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"The Outside"

Kumara is a former member of the Elite in the fanon story Alone.



Kumara was born to Humberto and Bhati Sanchez in San Juan. She had an older brother named Kendrick. Kumara had a childhood sweetheart, Peter, a fellow colonist and firebender. In 1984, when Kumara was six, she was roused out of bed by her father. She noticed the smell of gas in the air, but forgot it and prepared to leave with her family. She met her parents in the kitchen of their home while they waited for Kendrick. A large explosion shook the home, and Kumara ran out of the house screaming.

Her father went after her and searched for her in the crowd of people in the streets. Kumara hid on a porch a few blocks from her home. Her father was unable to get to her before a second explosion blasted the town, knocking her father unconscious. Her mother and older brother, Kendrick, were killed in the blast. Later, she was found by the Leader. He promised to help the young girl find her father, and led her away from the town. Instead of keeping to his promise, he kidnapped her and took her to Uluru and raised her as his daughter.

A year later, Kumara discovered she was a firebender. She ran to the Leader, excited to show him her new ability. After repeatedly nagging him whilst he was beating a prisoner, he slapped Kumara across the face. This prompted her to attack the Leader with a fireball, singing his hair. He turned around, astonished, and realized Kumara was a firebender.

Kumara spent the next several years being trained by the Leader. When she failed to meet his standards, she was choked to unconsciousness by Vayu, leading to a lasting hatred of him. When her abilities were honed to the extreme, she was invited to join the Elite. She recited the pledge and demonstrated her loyalty by killing an innocent Enforcer with her bare hands. The Leader congratulated her and welcomed her into the Elite.

The Assignment

When Leah began to make her escape attempt, Morgan was assigned by the Leader to take the Elite and follow her. Leah successfully escaped, and Kumara and the rest of the Elite took their positions on the east road, waiting for her. Adam, using his seismic sense, soon detected her and pursued her with Vayu. Jordan and Kumara then went with Morgan to Alice Springs to plan an ambush.

When Leah finally arrived, she dropped into their pre-made room and beat the initial attempt to crush her. Morgan, Jordan, and Kumara dropped in and then attacked her. Kumara raised the heat in the room and attacked Leah with fireballs swaths of fire. When she was injured by one of Leah's attacks, she furiously attacked Leah with fire daggers. She then watched as Leah escaped by collapsing the room on top of them.

Kumara joined Jordan and went door to door in Alice Springs for any clues to Leah's whereabouts. After no luck at finding her, the Elite were convinced Leah was still in the city, and Kumara was assigned to guard the southern road out of the city. Leah escaped the city and fled to America.

The Elite followed Leah and Sierra to America. Whilst pursuing her, they stumbled upon a Waterbending colony named Xylia, deep in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Jordan and Vayu created a fog wall while Kumara decimated the colony. She ran through the colony with whips of fire, easily defeating any colonist that opposed her. She stood by the side of the hill and surveyed her work, tears running down her face. In an explosion of her fury, her fires raged out of control and incinerated the remaining colonists. She stared at the sullen ruin of the colony and found Keith, a young waterbender who had been away at the time of her attack.

Kumara struck out at him, burning his hair and pursuing him into the forest. She manipulated tendrils of steam and attacked Keith, severely burning his hands and knees. As he lay there, writhing in pain, she shot a fireball at his face, permanently scarring him. Leah arrived afterwards, at which Kumara sent up a makeshift firework, signalling the Elite. Kumara attacked Leah with disks of fire but was blasted away with an air bomb. The rest of the Elite arrived quickly to reinforce her.

Kumara stood by idly as Leah fought and defeated the Elite, then attending to Keith. When her back was turned, Kumara put lightning sparks on her palms and attacked Leah, badly burning her. She attacked Keith with another tendril of flame, and Leah moved to protect him. Kumara tripped her and prepared to attack, but Keith moved behind her and slammed an ice brick into her head, defeating her.

After her defeat, she violently reacted to being awoken by Adam by slapping him. The Elite regrouped and began their search for Leah and the others. During the course of this, Vayu and Kumara repeatedly quarreled and taunted each other, even coming to blows when the tension was at its peak. When they reached the ruined colony to wait for an ambush, they fought again, this time Kumara daring Vayu to go face Leah alone.

After Vayu and Jordan were defeated, the Elite were called back to Uluru. Once there, Kumara angrily interrogated the Leader as to why they had been called off. The Leader retaliated by scolding her for her fights with Vayu and the fact that they had lost because they didn't work as a team. While Kumara was upset at being taken off the mission, she was calmed down by being reassigned to another.

9/11 attacks

Kumara and the rest of the Elite journeyed to Afghanistan to negotiate with Osama bin Laden. The goal of the negotiations were to be allowed on one of the planes used to attack the World Trade Center, in order to gain a staging ground to attack the colony themselves. After some deliberations, they were allowed on Flight 175, the plane that would later come to hit the South Tower.

They traveled to a hotel in Boston to await their flight. After Morgan informed the Leader of their success, the Leader informed them he would be coming to observe the attack. Kumara brought this up by saying that he only cared for the success of the mission, and not for any of their safety. Morgan ignored this and told the group to get some sleep.

Hours later with no success, Kumara brought up the morals of participating in the attacks the next day, along with her qualms on the Leader. This quickly turned into a full scale fight between her and Vayu on the legitimacy of any of their actions, and whether either of them had any good reason to participate in them. As they were about to come to blows again, Morgan quickly separated them.

Morgan urged them to calm down and accept the fact that they were permanently under the Leader's control. Kumara turned this against him by saying that he wanted out of the mission as much as they did, and that they should have the choice to back out. Vayu, Adam, and Morgan all opted to go. Kumara tried to convince them that they could confront the Leader if they all worked together, though Morgan sternly told her that now was not the time.

Morgan made Kumara make her final decision on whether to stay or leave. Kumara, after hearing that they would die whether or not she went, chose to go. She made Morgan promise that they would confront the Leader about their qualms after the attacks. The next day, the Elite boarded their plane and became part of the 9/11 attacks.

Kumara shielded the Elite with a fire shield while the rest of the passengers on the plane perished on impact. After the explosion had died down, she and Vayu were left alone, with Morgan and Adam nowhere to be found. They immediately were confronted by the Airbenders and began their attack. They worked together well for their fight, though Kumara was furious with Vayu after watching him kill an innocent worker.

Later, Vayu and Kumara were confronted by Neil, Jon, and Keanu. She took on Keanu while Vayu fought Jon and Neil. Vayu quickly killed Neil while Kumara defeated Keanu. They surrounded Neil and were backed up by the arrival of Morgan and Adam. However, Neil was given reinforcement as well when Hubert, Kumara's father, and Leah arrived.

Kumara dueled her father while the rest of the Elite took on Neil and Leah. Quickly, Morgan and Adam were defeated, leaving Neil and leah with only Vayu to fight. After Vayu was defeated by a risen Keanu, Kumara prepared to defeat her father with a lightning strike. Hubert tried to redirect it, but with no success, leaving him writhing on the floor.

Neil, Leah, and Keanu prepared to save Hubert, only to learn that he was Kumara's father, leaving them in shock. Kumara initially reacted with disbelief. She wasn't given more time with him as the Leader arrived at the impact zone, killing Keanu in the process. The Leader congratulated Kumara on being the last Elite to be defeated, then commanded her to kill Hubert.

Kumara hesitated, only to be taunted by the Leader and commanded again. Hubert counseled Kumara to make her own choices and live to fight another day. She nodded and engulfed Hubert with a fire blast as he attacked the Leader. After Hubert's death, she only stood in shock, oblivious to the fight going on around her.

The Leader called for her reinforcement, though Kumara refused, earning the Leader's anger. She watched as the Leader killed Neil and forced Leah into the Avatar State. While he was initially beaten, he fatally wounded Leah with three spears of blood. He buried her in rubble and taunted her with the knowledge that he was a better Avatar than she ever would be. He then left with the rest of the Elite, leaving Kumara with Leah.

Kumara, when she was sure that the Leader and Elite were gone, freed Leah from the rubble. She emotionally noted that while she couldn't let the Leader kill her, she wasn't able to save her either. Kumara then left the South Tower and joined the Elite and Leader. She sat in a corner, visibly disturbed when the South Tower collapsed.

After the attacks, she accompanied the Elite and Leader on their return journey home. On the way, she was plagued by nightmares of her past. She awoke to an attack by the Rogues. She and Adam defended their plane, shooting down two Rogue helicopters. The rest of their journey was quiet, and they soon returned home.

A Change of Heart

Nightmares of Kumara's past continued to plague her. On one sleepless night, she slipped out of her room and visited Peter, now a prisoner at the prison. After sharing a silent but emotional reunion, she returned to her bed. She was haunted by another nightmare of her induction into the Elite, in which she dug her fingers into a man's heart and killed him. She awoke and washed her hands to the point of bleeding, after which she fell back asleep and revisited her memories of destroying Xylia and killing her father.

She woke up for the third time that night and went to Jordan for advice. Remembering that Jordan had not yet returned from a recon mission to New Orleans, she went into his room anyway. There, she found a letter from Jordan addressed to her. The letter stated Jordan's intention to abandon the BDA, and an invitation for Kumara to join him.

Kumara quickly packed a duffel bag and busted Peter out of his cell. Before they could make it to the garage, she was confronted by Vayu. She lied to him about taking a nighttime walk, and he seemed to believe it. While her back was turned, Vayu attacked, though Kumara was able to defend herself.

The fight woke the rest of the Elite, and caved in the ceiling. Alarms sounded in the compound, and Kumara and Peter ran to the garage to escape in her jeep. They were sealed off there by Enforcers, but Kumara blasted her way into the tunnel leading to the outside. As it seemed they were free, Kumara spotted the Leader standing at the entrance to the tunnel.

The Leader destroyed their jeep with a lightning blast, and Kumara and the Leader began to fight. Kumara fought ferociously and managed to knock the Leader down. In a scene reminiscent of her induction into the Elite, she physically beat the Leader, clawing into his face with contact lightning.

When she realized what she was doing, she stopped, proclaiming to the Leader that she was no longer an Elite and that she was who she chose to be. As she turned to get Peter, the Leader moved to shoot her with lightning at point-blank range. Kumara, however, turned at the last second and cut off the Leader's fingers with a sword.

With him distracted, she directed a fire blast down the length of the sword that blasted the Leader into the rock face. She gathered energy from her stomach and directed it to her fingertips, creating combustion. The energy blasted into the cliffs above the Leader and buried him. Saying that he had lost, Kumara took Peter in her arms and flew away from Uluru on a jet of fire. Miles later, she looked behind her and was puzzled to see that no one was pursuing her.


Kumara initially showed a cold and sadistic look at life, evident from her upbringing by the Leader. When injured, she shows uncontrollable fury and malice. She completely murdered everyone at Xylia, seemingly without a second glance or regret. However, in private, she is shown to regret her actions, being plagued by nightmares that replay the things she has done. She is shown to have a degree of mercy and justice, chastising Vayu for killing nonbenders during the 9/11 attacks. She also saved Leah from immediate death, but hesitated to save her from the collapse.

The Leader has been shown to have a great influence on Kumara, having kidnapped and raised her as his own after the destruction of her home. Her fear of him was great enough that she was more willing to kill her own father than risk his wrath. She regrets this action more than anything else she has ever done.

Kumara is shown to care for Peter, having been childhood sweethearts while living in San Juan. She refused to escape the compound and desert the BDA without first taking Peter with her. Kumara also has a level of respect for Jordan, going to him for advice after her nightmares.

Kumara has a longstanding hatred and rivarly with Vayu, having been tortured by him numerous times during her childhood. They clashed and fought on multiple occasions while serving together in the Elite, often coming to the point of physically fighting. During Kumara's escape from Uluru, Vayu caught her and deduced that she was going to desert, attacking her and setting off the alarm.


Kumara is a highly skilled Firebender, talented enough to be the Firebending member of the Elite. She shows proficiency at exploding fireballs, large swaths of fire, fire whips, fire daggers at each of her fingers, and charged attacks. She also shows the ability to affect the heat in the surrounding air and manipulate steam. She used these abilities to single-handedly decimate an entire colony of master Waterbenders without a visible scratch on her. She is also skilled at lightning generation, being able to produce it quickly and while standing on a moving vehicle.

Kumara's elite ability, the move that earned her a place in the Elite, is contact lightning. She can manipulate lightning bolts to swirl around her hand and use it as a contact attack. She is shown to use this to burn opponents and accentuate her physical attacks, often tearing into other's skin with her fingernails before attacking them with lightning.


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Book 3: Storm

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