a relationship with his friend Neza. When he did face his brother, he was helped by Aditi, who allowed him to stop his brother without lethal force.


Kumaro was an easy going person, unlike his father, but he got very serious on a serious matter, like war. He was always concerned about others, as he knew it was the concern of one's self that started the Hundred Year War.


Kumaro was a highly skilled Firebending prodigy, and could hold his own against masters like Bharato at the Western Air Temple. He was able to generate lightning. He also received some training in the art of Dao Swordsmanship from Saif, and learned the art of lightning generation from Iroh while in Ba Sing Se. He is also a highly skilled pilot, and a strong leader.

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